10 Best PDF Editors To Choose In 2024

best pdf editors

You might have heard multiple times that PDF is a noneditable file format, but have you ever wondered what you would do if you needed to edit a highly important PDF file? You’ll probably look for an instant way to edit it. That is where you may also go for a reliable PDF Editor to streamline your work.

PDF is considered the standard document format widely used by professionals. PDF format is always opted for, whether it’s about preparing reports, securing confidential documents, printing, e-signing, sharing files, etc. So, if you’re seeking a way to amend PDFs, you must explore these ten best PDF editors cited in this assistive article.

Exploring The 10 Best PDF Editors To Optimize PDF Files

Gone are the days when businesses and industries were considered extremely hectic and effort-taking sects given the hassles of excessive paperwork. At present, every other industry is shifting to digital documentation to get rid of paper management hassles. PDF format, being a standard document format, is the foundation of digital documentation. So, to elevate your productivity and enhance overall document management, you must consider these effective PDF editors in your routine work.

1. PDFelement

pdfelement pdf editor

Uniqueness: Chat With PDF

Do you need to amend a lengthy file that requires more than basic editing? Consider using Wondershare PDFelement, a top-notch all-in-one PDF management and editing platform equipped with advanced AI technology to streamline users' needs regarding PDF editing. 

It integrates extensive editing capabilities, enabling you to edit and customize your PDF documents professionally across a wide range of platforms. Also, it allows you to chat with PDF or Ask its AI Assistant regarding any query.

Salient Features of Wondershare PDFelement

  • PDF Editing
  • Watermark Insertion
  • Convert PDF
  • Batch PDFs
  • Chat With PDF
  • Chat With AI
  • e-Sign
  • The tool offers the most comprehensive array of features for PDF editing and management.
  • You can also edit the scanned PDFs via its OCR feature.
  • To employ the AI-powered functionalities, you can utilize the free provided AI tokens.
  • You may encounter speed problems while operating on multiple files simultaneously.

2. WPS-Office

wps office pdf editor

Uniqueness: Table Extraction

In many situations, you may need to extract critical business records from long documents; here, a dedicated tool like WPS Office comes into play. It offers a particular Extract functionality that lets you batch-extract the tables in the document to an Excel file for enhanced editing. The tool also presents specialized toolkits for image processing, file processing, and other jobs.

Salient Features of WPS Office

  • PDF Page Management
  • PDF Editing
  • Format Conversion
  • PDF Watermark
  • Image Processing
  • File Split
  • It offers multiple options for connecting to the cloud account
  • You can use the 3000 AI credits in its free version
  • Its Backup Recovery option enables you to recover unsaved files also
  • It doesn’t offer a file security feature in the free plan

3. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Uniqueness: Scan Documents

Editing physical documents seems quite challenging, but opting for a reliable tool like Xodo PDF Reader & Editor significantly simplifies it. Since it facilitates you to create digital editable documents via its Scan document functionality; in addition to editing, you can also manage, sign and compress PDFs using Xodo. Moreover, the tool lets you transform the file seamlessly into the targeted format.

Salient Features of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

  • Manage PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Secure PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Redact PDF
  • Format Conversion
  • e-Sign PDF
  • It offers basic editing services free of charge
  • It doesn’t necessitate the signup process in the free version
  • Xodo is compatible with various platforms
  • You might need premium access for using features like Redact, management, compression, etc.

4. Ease US

ease us pdf editor

Uniqueness: Redaction

Ease Us is an all-inclusive tool that is consistent at simplifying the journey of PDF creation, reading, editing, and conversions seamlessly. Suppose you intend to redact your sensitive information from a document for sharing purposes. You won't find any option better than Ease Us, which ensures the utmost security of your confidential data. Though its Redaction feature is free to employ, still you may need premium access to get watermark-free redaction.

Salient Features of Ease US

  • Convert PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Protect PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Combine PDF
  • Create PDF
  • OCR
  • It offers batch functionality for improved performance
  • You can access its numerous useful editing features free of cost
  • You can protect your PDFs free by setting passwords & adding signatures
  • It integrates a watermark upon using free functionalities on PDF files

5. PDF Expert

pdf expert pdf editor

Uniqueness: Conversational AI Chat

PDF Expert is a highly productive PDF editing & management tool comprising all the features you may look for in a best PDF editor. The PDF Expert also comes with an advanced AI-powered functionality that allows you to conversate with your PDF files digitally; you can extract any information from your document by employing this technology.

Salient Features of PDF Expert

  • Create PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • Sign/Stamp PDF
  • Password Protection
  • File Size Reduction
  • Page Management
  • AI Chat
  • The tool comes with a minimalist interface, making it easy to use
  • Due to its cross-platform compatibility, you can install it on any device
  • It lets you access the documents anytime via cloud storage
  • A premium subscription is required for advanced PDF editing and management

6. iLovePDF- PDF Editor

ilovepdf pdf editing tool

Uniqueness: Free to use

You might already be familiar with the iLovePDF online platform. Still, its application version is far more convenient to operate and presents various productive features free of charge, making it worth trying. Whether it's about extracting text, format conversion, organising PDFs, unlocking PDFs, or anything else, it ensures a smooth user experience without imposing any cost limitations.

Salient Features of iLovePDF

  • Protect PDF
  • Repair PDF
  • PDF Editor
  • Organize PDF
  • e-Signing & Scanner
  • Split PDF
  • It offers a wide range of functionalities for PDF management, conversion, editing and optimization
  • You can employ most of its features in its free pan
  • It can be accessed on multiple platforms
  • To edit scanned PDFs, you might need to switch to its paid plan

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

adobe acrobat reader and editor

Uniqueness: Cloud Storage Connection

Abode Acrobat Reader is considered among the most trusted and best PDF editors, given its extensive features and cross-platform compatibility. Also, it is a recommended option for business needs. With its immense Adobe closed storage, Adobe Acrobat Reader offers free storage and facilitates file sharing. Whether it’s about editing PDFs, scanned documents or images, it proves to be a go-to option.

Salient Features of Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Create PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Combine Files
  • Organize Pages
  • e-Sign
  • Set Password
  • Cloud Storage
  • Adobe allows you to connect different cloud storage accounts
  • You can share the edited file directly with anyone
  • The free version also allows you to draw the objects over file text
  • Most features are available in the paid plan only

8. PDF Editor Elf

best pdf editor elf

Uniqueness: Budget-friendly Lifetime Subscription

PDF Editor Elf is considered among the efficient & lightweight editing tools that enable professional PDF management & editing convenience. However, like Most PDF editors, it offers high-end editing functionalities in its paid plan. Still, the affordability factor makes it a valuable choice with a premium subscription. You can readily opt for its lifetime subscription plan at a fair quote.

Salient Features of PDF Editor Elf

  • Format Conversion
  • PDF Editing
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • It offers a highly cost-effective lifetime licence
  • PDF Editor Elf supports multiple formats for file conversion
  • It’s worth using in the free version
  • It lacks a few useful features like OCR, e-signing, watermark insertion, etc

9. PDF Reader Pro

pdf reader pro for editing

Uniqueness: Page Extraction to New PDF

Protecting the documents seems crucial for security purposes. If you’re looking for a professional-level tool that lets you enhance file protection in addition to editing, then you must opt for PDF Reader Pro that not only enables you to make documents password-protected but also facilitates restricting copying & printing.
Though the tool offers such functionalities in the paid version, its affordable rate still makes it worth choosing.

Salient Features of PDF Reader Pro

  • Format Conversion
  • Watermark
  • Header & Footer
  • Security
  • Split File
  • Extract Pages
  • Merge PDFs
  • The tool is quite lightweight and easy to use
  • You can use it free of cost for basic-level editing
  • It also facilitates the sharing of edited files
  • It doesn't offer format conversion, file creation, or batch features

10. PDF Infinity

pdf infinity for pdf editing

Uniqueness: Free to use

PDF Infinity is another reliable PDF editor application with a minimalist interface, making the navigation super convenient. The feature-enriched tool lets you organize your PDF files in variant ways and presents numerous options for editing. To make the user experience smoother, it also allows you to convert the edited PDF file into any desired format without subscription hassles.

Salient Features of PDF Infinity

  • Create PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Edit PDFs
  • File Export
  • Compress PDF
  • Annotate
  • Convert Document
  • It offers an extensive range of worthy features
  • You can experience advanced editing functionalities free of charge
  • It doesn’t require a prior sign-up process
  • PDF Infinity doesn’t offer any specific file protection feature

Final Thoughts

Suppose your important file requires urgent amendment or you need to protect it from unauthorised access; you can go for a reliable PDF editor that eliminates the associated hassles.

PDF editors are aimed at facilitating the users in making required changes in their important PDF documents readily. You merely need to opt for the right tool to get the most out of it. Given this need, in this detailed article, we have compiled a list of the ten best PDF editors, including Wondershare PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Expert, Ease Us, PDF Reader Pro, and a few more.

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