10 Apps Like Instacart To Make Money

Apps Like Instacart To Make Money

Instacart is an app where you can order groceries from local stores and have them brought to your home. They partner with 900+ stores in the US. You can earn money by being an Instacart shopper who picks up and delivers orders. There are two types of shoppers: those who only pick up orders ready at the store and "full-service shoppers" who shop in-store before delivering. Full-service shoppers earn more because they do more work.

On average, Instacart shoppers make about $17 per hour, including tips, slightly less than other gig workers. Some shoppers use tools to boost their earnings. Instacart offers a flexible way to make extra money by delivering groceries.

In this article, We will discover 10 apps like Instacart to make money.

1. Uber Eats - $23.27 per hour

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a very popular food delivery app. Many people use it to order food from restaurants. Did you know that 1 out of every 4 restaurant deliveries is done through UberEats? That means there are tons of delivery jobs up for grabs! If you want to make good money as an Uber Eats driver, aim for those big orders. Time management is key here. By learning how to get the largest delivery orders, you can boost your earnings per hour.

2. Walmart Delivery - $15.87 per hour

Walmart Delivery

Walmart is a huge store that sells many things. They have a service called Walmart Delivery where you can deliver food and get paid well for it. It's a good way to make some extra cash. Just keep in mind, that you might have to drive farther for Walmart deliveries, which could affect how much you earn per hour compared to other delivery gigs. On the bright side, getting regular Walmart orders means less waiting around, so you can boost your overall earnings.

3. Shipt - $24 per hour


Shipt is like Instacart, a cool app for delivering food. You can bring groceries right to people's doors with it. It works in over 5,000 cities nationwide, so you can earn some cash easily. Just remember, you'll need to wear a special Shipt shirt when you're out delivering. This shirt helps store workers know you're from Shipt. All in all, Shipt is a great choice for a flexible job delivering food and groceries.

4. GrubHub - $20 per hour


GrubHub is a top app for getting food delivered from restaurants. Did you know that 1 in 7 restaurant deliveries come through GrubHub? This means there are many delivery jobs available on GrubHub. GrubHub could be a good option if you want a job similar to Instacart. However, to make a lot of money with GrubHub, you need to work efficiently.

5. PostMates - $15 per hour


PostMates is a delivery service owned by Uber. It operates in almost 3,000 cities across the country. With PostMates, you can deliver all kinds of items like groceries and restaurant meals. The service is reliable and offers plenty of home delivery work opportunities. If you want a job making various types of deliveries, PostMates could be a good choice to consider.

6. Favor - 8.45 per hour


Favor is a popular food delivery app that many drivers use to earn extra money. With Favor, drivers keep all their tips and a portion of the delivery fees paid by customers. This makes it a good option for flexible work and earning extra income. Favor also allows you to earn more money by referring new drivers to the app. The pay rate per hour might be lower than other apps. So while there are many delivery opportunities, the overall earnings per hour may not be as high. But Favor can still be a useful way to supplement your income with a flexible job.

7. FoodFetched - $21.12 per hour


FoodFetched is all about delivering food from nearby restaurants to customer's homes or workplaces. It's a neat way to earn extra money by delivering food. One advantage of FoodFetched is that there are often not enough delivery drivers. This means you have a better chance of getting delivery jobs.

8. Amazon Fresh - $24 per hour

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a new grocery delivery service from Amazon. If you want a job similar to Instacart, delivering for Amazon Fresh could be a good option. Drivers with Amazon Fresh often earn more per hour than other delivery apps, giving you a chance to boost your earnings. The higher pay rate makes it an attractive opportunity for those looking for flexible work.

9. Gopuff - 20.19 per hour


GoPuff is a delivery service that goes beyond food. You can deliver snacks, home essentials, meals, and even beverages with GoPuff. It offers a wider range of delivery options compared to typical food apps, making it versatile for earning extra cash. Instead of only delivering from restaurants, GoPuff lets you deliver various products people need. If you like the idea of delivering different items for flexibility, GoPuff is a service to check out for sure.

10. King Courier

King Courier

King Courier is a company that gives you different ways to work as a delivery driver in your local area. You can drive a vehicle to deliver packages, or you can ride a bicycle to deliver smaller packages. This makes it a good choice if you live in San Francisco and want to start a new job delivering things to people nearby. Having multiple delivery options makes King Courier a flexible work opportunity.

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