Apps Like TikTok - The 8 Best Alternatives to Try in 2024

Apps Like TikTok

TikTok began in 2016 and quickly became a top website with over 1 billion monthly users. It's easy to watch short videos - they play one after another as you scroll. The app learns your preferences fast and shows you videos you'll like. Making and sharing videos is simple with tools and trends. While popular, having other apps like TikTok is good. More choices mean better products for everyone. Competition makes apps improve for users, so having options is important.

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram is a cool app and one of the best Best Tiktok Alternatives where you can share photos and short videos with your friends. You can post pictures and 30-second videos on your profile. Stories are fun too - they vanish after 24 hours and you can add text, stickers, and filters. You can watch and make reels, which are short videos with music and effects.

You can chat with friends, have group chats, and even video chat. Following celebrities, brands, and influencers keeps you updated. Explore new interests and trends easily. Instagram also lets you shop for products from brands and small businesses within the app.

Instagram is a place to connect with friends, share your life, and discover new things you love. It's a fun way to tell your stories and be part of the world around you.

Key Features:
  • Reels - Create short, entertaining videos with music and effects.
  • Stories - Share temporary updates that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Direct Messaging - Chat privately with friends or in groups.
  • Easy way to share your life's moments and connect with friends.
  • Discover new interests, trends, and content you enjoy.
  • Shop and support your favorite brands and small businesses.
  • Potential for excessive time spent mindlessly scrolling.
  • Exposure to unrealistic beauty standards and filtered content.
  • Privacy concerns with sharing personal information and location.

2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is a huge video platform where people make and watch short videos. It's the world's biggest video site with a wide variety of videos for everyone. YouTube Shorts, the short video feature, suggests videos you'll like based on your interests.

Creators on YouTube Shorts can make money from their videos, which has made it popular. They can reach a big audience and earn from their work. With a large viewership, personalized recommendations, and monetization, YouTube Shorts is a key platform for video creators globally.

Key Features:
  • You can make videos up to 60 seconds long.
  • You can use music, filters, and creative tools.
  • Videos can go viral and be seen by millions.
  • YouTube is the biggest video site, so lots of people use Shorts.
  • The smart system shows you videos you'll probably enjoy.
  • Creators can make money from their popular Shorts videos.
  • With so much content, it can be hard for your videos to get noticed.
  • Video editing tools are more basic compared to some apps.
  • YouTube takes a cut of the money creators earn.

3. Snapchat


Snapchat is a fun app for sharing photos and videos with friends. You can take pictures and videos in the app and add cool filters and effects. Chat with friends one-on-one or in groups. Use "Snap Map" to share your location with close friends.

Stay updated with friends' stories and discover news worldwide. Save favorite moments with the "Memories" feature. Snapchat is a versatile app for socializing, being creative, and exploring, making it enjoyable for all ages.

Key Features:
  • Filters and Lenses - Add fun effects to your photos and videos.
  • Stories - Share updates that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Snap Map - See where your friends are and what's happening nearby.
  • Fun and creative way to share moments with friends.
  • Keeps you connected with what your friends are doing.
  • Discover interesting content from around the world.
  • Snaps disappear after a short time, so moments can't be saved permanently.
  • Location sharing could be a privacy concern for some users.
  • Potential for inappropriate or harmful content shared by others.

4. Triller


Triller is a fun app for making and sharing music videos. You can add music, filters, and effects to create cool videos easily. Join trending challenges and dance crazes with stars for fun and community connection.

Discover creative videos from around the world and share your creations on social media. Collaborate with friends and creators, learn from others, and enjoy live performances. Triller blends music, creativity, and social interaction for a unique platform to express yourself and connect globally.

Key Features:
  • Music Video Editor - Add songs, filters, and effects to your videos.
  • Trending Challenges - Participate in popular dance and video trends.
  • Discover Feed - Find new and entertaining videos from creators.
  • Easy to create professional-looking music videos.
  • Encourages creativity and self-expression through video-making.
  • Discover new talents and trends from around the world.
  • Potential for inappropriate or harmful content shared by others.
  • Emphasis on trends and popularity could lead to unhealthy comparisons.
  • Time spent creating and watching videos could be excessive for some.

5. Huddles


Huddles is a platform where fans can support their favorite creators by joining their special community. Fans get exclusive content, become VIP members, and can send "Drops" (tips) to creators. Creators can cash out Drops for income.

Fans can also send paid messages ("FanMail") to chat with creators or share content ideas. Active supporters can become "Top Fans" on a creator's leaderboard. Huddles help creators connect closely with fans, earn from exclusive content, and receive direct support from their dedicated community.

Key Features:
  • Paid creator subscriptions for exclusive content
  • Ability to directly tip creators with "Drops"
  • "FanMail" system to message creators for a fee
  • Provides income stream for creators from subscriptions and tips
  • Facilitates direct connection between creators and superfans
  • Incentivizes creators to produce regular, high-quality content
  • Paywall for premium content may turn some users away
  • Direct messaging creators could enable harassment
  • Focus on monetization could divert from creative expression

Download Huddles for iOS

6. Funimate


Funimate is a top video editing app for making awesome videos on your phone. It has cool features like AI Studio for AI characters and images. You can add transitions, animations, effects, filters, stickers, and backgrounds easily.

Keyframes let you customize animations, change backgrounds, and use mask effects quickly. Text overlays with trendy effects like neon lights are great for lyric videos. The app offers tools for video mixing, music, trimming, and cropping for a complete editing experience.

Funimate helps create creative, high-quality videos on your phone for easy sharing and attracting more viewers. Learning all the advanced features might take some practice, but it's worth it for the amazing videos you can make.

Key Features:
  • Funimate AI Studio for generating AI characters and images
  • Extensive video editing tools (transitions, animations, effects, filters, stickers, backgrounds)
  • Keyframe animation for custom layer animations
  • Allows creating highly creative and professional-looking videos on your phone
  • Tons of unique effects and editing capabilities to make videos stand out
  • Can boost engagement and follower growth on social platforms
  • Advanced features may have a learning curve for beginners
  • Overloading videos with too many effects can make them look cluttered
  • Some premium features require paid subscription

7. Zigazoo


Zigazoo is a safe and fun social media platform made just for kids, the biggest one globally with millions of users. It focuses on safety, using human moderators to ensure only positive, age-appropriate content is shared, creating a wholesome online space for children.

Kids on Zigazoo can enjoy video challenges, make friends, and win prizes like toys and digital rewards. They can create cool videos with music, effects, stickers, and filters, while the platform prohibits text messaging and negative comments for a positive experience.

Parents are important on Zigazoo; they can sign up their kids and control what content they see, giving them peace of mind. Zigazoo is COPPA-certified, showing its dedication to child safety with strict safety measures like verifying parental consent during registration.

Zigazoo encourages creativity, learning, and positive engagement, providing a safe digital space for kids to explore, connect, and grow in a supportive online community. It promotes positive interactions and personal development in a protected environment.

Key Features:
  • 100% human content moderation to ensure only age-appropriate content
  • Video challenges and ability to create/share videos with effects, music, etc.
  • Reward system with prizes, badges, virtual currency (ZigaBucks)
  • Extremely safe social network designed specifically for kids
  • Encourages creativity, learning, and positive interactions
  • Parental controls and verified sign-up process
  • Some features like longer bios require paid subscription
  • May be too restrictive for older kids/teens looking for more functionality
  • Success depends on maintaining large active user base

8. Lemon8


Lemon8 is a cool social media app that mixes Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs for creative expression. Users can personalize photos and videos with artistic touches for visually appealing content. The app allows for detailed posts like an online journal, focusing on building a community of shared interests and genuine connections.

Lemon8 aims to create authentic relationships between creators and followers, encouraging meaningful interactions. It offers more creative freedom and depth compared to short video apps, allowing users to express themselves genuinely and engage deeply with content.

Although Lemon8 is new and may face challenges in building a user base, it provides a unique space for sharing stories, connecting visually, and creating long-form content authentically. It promises a fresh and enriching social media experience for its users.

Key Features:
  • Extensive creative tools for customizing photos/videos
  • Long-form posting capabilities similar to blogging
  • Community-building tools to connect with like-minded users
  • Allows for more creative expression than traditional social media
  • Facilitates authentic relationship building over just racking up views
  • Provides an alternative to video-centric apps like TikTok
  • As a new app, it may take time to build up an active user base
  • Long-form content may not appeal to users preferring quick consumption
  • Potential for negativity if community guidelines aren't well-enforced

Wrapping Up

Apps like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat, Triller, and others offer different ways to create and share videos online. Each app has its own special features and community. Some focus on music, while others on connecting with friends or making money.

There are also niche apps like Huddles for supporting creators, Funimate for advanced editing, Zigazoo for kid-friendly content, and Lemon8 for writing and discussions. With these diverse options, everyone can find a platform that suits their interests and creativity. Competition among these apps drives innovation and improves user experience, benefiting both creators and viewers.

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