Get Your Blog Approved By Google Adsense In 1 Day.

approve adsense in 1 day

Getting approved your blog by Google Adsense in 1 Day still a dream for many new bloggers. If you are new in blogging and you are facing a problem in getting your blog approved then I am here to help you.

Before we get started about our topic let me give you some information about Adsense. So basically Google Adsense is a program created by Google in which website publishers can take part in server advertisements to their audience.

Through these advertisements publishers and advertisers get benefits. Google Adsense is one of the best platforms because it provides the highest cost per click. For displaying ads publisher get a revenue of 68% which is the highest percentage which google give to its publishers.

So if your blog generates a good amount of traffic then trust me you are going to earn many dollars in a day with the help of Adsense.

So I have heard that many new bloggers are unable to approve their website from Adsense. So let me tell you guys the approval process is super easy. Like a piece of cake. Just you need to have some patience. 

When I was new in blogging I also failed many times for getting my blog approved. But slowly I learned everything. Now I can approve any blog in just 1 Day with a 100% approval guarantee.

So below are some steps for you if you follow these steps as it then trusts me your blog will be approved 100% in Just 1 day.

1) Buy a Fully qualified domain name

You must buy a fully qualified domain name like, .in or .org, I have seen some of the bloggers didn't even buy a domain. And they directly start their blog with a not qualified domain name like, So until you buy a qualified domain don't go for AdSense.

Only choose .com .in or .org these extensions will help you to get approved faster than any other extension. This is my personal experience. Because these three extensions are the quality extensions. 

I repeat don't start a blog on a domain that not fully qualified because if you start then never expect a reply from AdSense. Google needs a fully qualified domain to make you approved this is in its policy.

2) Take a good theme for your blog

So after buying a domain name, the next procedure is to take a theme that will be suitable for your blog, example your blog is about technology. Then take a theme that is related to technology.

And before taking the theme first check the theme is mobile-friendly or not. The theme must be mobile-friendly.

No need to take a heavy theme that takes time to load. Take a simple and lite theme that loads faster than any other theme. This factor also helps you to get approved faster. 

This will not only help you to get approved faster. It will also help you to rank your article higher on search results. Because Google always shows those websites on top that loads faster than any other website.

3) Make your blog content unique

So after taking the best theme for your blog to start writing content, Content must be unique and relevant. I saw many bloggers do copy-paste. I mean they copy the article of other websites and modify the article a little bit then they publish the same article on their own website.

This results in immediate disapproval of your AdSense application. Google is very smart and it is one of the biggest companies in the world. It's crawler always crawl pages and can easily detect the copyrighted content.

So to avoid these things write your own high quality and relevant content. Before applying to AdSense.

4) Blog Must have a privacy policy, about and contact us page

Make sure you make privacy policy, Contact Us, and about us pages. If you don't have these pages then AdSense will not approve you.

These pages are most important for your blog approval, you must be thinking why these pages are important, So let me tell you by these pages google will get a good idea about your blog. This leads to the fast approval of your AdSense account.

5) Don't Violate Google Adsense Policy

You must avoid the things that violate Google Adsense Policy. If your website is against their policies then you will not get AdSense approval. Their policies are very vast.

So you need to take care of it and they continuously change their policy. So it's your responsibility to regularly check their policy. Their policy includes like don't use copyrighted content, pornography and adult content, hacking content, etc.

You must read these policies before applying from here --> Google Adsense Program Policy.

6) Do perfect SEO of your blog

If your blog doesn't violate google AdSense policy then, Now come to SEO stands for search engine optimization. Many of the bloggers don't know about SEO. Basically, SEO used to improve your website rank on google and take your website higher in the search result.

So before applying you must do basic SEO of your blog like, Add meta description and meta keywords to your blog, Optimize images of your blog.

There are many tools available online for image optimization. If you want to know more about SEO then you can read our article about SEO from here --> SEO everything you must know about.

7) Use Google Webmaster Tools

You must take a look at google webmaster tools before applying because. I know some of you apply for AdSense before adding your website to google webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools play a very important role in approving your account, you must be thinking how? So let me tell you first add your website to webmaster tools then wait for 2 to 3 days to process your website.

After that many things will come up it will give you brief and detailed information about websites like how many pages and articles of your website indexed on google search or not.

First of all, add a sitemap to google webmaster tools and if your articles not indexed in the google search results, you can request google webmaster to index your article. After requesting wait for 2 hours than see your articles will be indexed in google successfully.

Most of the bloggers apply for AdSense without checking their website. As a result, Google takes a month or many weeks for the approval process and after two weeks or months, they got a message from google that your Adsense application has been disapproved.

So why this happen? This happens because you didn't check your whole website before applying, You must check robots.txt file which let Google crawlers to crawl your website. You can check the result of indexing your website on google webmaster and also you can see your robots.txt blocking google bots or not crawl your website.

If you find everything is okay then come to the final step.

8) Give time to your blog to be old

If your blog is new give time your blog to be a little old, 1 month is enough for your blog to be old, and also you need to post an article regularly on your blog.

Google says in some countries the blog needs to be at least 6 months old before applying for Adsense. But according to me, you can apply after 1 month no need to wait so long. I guarantee it will approve of you.

As my experience recently a friend want my help to make his new blog approved and I helped him to approve his blog. And his blog was only 1 week old.

After completing all steps we create AdSense account and his blog was approved within 5 hours. Why so? because google didn't find any issue on his blog.

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Some questions and answers related to your queries are below.

how many posts should I write?

So it is not fixed by google that how many posts should you write. But you need at least 15 well-written posts before applying for AdSense. And don't forget to post an article on a regular basis.

how much visitor blog need for approval?

For now, Google doesn't fix how many visitors you need for approval. So you don't need to take tension about this thing. Feel free to submit your application even if you have 50 visitors a day.

What length of the article should I write?

If you want a quick approval then you must write 1300 - 1400 words articles. Because nowadays there is very much competition. So you must write at least 1300 to 1400 words.

So by doing these all steps, you can now give Adsense approval request to Google Adsense and I am sure you will get approval in just 1 Day. 

Some tips after getting your application approved

As I deeply care about my blog reader I want to give you some tips after successful approval.

1) Don't give the unnecessary impression to your blog ads by your own IP.

2) Don't click on your own ads, and also don't tell your friends to click with their own devices, Because Google is very smart. If you do, It will result in the suspension of your account within 12 hours. 

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