Dark and Deep Web Explained: Step By Step Guide

Dark web

I am going to share with you some amazing stuff that is called Dark and Deep web. We are going to discuss each and everything about the deep and dark web in this post. So let's get started.

What Is Deep Web?

Basically, we can say that the deep web is the hidden or invisible part of the Internet. And let me tell you guys any content which is present in the deep web is not indexed by normal search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

The opposite of the deep web is our surface web which is accessible to anyone and surface web covers only 1% of the Internet. The rest of 99% of the Internet is covered by the Deep web. That means only 1% of the Internet is visible to us and the rest 99% of the Internet you can't even browse with normal search engines.

You can't even browse the URL of any site which is present in the deep web by the normal search engine, Even you have the address of the URL of any website which is present in the deep web. If you put the address in a normal search engine then you will only get the reply by a search engine is This site can't be reached.

The domain name extension in the deep and dark web ends with (.onion) and the fully qualified domain name looks like this www.xyasasaq12a.onion. This means until you click on the domain you can't guess what is domain about, because the domain value is random looks like garbage value.

Now the question in your mind may be raised that how we can browse the deep web. My answer is you can't browse the deep web until you have a URL of that particular site and until you are a legit user to browse that website.

But wait you can browse the Dark web which is part of the deep web. But not with a normal search engine, You need a special search engine for that to use. I will show you how to use it in this article.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is also known as darknet. The Dark web is a small part of the deep web, some of its portions are legal but much more portion of the dark web is illegal.

There are many illegal and legal websites present in The Dark Web, And in some countries browsing Dark Web is illegal.

There are some search engines are available in dark web-like Torch, NotEvil, Candle, Grams. With the help of these search engines, you can browse the Dark Web, Because these search engines have a large database of Onion Dark web.

Is it Legal to browse the dark web / Is dark web legal?

As I told you that in some countries browsing the dark web is illegal, but in most countries browsing the dark web is legal. It depends on the country in which you are living.

In darknet identities and locations of users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the advanced encryption system.

Even though if browsing darknet is legal, don't do any illegal activity in darknet and don't browse illegal sites which may put in trouble if you get caught into it.

Darknet also contains useful and informative information that you might never see on the surface web. So it totally depends on the user if he/she wants to go with legal or illegal things.

Things to remember while browsing Dark Web. 

As I deeply care about my readers so I want to tell you some things that you should not do on the dark web.

1) Don't use any kind of payment method on DarkWeb. Like payment via debit, credit card, or via Paypal. 

2) If payment is necessary then go for bitcoin. Because bitcoin transactions are much more secure.

3) Use TOR Browser + VPN while browsing Darknet.

4) Don't share your personal number and email id on darknet at an unknown site. Kindly use a temporary fake email address.

Few people asked me Is browsing the dark web is dangerous? My answer is no it's not dangerous if you have full knowledge about how to use dark web securely. But wait it is much more dangerous if you don't have any idea about the dark web.

How to Safely Access Dark Web?

You can access the dark web by using the TOR browser, The full of TOR is the onion
router. This browser is the only way to access the dark web. This browser is a very advanced browser it can hide your original location and prevent your traffic from being tracked.

Tor Browser provides an encrypted network. And layers IP addresses that continuously change every time. The Tor browser is specially designed for browsing darknet.

Below are the few steps that will help you to access the darknet.

1) Download Tor browser for windows here:- Download

2) After downloading install the Tor browser.

3) After installing successfully. Launch the Tor browser. This screen will appear

Dark web

If you are an advanced user and want to configure a proxy then you can click configure and configure socks5 proxy or whatever configuration you want.

If you don't know much about proxy simply click connect. After clicking connect you will see this screen on your window.
dark web

Now you are connected to the Tor network. Now you can browse the darknet.

4) After this copy and paste this link https://www.hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion.ws/ in your Tor browser. This is the link of not the Evil darknet search engine.

After pasting this link You will see something like this.

Dark web

This is the interface of not Evil darknet search engine. Congrats! Now you are on the dark web, now you can search for anything about the dark web. You will find only .onion links and darknet websites.

This is a tutorial for only windows users. If you want to run the dark web on Android, Linux, Mac OS then don't worry Tor browser is available on all platforms just install and run it. So you can run dark web on any platform such as Android, Linux, etc. You just need to install the Tor browser for browsing darknet.

In case this search engine goes down or maybe not work properly I will share the top 5 search engine of the dark web for you.

Top 5 Dark Web Search Engine

3) Ahmia:- https://ahmia.fi/

Above is the list of top 5 well working darknet search engine. If you want to use the dark web Securely then use a VPN with the Tor browser. Nord VPN and tunnel bear are the best VPN. These two VPN's I use personally.

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