5 Best Jobs In Cyber Security

best jobs in cyber security

Today I am going to tell you about the 10 best jobs in Cyber Security, nowadays Tech industries and companies are growing rapidly as a result, Technology is also growing rapidly, due to rapidly growing technology, vulnerabilities also increasing, and to fix those vulnerabilities Cyber Security experts are hired.

Everyone is searching for better opportunities, from companies looking to recruit to people looking to find roles in demand, typical pay, expectations of the company, and more. The opportunities from job scraping and application reliability are endless.

You guys must be thinking about the job of cybersecurity experts is to fix only vulnerabilities in the system, but now they have many more things to do, that we will cover in this article.

In today's article, we are going to cover approximately everything about the jobs that you can get as a Cyber Security Expert. So if you are an Ethical Hacker or a Cyber Security Expert then you are eligible to do all of the 5 jobs. So let's get started.

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1) Computer Forensic Analyst: Investigator

Computer Forensic Analyst is basically computer experts their work is to recover information from storage devices such as hard disk, They are expert in this work.

For example, if you deleted a very important file and you cannot recover it. Then you can take your device to a Computer Forensic Analyst. He/She will help you to recover your file legally. 

Mainly work of Computer Forensic Analyst is in the CyberCrime Scene, For example, A crime happens related to cybersecurity like hacking, phishing, etc. Then a team of Computer Forensic Analysts will handle it.

Not only the work of Digital Forensic Analyst is at cybercrime scenes. But many companies are hiring a Computer Forensic Analyst.

How do I become a Computer Forensic Analyst?

Computer Forensic Analyst is a very good job if you are in the field of computers. If you want to become a Computer Forensic Analyst then you need to complete the steps which are mentioned below:

1) You need to have a degree, for example, B.E in Computer Science or in Information Technology also if you don't have these degrees then a BCA degree is also eligible to do this job.

2) Become a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), basically to gain this certificate you need to give an exam of GIAC. You can register for an exam from here certified forensic analyst gcfa

3) After completing certification you can apply for computer forensic analyst, many companies are hiring forensic analysts, after applying to get ready for an interview.

4) After successfully passing an interview you will be given training for some days, then you will be hired as a Computer Forensic Analyst in a company.

According to a report, the Average Salary of a Digital Forensic Analyst is 85,800$.

2) Penetration Testers For System And Networks

Basically, the work of penetration tester is to find vulnerabilities in the system as well as on the network, before hackers discover it, penetration testers are ethical hackers, and ethical hacker always works legally. They take the written permission of the owner of the system, then they do penetration testing on that system to discover vulnerabilities and to fix them.

As a result, the salary of a penetration tester is good, So let's see about how you can be a penetration tester, or what step should you take to become a penetration tester.

How do I become a Penetration Tester?

Below are some steps that will help you to successfully become a penetration tester.

1) For becoming a penetration tester you must have a college degree of b.tech, B.E, BCA or you need any technical degree.

2) If you have any degree then the second step is to do admission to the Ethical Hacking institute, to Learn about Ethical Hacking.

3) If you know how to hack and you are a good ethical hacker then you can skip 2nd step.

4) Apply for online Certified Ethical Hacker or Pentester certification exams such as OSCP or CEH.

5) After you receive your Certification then you can easily apply for a job at an information technology company.

Note:- Oscp Certification is the most important certificate.

The Average Salary of a penetration tester is $81356.

3) Application Pentester

The job of the Application pentester is little the same as a penetration tester for system and networks, But the difference is that application pentester do penetration testing of applications such as web application penetration testing, Mobile application penetration testing, web services penetration testing, and secure code review.

Application pentester's are also ethical hackers that help an owner of an application to secure its application by finding vulnerabilities and loopholes in the application.

note:- To become an application pentester you have to follow some steps that are mentioned above in the description of penetration testers for systems and networks.

The average salary of an application pentester is 80,000$ the salary will depend on your skills, if you work for a big company then your salary will be greater than this.

4) Malware analyst

The job of a malware analyst is to identify threats that are related to cyber such as viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojan horses. After identifying the malware, their job is to understand malware code. As they can understand the malware code, After identification of malware code they have to create a code that defends the network against cyber threats. For example Antivirus.

Malware analyst plays a major job in the cyber field we are secure from viruses just cos of the efforts that they have made in the cybersecurity field. That's why the salary of a malware analyst is high compared to any other job in cybersecurity.

A Malware analyst earns up to $100,000 each year.

How do I become a Malware Analyst?

Below are some steps that will show you how you can be a malware analyst

1) As you know a degree in a technical field is most important, so you must have a degree in a technical field, here the technical field I mean in the field which is related to computer and programming.

2) Gain any of the online certifications like CEH, CPT, CCFE, CREA.

3) Do Advance reverse engineering malware course from any nearby institute, they will teach you everything that will help you to become a malware analyst

4) Apply for the job of malware analyst in any IT company.

5) Security Software Developer

Security software developers are the specialists who create software just as coordinates security into software during the structure and advancement of software. 

Security software engineer takes a gander at the software structure from a security point of view to distinguish and resolve security issues. For each period of the software security improvement lifecycle, they incorporate security investigation, resistances to wind up with a solid a dependable software.

The average salary of a software developer is $98,000/year.

How do I become a Security Software Developer

1) Any bachelor's degree related to software development must require BCA, CSE Engineering, IT Engineering.

2) Do Some certifications like CEH, ECSP, GSSP. Obtain any 1 or 2 certificates by giving an exam.

3) Apply for a job in any IT company that needs a security software developer.

So above were some jobs that you can get in cybersecurity. As in this world of full technology, many companies are looking for candidates to offer such jobs.

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