How To Increase Website Traffic

Increase website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic? This question may always come into a blogger's mind who are new in blogging. Their website doesn't receive any traffic and also profit.

So in this post, I am going to share with you that How to Increase Website Traffic. If you really want to increase your website traffic then you need to write quality and meaningful content on your website to attract visitors. Keep in mind content is the king.

Below I have created a few steps for you if you follow our step then sure your website traffic will increase with a boost. So let's get started.

How to increase website traffic

1. Create Catchy Headlines

Our first step into this is to create catchy headlines, you must know that most of the users are gets attracted by seeing catchy headlines.

If your article is shared on social media and your headlines are catchy then it will definitely help you to increase visitors to your website.

So while writing an article you must focus on creating catchy headlines as well as a catchy title. This will help you to increase website traffic.

More the catchy headlines it more the views you will get.

Your post title must be catchy too. By making the title catchy more visitors will click on your title to see the inside post.

how to increase website traffic

2. Create Good Quality Articles.

You must make sure that you should be writing an article on the topics which are trending on google. If the topic is trending it means many people must have created an article on the same topic too.

You must watch the articles of the top 10 websites that are coming on the first page of Google search.

Analyze those articles in your mind. And then write a better article on the same topic than those websites have.

You must write a high-quality article and give each and every piece of information about it.

Google will think that your website has more important content to show. Then it will automatically rank your site on the 1st page.

This will help you to increase your website traffic on a large scale.

how to increase website traffic

3. Select Specific Niche

Write articles on a specific niche always. For example, your blog is about technology then only post technology-related content on it. 

Be specific as you can. Target a group of people who seeks information on your niche. 

By this people will know that this Blog/Website offers content related to this specific niche.

By this, your website will become famous slowly. You must be master on the niche that you are selected to write articles about.

This will help you to generate a good amount of traffic on a specific group of people.

Try to select a niche that is trending and famous among most of the people who browse the internet.
increase website traffic

4. Good Length Article

There is so much competition in blogging nowadays. So if you write a post that contains 600-700 words trust me it will never get traffic and also will gonna rank very low in Google search engine.

Because Google Search bots will think this article only contains 600-700 words and the same post on other blogs contain 2000+ words so it will rank the post of another blog higher than your post.

So you must write an article that contains 2000+ words. First of all, see the article length of your competitors then write more big and detailed articles that contain more words than them.

Trust me I had also done this, and the results of this are excellent. You will always see your post ranking higher than others. 

This will result in increased website organic traffic.
How to increase website traffic

5. Go Social

This is a very important step to be active on social media. Create your account on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Whenever you write an article don't forget to share your article on these social media.

Because social media helps a lot to make articles viral. So be active in social media.

You can increase your followers on social media by posting funny memes related to your niche.

And as you write an article post directly on social media too. 

It will take time to increase your followers on social media, but if you keep active there, then it will not be that much difficult for you.

These things will help you to increase your website traffic.

how to increase website traffic

6. Post Regularly

To get more attention from your website visitors, you must write an article on your website daily. 

Yes, I know it is difficult to write an article daily. If you can't write articles daily. Then at least write 4 well-written articles in a week.

You must decide on which day and time you will publish your article. So your regular visitors will know that on this day or at this particular time admin publishes an article.

By this users will know your time of publishing so they can come at that time to read your article. 

By keep doing this good work will increase your regular visitors too. That will result in increasing your website traffic.

how to increase website traffic

7. Do Proper SEO

This is an important step that you need to take care of after writing an article. Do proper SEO on your article. 

Some steps you need to do. 

  • Optimize images of an article and write proper alt and title text of the image. This will help your article images to be top on the image search results.
  • Give proper description, metadata, and tags this will help Google bot to understand what is your article about. And this will result in an increase in the search results.
If you want to know more about SEO. Then read the below article:

What is SEO

8. Link old posts to your article

Whenever you write new articles don't forget to link your old related post into it. By linking, old posts will help visitors to seek more information about the topic.

As well as linking old related posts will engage visitors to your website. And visitors who found your link interesting will go to your link.

By this more impressions will come to your website. And your website traffic will increase.
how to increase website traffic

9. Organize your post into categories

Organizing your content into categories will help visitors to discover more on your website. It could also help to increase the views on your article which is present in the same category.

10. Promote Your Website

There are many ways to promote your website. Below are the few ways by that you can promote your website which will help you to increase website traffic.

  • Go on blogs which provide guest post and write a post on their blog include your website link there.
  • Allow others to post on your blog by enabling guest posts.
  • Interact your visitors with comment
  • Go to other blogs and stay connected with them and also ask owners of other blogs to include your link.
  • Advertise your site with google ads.

So these were all the steps by following these all steps you can increase your website traffic up to 40k to 50k visitors per day. 


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