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6G Technology outlook

In this article, I am going to tell you about 6G technology and what will be the benefits of 6G technology in our life. So let's get started.

Technology is advancing, times are evolving, more and more new technologies are emerging, and people's lives are being changed step by step. 

From the first and second industrial revolutions to the third technological revolution, from the third technological revolution to the fourth information revolution, the rapid progress of science and technology has brought people convenience in life and improved the production and life of the people. Great promotion effect.

  The rapid progress of science and technology deeply affects us. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was to watch cartoons that I loved watching after school. 

The TV set was our favorite appliance in that era. Nowadays, children can order favorite programs, movies, cartoons, etc. from computers and iPads, from a single source of viewing to a rich viewing channel. 

People ’s reading habits have also quietly changed in the past ten years. Newsstand bookstores, which were originally available everywhere, are few and far between, and bookstores are rare. Because people ’s reading habits have changed, more and more people get the desired knowledge and content through the Internet. 

Efficiency, directness, and convenience reflect the superiority of e-books. And the greatest change in this decade is the change in payment methods. 

Paper money transactions have gradually faded out of sight due to the rapid rise of mobile payments. Mobile quick payments, led by Google pay and PayPal, have gradually replaced people's paper money transactions. The benefits of mobile payment are obvious, and its main features are cashlessness, convenience, and security.

The advent of 5G has accelerated the concept of the interconnection of all things, greatly reduced the delay of information transmission, and improved the bandwidth of network transmission, making it possible for people to participate in courses and online offices through head-mounted devices, and improve the number of patients in remote medical consultations and operations. 

The cure rate, the real-time processing of graphic images, the police can quickly identify the suspect, the intelligent auxiliary warning of road traffic, and the rapid recognition of license plates, increase the speed of traffic, and so on. 

These will be integrated into our lives in the near future. At present, countries around the world have started the development of 6G, so in the future, what huge changes will 6G technology bring us?

what huge changes will 6G technology bring to us?

First of all, 6G technology brings a faster network speed, far exceeding the level of 5G.

At that time, using the network will have a real feeling. 6G technology is a key step in the development of real networks to reality. At the same time, the low latency and high stability brought by 6G can enable future humans to drive cars without their own, and realize the full intelligence of cars. 

Our families can also be upgraded to smart homes. Children can realize online teaching through the Internet. 

Adults and children can travel at home through the Internet and virtual reality, and enjoy the beauty of the world without leaving home. 6G technology has made edge computing a trend. 

The huge number of Internet of Things nodes and massive amounts of data can only meet the needs of the Internet of Everything in the intelligent era by improving the data computing and processing capabilities on the edge. 

At the same time, 6G will allow us to enter the terahertz (THz) era. Artificial intelligence technology will further develop on the basis of 5G so that devices that require human control in 5G are completely handed over to artificial intelligence control, which will take humans from complexity. Liberated from the calculation.

When 6G technology will arrive?

6G technology may arrive after 10 years from now. After 10 years, human life will be less involved in heavy physical work. The intelligent development of robots can solve the problem of replacing people to work in some special environments. 

Because artificial intelligence is more intelligent, the development of robots will definitely flourish. forward. The entertainment of people's lives will also change with the advent of 6G technology. 

The expression form of the film is no longer just a two-dimensional plane, but a comprehensive collection of stereoscopic images. Augmented reality will have a substantial development, and the projection of a real person in the movie through the phone is no longer a fantasy, but will gradually become Display, the form of the phone becomes a vivid, three-dimensional complete projection. 

5G is the beginning of cloud computing and cloud storage, while 6G is the mature application of cloud computing and cloud storage, and is the final form of miniaturization of equipment. 

Our mobile phones and computers will become thin like paper, and various electronic devices will also abandon the traditional hard disk graphics chip. Everything is accessed through the cloud and stored in the cloud. What we need maybe just a screen to achieve all Operations.

What revolution will 6G bring in the tech industry?

What 6G brings to the factory is revolutionary. All kinds of equipment can be accurately produced with extremely small errors. 

The production process of parts will reach the limit, which brings about the overall progress of various equipment. 

For aerospace, 6G is also an extremely important era. The success rate of rocket launches will be improved, and the control of satellite orbits will be more precise. It will be more feasible for the exploration of outer space.

6G in more detail

All in all, in the 6G era, today ’s smartphones will be replaced by lightweight glasses, which achieve ultra-high resolution and frame rate through ultra-high network speeds, and can provide a virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality into one. 

The "XR" service will be seamlessly connected with our senses and sports. At the same time, remote holography that can capture, transmit, and render 3D images in real-time will become a reality.

For example, in a meeting, "projecting" each participant in real-time, creating perceptual hallucinations through XR, so that people in different cities feel in the same room. 

In addition, remote holography will also be widely used in distance education, collaborative design, telemedicine, remote office, advanced 3D simulation and training, and defense. 

Ten years later, in the 6G era, there will be millions of autonomous vehicles connected to the network in the world, and transportation and logistics will be more efficient. 

These vehicles include both self-driving cars that run between homes, schools, and workplaces, as well as automated trucks or drones that transport goods. 

Each car will be equipped with many sensors, including cameras, laser scanners, odometers, and terahertz radar. 

The algorithm must quickly merge to generate a map of the surrounding environment, including other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and other information that may collide. People's lives will formally become intelligent and technological.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Q. What is 6G wireless technology?

A. 6G technology is a key step in the development of real networks to reality. At the same time, the low latency and high stability brought by 6G can enable future humans to drive cars without their own, and realize the full intelligence of cars. 

Q. Which country has 6G technology?

A. Currently, no one has 6G technology. But the work is going on in China to develop 6G technology. It may take up to 10 years from now to bring up 6G technology.

Q. when 6G will come out?

A. According to researchers. 6G is expected to arrive in 2030.

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