6 Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Trying To Win Chicken Dinner


Regardless of how many tips and tricks you know for the PubG game, you can’t afford to make some mistakes. These mistakes will immediately smash your dream of winning chicken dinner. Whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie, you must avoid the mistakes that can lead to your end in the game. Even experienced players tend to make some of these mistakes. The only way to not to repeat the mistakes is to start identifying them first. 

Without adding more, let’s quickly go through these common mistakes:

Not Looking for the Safe Zone when it’s important

When your health is less, it’s wise to look for a safe zone and run to the white circle with all your team members. As soon as the blue zone comes near you, you have to go and run with your team safe zone. 

Auto mode shooting

Many players are in a haste to do shooting in auto mode as soon as they encounter an opponent. As far as this mode is concerned, targeting from closer distances is often a failure. You can use aimbot hack that will help you aim at the opponent’s heads accurately from both close and distant ranges.  But, you also need to beware of the HWID bans that gaming servers can put on you when you’re using hacks. A rather smart way would be to use an HWID spoofer,https://www.iwantcheats.net/hwid-spoofer, that would cover up your hardware ID and protect your system from bans. And consequently, you can continue to play with your hacks and enjoy Tasty Chicken Dinners!

Keeping your health full

Always be cautious of your health while playing Pubg. You can get lost in never-ending battles and looting. If your health becomes zero, you will be in an unsafe zone. So keep your mind on your health too. Fighting with low health can be very risky. 

Rushing to loot the downed player

A basic instinct, as a player, is to loot the player’s gears the moment you have shot down him. Making this mistake could be expensive to compensate for you. Other opponents will get notified of your position if the downed player had been carrying smoke or green light. So, don’t be in a hurry to loot until you have won against the whole team.

Not Reloading

One of the other common mistakes that PUBG players made is to not reload their guns. Once you have had a strong battle with their opponents, you often overlook that you need to reload their gun. On top of it, if you don’t have enough ammo, PubG doesn’t alert you about this situation. 

Not Closing Door

This mistake has a huge fan base. In fact, many experienced players often make this silly mistake. Since you are battling against 100 players in the game on the same map, your enemies will always be in the proximity of your area. And if you leave the door open, after you have done looting, you can become an easy target for attack by other opponents. By keeping the door open, you are giving a great advantage to your opponent to attack you instantly, leaving no room for you to be prepared for the fight. So, keep the doors closed while looting the building.

Being Noisy

Being noisy in PubG will be disastrous. Because if you are immersing yourself in fights and shooting so much, you are rather easier to target due to all the noises. So, sneak up here and there around trees, or bushes and attack your enemy at the right time. Try to be as quiet as possible while you play Pubg. 

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