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Everyone is familiar with the file format PDF or Portable Document Format, right? It has been around for more than two decades already, so it’s no surprise if you have already heard or encountered a PDF file before. If you didn’t, PDF files are one of the most convenient and sleekest file formats available today.

PDF files are “read-only” files, and any alterations or changes done to the file can be seen through a traceable digital footprint, which makes PDF files secure and is the resason it’s accepted in the court of law. But how do you edit or convert to a PDF, and what is the best PDF converter tool?


GoGoPDF is one of the best and fastest PDF converter tools found on the internet today. It boasts a wide variety of file formats, tools, and other functionalities to serve all your PDF needs. It enables you to easily open, edit, and manage your PDF files, even if you are just using your mobile devices. It takes managing PDF files to a whole new level.

There’s no need for you to download or install any other converter tools since GoGoPDF has everything you need. From converting your PDF files to Excel, PPT, Word, HTML, JPG, and a bunch of other tools. So, if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to jump from one website to another or platform to platform, then you should consider GoGoPDF.

As the world gets closer to going paperless, it is only reasonable that you should know how to use GoGoPDF and know why it’s the best among the rest. We will show you how flexible and convenient GoGoPDF is with its amazing features.

Multiple Tools in a Single Platform

If you haven’t visited GoGoPDF’s website before, then you are in for a surprise. GoGoPDF is your one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs. As we mentioned above, GoGoPDF prides itself on not just being a regular converter tool. It is versatile enough to have other tools such as splitting, merging, compressing, editing, securing your PDF files, and many more.

Available Platforms

A huge benefit of using GoGoPDF’s tools is that it works perfectly well with any operating system, device, or web browser. There’s no worry if you are using Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, or an iOS device. You will still be entitled to the full free features of GoGoPDF. It also works well with any famous browser such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, or Safari.

File Safety and Security

There’s a common thing that all users search for in a PDF converter tool: security and safety. Of course, we don’t want anyone snooping or looking into our file’s sensitive information. Our files may potentially contain some sensitive information that we don’t want others to see. GoGoPDF guarantees to all of its users that your files are in safe and capable hands.

Even when you use an incognito browser, it still has safety limits. You should know about the incognito mode in your browsers that it does not do much in protecting and securing the privacy of your files other than concealing you from yourself. However, with GoGoPDF, you are rest assured that it is true to its Privacy Policy, and it knows the significance of confidentiality.

Every file you have uploaded into their system is permanently removed after an hour of uploading, making it less concerning since no one will have access to your files anymore. Additionally, GoGoPDF has installed a Secure Socket Layer or an SSL encryption technology to encrypt the files you transmit over the internet.

Fast Processing Speed

Given that you have a steady and reliable internet connection, GoGoPDF can easily and seamlessly convert your files quickly while giving you the best optimum quality that you deserve. Unlike other PDF converter tools, GoGoPDF converts one PDF at a given time to grant you a high-quality and high-grade output for every conversion you make using their services. In just a matter of seconds, your files will be converted into a PDF file or vice versa.

When you use GoGoPDF’s PDF converter, there is no need for you to do any reformatting. The content originally found in your file after converting will be the same way it was before you converted it. Every element in your file is retained, such as graphs, images, and texts.

Customer Service

GoGoPDF’s customer service response team is probably the best feature they offer. With their customer service, you are guaranteed that you will have the easiest time converting, navigating, and using other tools that they offer. They are more than happy to assist and help you complete your tasks as they are dedicated to improving their services further.

GoGoPDF Pro Account

While it’s true that GoGoPDF’s services are given for free, having a Pro account will help you even further and make your experience with the platform much easier and smoother. Upgrading to a Pro account will enable you to process as many files as you want simultaneously, which means you compress, convert, or edit more files at any given time. This is a practical feature to consider if you are always on a time crunch.


There are so many PDF converter tools that you can find on the internet. Even a single search on Google will yield you hundreds of these tools. But the features we have stated above make GoGoPDF the best.

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