7 Best Android Download Managers


Here we will present you with the list of best Android download managers. A download manager is a software that allows you to download several types of files from the internet. The download manager can give you several benefits over downloading files from the browser.

The download manager has the ability to pause and resume files unlimited times until a link is valid. The download manager can download files faster as compared to the browser. Fast downloading is done by creating multiple connections to the server. You can also limit the speed of downloads in the download manager.

Internet browsers are excellent for small file downloads, But if you want to download a large file, then the download manager is great for doing this job. Looking for the best download managers for Android? Check out this list.

7 Best Android Download Managers

  • IDM - Internet download manager for Android;
  • Advanced Download Manager for Android;
  • Turbo Download Manager;
  • Download manager for Android;
  • Download Accelerator Plus;
  • Loader Droid download manager;
  • GetThemAll Any File Downloader.

1. IDM - Internet download manager for Android

IDM is one of the best download managers for Android. It allows you to download files like video, music, torrent, etc. You can download files into 16 parts to speed up the download. It also has a feature to download Torrent files using a magnet link, torrent URL, or a torrent file. It is a lightweight download manager with low ram usage with extended functionality. IDM is free to use and comes with small banner ads to keep the service free for everyone. It also has a smart error handler that allows you to refresh the expired links. Your link will not be corrupted even with a poor internet connection. As you copy the link, you will see a direct download option. It also has a premium version where you will get some extended features like No ads, 10 simultaneous downloads, Schedule your downloads and download part in 32 parts.

2. Advanced Download Manager for Android

The advanced download manager is a powerful download manager for Android. If you want to use the premium features of IDM for free, then this app would be a great choice. This app offers paid features of IDM for free. This feature includes downloading up to 5 files simultaneously and scheduling file download time. This download manager is highly customizable that allows you to customize the interface and themes. Great for downloading small as well as large files. You can also see the downloading progress of your file in the notification panel.

3. Turbo Download Manager


Turbo download manager automatically detects the downloadable file and allows you to download serval files like Zip file, video, audio, images, docs, and many more. Additionally, it also has an inbuilt web browser to browse files to download. Same like other download managers, it also supports download acceleration with up to 10 multiple connections. You can use turbo mode for maximum download connections. It has a clean interface. The download manager also supports pause and resume function.

4. Download manager for Android


Download manager for Android allows you to download files three times faster than any internet browser. It supports downloading all types of files like RAR, ZIP, APK, XLS, MP3, DOC, and more. Additionally, it also has an inbuilt file manager, media player, and a web browser. Same as other browsers, you can easily download large files by using this Download manager for Android. It also allows you to share your downloaded files to major social media sites. This app is more than just a Download manager. It is a popular download manager with 50+ Million downloads on Google Playstore.

5. Download Accelerator Plus

The file is corrupted due to a network error. Have you ever received this error while downloading any file? Now you won't get this error while downloading large files from the internet. Download Accelerator plus allows you to resume such corrupted files with just one click. Same as our previous download managers, it supports all file types. Dead download links can be refreshed by this app so you can continue downloading. It comes with a clean interface. Newbies won't feel hard to download any file by using this app. The app is free to download and use. It also offers premium membership. Premium membership contains no ads, schedule downloads, customize themes and hidden mode.

6. Loader Droid download manager


Loader droid is a popular download manager for Android. This app contains all the features that the download manager needs. Like other download managers, this is better than the built-in Android download manager. It supports features like pause and resumes downloads, scheduling, faster download by splitting files, and more. To download files from loader droid, you have to click on any downloadable link, then select the loader droid app from the list. The UI of this app is simple and easy to operate.

7. GetThemAll Any File Downloader


GetThemAll allows you to download video, audio, or any files from hundreds of sites. GetThemAll can find all the downloadable files from the page, then you can choose which file you want to download. It comes with an integrated web browser where you can browse any webpage. After going to a webpage, you will see a small download arrow in the lower right corner. Simply click on that arrow, and it will show you all the files that are available to download on that particular page. It is an excellent app for downloading all the files that can't be download from any internet browser.

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