5 Ways to Find Out If Someone is Passed Away


We are not always in touch with everyone we knew from the past. Sometimes, we even suddenly lose contact with people with little or no information about them or their whereabouts. Sometimes, we even have doubts about people who are living or have passed away.

The curiosity to know the living status of people we had known, we know, or have suddenly lost touch with is understandable. In such circumstances, if we do not have any other information about their family, their friends, or anyone potential we can ask, you can still seek the information yourself.

This might sound impossible that you can check if someone is dead online by your own self, but it's very much possible. The below-mentioned people and fact-checking web pages offer the kind of insight you need into people and their living status:

1. CocoFinder

Is there a way to find out how someone died with CocoFinder? Yes. When a person dies the death certificate of the person has to state the reason for the death of such person. You can have access to those vital records from CocoFinder.

Even if you have little or no information about a person, you can search through the CocoFinder database with whatever you have. The information can be minuscule, but still relevant. The people search column of CocoFinder allows reading data from even the vaguest details.


Even if you just know the first name and the State or the last name and State, your search on CocoFinder can lead you to real material results. Once you find the profile that matches with your data and you identify the person, you can check upon their data.

How Does CocoFinder provide the Information about Death?

You have to try CocoFinder to know that it is a simple search engine that has a machinery of the database of people. The list of people includes people who are with us and people who have passed on. CocoFinder uses a verified directory of people to attain information from.

Therefore, it can provide you with all the vital details of people available in one’s public domain. The database surfs through media, government records, blogs, etc., and anywhere the concerned person’s name is reflected.

So, if there has been any news on the person’s belief, any database of death index wherein the name of the concerned person was stated or any other public document, you can find the information about such person’s death.

Instant Information

CocoFinder is extremely quick in retrieving relevant results. You do not have to wait for too long to generate the kind of results that the source does. Perfect and authentic results in minimum time, this is the key USP of CocoFinder.


Unlike other web-based applications that sometimes hang because of the eons of non-stop buffering, CocoFinder is quick and prompt. It has been designed with the latest techniques that offer timely and reliable data within moments of the search. The speed of the results might seem alarmingly quick but are trustworthy.

Other Information

The platform of CocoFinder can provide many more services than just checking up on the fact if someone is alive or has passed away. The web-based application’s people search offers any and every information that is available of a person on public or even private platform.

Every information of an individual that is on an accessible platform will be accessed through CocoFinder. You do not have to fret over going to multiple places to seek multiple ranges of information about someone. All information can be found on one reliable source, CocoFinder.

The platform can also enable location tracking to check someone’s address based on their phone number. You can also find your lost phone location by checking upon the IMEI number. You can also enable a background check of someone, check someone’s marital status, or even find if someone is in jail.

All this and more information can be traced to this perfect web application that functions on an extremely easy interface. You do not need any technological prowess to operate CocoFinder. It is extremely easy to use.

2. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is also a great platform to find out the living status of an individual. The website has earned a good repute in information searching about people. When it comes to data retrieval, it can take a little time talking with ZabaSearch.

Another drawback of this platform is the fact that its search can be very time taking sometimes. Nonetheless, it functions on a very simple interface and is very easy to use.

3. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is also a very decent alternative to know if someone has passed away. It retrieves information about all people and provides information on their identity and other things. If the people have passed away, it can state the same too.

The real issue with TruePeopleSearch is the line of ads it runs on its page. Sometimes, they can be very downright annoying and cause unnecessary delays in the core task.

4. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch is also a good enough platform to know if someone is alive or not. This platform also maintains a decent database of people. The web-based application can be a little time consuming and complicated sometimes.

5. CheckPeople

While CheckPeople is also quite extensively used but the real issue with this platform is the lack of authenticity of the source. It has some unverified sources also that make the results of the search questionable.

With information as saddening as the bereaved of an individual, unverified data can indeed cause a lot of anguish and dismay. Therefore, while it is a good option, users must also exercise their own discretion.


So now you would be aware of the fact that there is a way to find out how someone died with CocoFinder. The web-based source is extremely reliable and trustworthy to bank upon information of this nature.

You can try CocoFinder to be sure of the facts of someone’s living status, death status, the reason for bereaved, etc. Therefore, of all the alternatives available, CocoFinder is a tried and verified favorite.

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