Best sites to get anime app icons for free


If you are looking for anime app icons for your next project or to replace icons of your existing app, then you are at the right place. Here we have listed some best sites from where you can get anime app icons for free.

Anime app icons can be used to replace the icon of an Android and iOS app. You can use anime app icons for sending image messages on your Instagram or any other social media app.

Many people pay to get anime app icons, But still, they cannot get the right icon that they want. Until you have the expertise of icon downloading sites. Finding the right icon for your project or any app can be a difficult task.

To come up with this problem. We have decided to create a list of the best sites to get anime app icons for free. Additionally, We have made a tutorial on how to add anime app icons.

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Best sites to get Anime app icons for free

  • Pinterest - Anime app icons
  • Iconfinder - Anime app icons for app
  • Iconarchive - App icons anime
  • Free Images - Anime app icons messages
  • Dribbble - Anime app icons phone.

1. Pinterest - Anime app icons

Pinterest - Anime App Icons

We all know that Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform where you can discover animated GIFs and videos in the form of pinboards. 

Pinterest has over 400 million monthly active users. Pinterest was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. Pinterest is based in San Fransico and operated by Pinterest, Inc. 

On Pinterest, many users also uploaded many anime apps icons. So it will be easier for you to find anime app icons for your android or iPhone app.

You can easily find anime icons such as among us, naruto, and many more on Pinterest. There are over a million anime icons available on Pinterest. You just need to use the search bar on Pinterest to find the perfect anime icon for you.

2. Iconfinder - Anime app icons for app

Iconfinder - Anime App Icons

Iconfinder allows you to download Anime app icons for free in SVG, PNG, and AI format. Icons are divided into various categories. To search for a specific anime app icon, you have to use their search bar.

On the search bar, you can simply enter Anime and then perform a search. You will get a lot of anime icons that you can download for free.

You can use these anime app icons for your brand, business, Avatar, Android app, iOS app, and for any project. Iconfinder contains the best anime icon library.

3. Iconarchive - App icons anime

Iconarchive - Anime App Icons

Iconarchive is one of the best sites to download icons. It has a great collection of anime icons. Iconarchive allows you to search for the best anime icon by using its search bar.

Most free app icons look like a cartoon, but you can find somewhat professional icons too by performing a search. 

This website is excellent for you, If you want to download anime icons to design an app or anime game for Android, iOS, or Windows devices. 

You can also use these icons to create your own custom stickers for WhatsApp.

4. Free Images - Anime app icons messages

Free Images - Anime App Icons

Free Images is an alternate of Iconarchive. It provides you with several free anime app icons to download separately as you need.

There is an option to filter your anime icons according to relevancy, large icons, 3d, and many more. Additionally, You can choose the background of the anime icon before downloading.

Feel free to use any icons that are available on Free Images. All the icons are licensed to reuse. You can also add your anime icons to any Android app by watching a video at the bottom of this article.

5. Dribbble - Anime app icons phone

Dribbble Anime App Icons

Dribbble is a website where many designers upload various types of icons, including anime app icons. These icons can be downloaded for free. You can use icons for both individual and business profit.

This website is great for users who are looking for Anime app icons. Dribbble contains many icons on manga, anime art, naruto, chibi, fanart, manga art, and many more. So if you are looking for such anime icons, then Dribbble is an excellent place for you to download such anime icons.

To download these apps, you have to create an account on Dribbble. After creating an account, you will get access to all icons that are present on Dribbble.

How to Add Anime app icon to any Android app


So above is the list of best anime app icons. You can use these anime app icons for any project. I hope by using these sites, you can find the perfect anime app icons for your project. You can also suggest a new anime icons site by leaving a comment below or by contacting us.

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