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The animation is the speedy display of an order of images to produce an illusion of motion. Animation grants life to our imagination and can be used in a motion picture or in a video. 

In simple words, Animation is the process of making the layout, designing, drawing photographic sequences, and integrating them into multimedia and gaming products. 

A person who creates animation is called Animator. Animators use animation apps like Animation Desk to create frame-to-frame animation. There is extensive use of animation software to make animation in several fields like education, entertainment, advertisement, gaming, and more. 

The film and television industry has gained more success because of advancements in animation software.

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What is the Animation Desk?


Animation Desk is one of the best software that allows you to create pencil text animations and sketches on windows 10. This software has been published by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. Easily draw a frame to frame animation through this app even it also allows you to create animations upon videos, images, and PSD layers.

Animation Desk supports several import and export formats. It lets you create and share animations right from your Android, iOS, and Windows device. It is a fully-featured animation studio, especially for the Windows platform. It lets you create animation scene by scene with a wide array of brushes and art tools. You can also import videos from your windows device for editing purposes. 

The app is available at the Microsoft store for free. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, this app fits everyone in the animation field. It also has an option to create several layers so you can draw on all of them. After completion of Animation, it can be exported in Git or mp4 format. 

The animation desk also contains an Anizone area where you can start publishing your animation. However, you can also browse the creation of other users. It comes with an easy, friendly, and intuitive drawing environment so that even a newbie like me could get started in animation. It has almost all the features that an animator needs in animation software.

Creating and sharing Animation with Animation Desk

Creating an animation on the Animation desk is simple. It lets you create stunning animation by using several brush tools and features. Your creation can be exported into Gif or Mp4 format and also can be shared easily from your windows pc.

Click on the downright yellow plus button to start creating your first project using the Animation desk. Watch the above video to see how animations are created using this software.

Best for Teachers and Students

Animation Desk is best for students who are looking for an animation app to start a journey in the field of animation. It is best for students because of several reasons like as it is free and easy to install, easy to use UI, Powerful brush & editing tools.

The teacher can create lessons in the form of animation to engage their students. Teachers can make animation by using the built-in library of the Animation desk. However, You can also start from scratch.

Features of Animation Desk

Animation Desk provides several features to make the best animation. However, if you want to know some great features of this software, then here are some main features of Animation Desk:


There are many tools available in the Animation Desk to give your imagination a real look. These tools include three types of brush, crayons, eraser, pencil, spray, scissors, and more.


It allows you to easily adjust the brush size and opacity. So it will be easier for you to create a good drawing.

User-friendly interface:

It comes with easy to use interface, so you won't face any problems while browsing its features. Even a newbie like me was able to create a good drawing.


Anizone is the best feature developers have given inside the software. It is a Kdan’s artist community. By clicking on Anizone, you will be able to see thousand of creations from several artists around the world. 

More features:

  • Allows you to create animation frame by frame by using its multiple layers;
  • Save your file to GIF or MP4 format;
  • Choose from 3FPS to 24FPS to make smooth animation;
  • Show your skills to the world. Easily share your creation to the social media;
  • Insert background images for Animations.

How to download Animation Desk on Windows 10

> Open the Microsoft store and go to the Animation Desk software by clicking the below link:


> Simply Click on the Get button to start the downloading procedure.


> Wait for downloading procedure to be finished.

> As downloading is finished, you will see an option to launch the app as shown below image.


> Simply click on the launch button to launch the software. As you click on the launch, The following screen will appear.


Now start making your own animation by clicking the yellow button that is present at the downright corner. Bring your imagination into reality.

Is Animation Desk a Free Software?

Yes, Animation Desk is free software, and you can use almost every feature for free. However, you can upgrade to creative 365 to get some extra features like 1TB Kdan cloud space storage, online video conversion, and some free Kdan credits.

Wrapping it up

It is the best software for everyone interested in animation. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, this software is best for everyone. Download the app from the above download link to get started today.

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