Why Turbulent Times call for implementing a Document Protection, DRM Solution for your Data

Most kinds of data such as marketing information, announcements, social media posts, press releases, publicity notifications, and the like are types of content that organizations wish to disseminate and have as many views and impressions as possible. However, there are specific kinds of information that organizations, as well as individuals, would want to stay hidden from the public, and only for the eyes of permitted individuals to view. Such kinds of content could include trade secrets, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions details, financial credentials, research information, price sheets, instructional manuals, educational content, e-books, original works,, and so on. This is why sensitive and confidential kinds of content require stringent and robust document security and control. And given today's troubling times where data breaches are taking place almost every day, and in some cases, multiple times a day, it is essential to consider a robust document protection solution such as digital rights management (DRM) to protect your confidential documents.

Here we look into the critical reasons why your business requires a document protection DRM solution for your PDF files and Word documents.


To secure your revenue: For almost every company and some individuals, data can be a crucial source of income. Such companies include analyst firms, educational institutions, financial associations, legal and advisory firms, content publishers, and so on. Regardless of whether you receive an income from the sales of your e-books, training manuals, research material, and more, you need to ensure that your data is protected and controlled from unauthorized parties. If you leave your data without any security, you could lose out on potential revenue as your information can be easily breached into and copied, and distributed without your knowledge.

Recent events have shown that even if data is hidden behind secured websites and other systems, for the rest of its lifecycle it is left exposed, thus making it vulnerable to be breached in transmission or at rest. A robust document protection solution such as PDF DRM gives you complete control to apply measures at the file level and user level to safeguard your content. By applying PDF DRM, your content is prevented from unauthorized access, downloads, shares, prints, and alteration, thus ensuring that only authorized viewers can access your information. Doing so can give you the complete control you need to safeguard your income and ensure your revenue streams are not put at risk.

To guard your profitability: Certain forms of content can help you generate revenue. These include sales materials, training courses, subscriptions and membership fees, and so on. But although these forms of data require a substantial amount of energy and resource to create them, they can just as easily be stolen, thus robbing you of the monetary benefit it may have offered you. 

To ensure that you protect the return on your investment and your profitability from such data, guard them with a DRM system. If your copyrighted material is not safeguarded, such content could easily be shared around robbing you of your credit and profitability. Document security systems such as PDF DRM eliminates unauthorized access or sharing of your content and ensures that only those users who are permitted to receive your protected information can access it. Besides, you can also impose stringent limits on your shared data such as limiting the number of views on the content and/or the number of prints (assuming you want to allow printing).

To eliminate data piracy: A relentless threat to data in any format is piracy which is rampant across platforms and devices. According to the Global Innovation Policy Center, global online piracy costs the US economy approximately $29 billion in lost revenue every year. To ensure that you do not become part of this statistic, protect your documents from piracy and theft by using DRM. DRM offers military-grade encryption with exclusive and wide-reaching controls such as preventing printing, enforcing expiry dates, controlling what devices can access information and from which locations, and more. It also provides the tracking of your content so you can see how your documents are accessed and consumed.

Protecting your documents with PDF DRM ensures you are employing a robust document security solution while still offering your customers and permitted users seamless access. Knowing that your protected content is secured with high-level encryption ensures that regardless of where your content travels or lies, it is protected at all times. Besides, the unique feature of tracking who is accessing your content including how your data is viewed or opened and at what time and from which platform or IP address are critical analytical details that you can benefit from. You could also define your DRM policies and set up your own workflows to control how your information is accessed and shared.

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