Why Is CBC Blocked From Streaming in the United Kingdom?

If you have ever tried to watch CBC, you already know residents of the United Kingdom are blocked. CBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Company is the national broadcaster for Canada. This is where you will find exceptional programming from both abroad and in Canada.

There are reasons CBC services are blocked from streaming outside of Canada. Licensing issues prevent anyone from outside of Canada from viewing CBC. This means popular shows exclusive to CBC are unable to be viewed from the United Kingdom including:
  • The Nature of Things;
  • Murdoch Mysteries;
  • Heartland.
All of these shows are geo-restricted for Canada. This does not mean there is not a way to enjoy streaming your favorite CBC programs just because you live in the United Kingdom.

If you try to stream CBC from within the United Kingdom, you will receive a message either stating CBC is unavailable to the United Kingdom or unavailable outside of Canada. Do not become frustrated because there are two ways you can still watch your favorite shows.

How Does CBC Block Residents of the United Kingdom from Streaming?

When you attempt to stream CBC, your current location is checked through your IP address. If you do not have a Canadian IP address, you will be blocked. There are two different ways you can get around this by tricking CBC into believing you are accessing from Canada. These are DNS Proxies and VPN.

Broadcasting licensing restrictions ensure your access is blocked unless you are using one of these two methods.

Can I Use a VPN to Access CBC From the United Kingdom?

To access CBC, you must have a CBC account and either a Smart DNS or VPN service. If you choose a VPN, you must make certain reliable servers are available in the United Kingdom. To access CBC using a VPN follow the steps below.
  1. Select your VPN to switch your IP to a Canadian address;
  2. Once your IP address changes, CBC will believe you are located in Canada;
  3. Subscribe to the VPN service of your choice;
  4. Your VPN can then be downloaded and installed on your device;
  5. Launch the app for your VPN;
  6. Log into your app;
  7. Establish a connection with a Canadian server;
  8. Open CBC;
  9. Begin streaming.
Even though this process is simple, not every VPN is ideal to stream CBC. Some VPNs are slow and some will be unable to unblock your service. You should conduct some research and read user reviews.

If the majority of reviews are poor, consider finding a different VPN. Your main focus should be on reliability, speed, and customer satisfaction.

Using Smart DNS for CBC Access Outside of Canada

You can also use Smart DNS to stream CBC in the United Kingdom. Even though Smart DNS is not quite as intuitive as a VPN, these services are often better for streaming due to the much faster speeds. Once again, you should do your research before making a decision. You can use Smart DNS by following the steps below.
  • Choose a Smart DNS provider;
  • Sign up with your provider;
  • Log into your new account;
  • Navigate to the Smart DNS page;
  • Find the DNA Settings tab, then click on Get Started;
  • Wait until your IP address is detected by your Smart DNS;
  • You can now verify your activation;
  • Open CBC;
  • Start streaming.
According to vpnAlert, you can use Smart DNS for unblocking CBC on devices without built-in VPN support. This means CBC can be streamed on all of your devices such as game consoles and smart TVs.

The Bottom Line

You can enjoy a wide variety of Canadian shows by streaming CBC in the United Kingdom. You just need to decide if you prefer to use a VPN or Smart DNS service. Once you have successfully installed your chosen application, not only can you stream shows from CBC, but also from other networks as well.

Just because there are licensing issues restricting access to the United Kingdom does not mean there is no way to get around it. Say thank you to modern technology and have fun.

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