Best Android TV Launcher Apps You Must Try

Android TV launcher apps are apps that can spice up your Android TV with a new interface. Launcher is a part of the Android TV user interface that allows users to launch apps, play video, and perform several other tasks. However, it also lets you customize the home screen, apps, widgets, and menus.

One of the best features of Android OS is that it lets you customize your Android TV interface. Android TV already comes with a launcher installed in it. If you are bored with your stock launcher and want to try another launcher, Android will let you install a new temporary launcher to your Android TV that could give your Android TV a better look.

The best Android TV launcher app can change the total look of your Android TV. There are hundreds of Android TV Launchers available on Google Play, and you might get confused about which launcher will be the best to install. To make this task easier for you, we have decided to make a list of the Best Android TV launcher app that you must try.

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Best Android TV Launcher Apps That You Must Try

1. Ugoos TV Launcher

Ugoos TV launcher is one of the best Launcher apps for Android TV that comes with an adaptive remote controller and air mouse support. It has a simple user interface. The left-hand side of the screen menu lets you browse apps, games, videos, and more.

It is fully customizable and lets you customize desktop icons, border size, icon background, and more. It has 9 cool themes to choose from. It lets you put apps according to their categories. You can quickly start any application from any category.

2. HALauncher - Android TV


It is another popular launcher that is available for Android TV. It comes with a modern UI and user-friendly interface that makes this Launcher easier to use. Some Android TV's default launcher doesn't show some apps that you have installed. HALauncher lets you display and run those apps without any issue.

This launcher will be an excellent choice for users who like to install and run third-party apps on Android TV. All the installed apps will be visible in the app list section. It lets you customize the color scheme, background graphic, icon graphic, add widgets to the home screen, and more.

3. TvHome Launcher


It is a fast, simple, and easy-to-use launcher for your Android TV. Do you want to turn the appearance of your Android TV into a cool and modern interface? Try out TvHome Launcher. All the apps are easily available at the bottom of the screen and can be launched quickly with one click.

It is a lightweight launcher that comes minimalistic design and no extra settings. It doesn't offer many customization features, But you can still change the background image of your choice. This launcher works great on Samsung and LG Android TV.

4. Simple TV Launcher


As the name indicates, it is a simple launcher for Android TV. It has a simple interface and lets you add the 6 apps to the slot of the main screen. To open the app menu, click four boxes that are present in the upper right corner.

You can access the setting of the Android TV launcher by clicking the icon that is present on the downright. The launcher works great on the 720p and 1080p screens. It is an open-source launcher, and the source code can be found on GitHub.

5. Home Screen Launcher for Android TV


It is another best launcher for Android TV. It allows you to use sideload apps while keeping the standard Android TV UI default. You can click on the home screen icon on the Android TV to open the standard Android launcher of your choice.

This launcher can be used to run sideloaded apps easily without losing the experience of the original Android TV UI. So if you are looking for such type of launcher, then your search may end up here. You can download this app from the below link.

6. Top TV Launcher 2


Do you want to give your Android TV home screen a cool look? Top TV Launcher 2 will be great for you. It comes with a custom built-in layout editor that lets you customize your home screen with widgets and tiles.

It lets you create a unique home screen using the application's icon, icon pack, and image. It is a highly customizable launcher. You can easily customize it using your remotes navigation keys. The size of this app is 6.3 MB, and it comes with no third-party ads.

7. UNICA TV Launcher


UNICA TV Launcher comes with a cool and modern design that could make you fall in love with your Android TV home screen. It has some cool features like D-pad optimized navigation, Automatic TV icons for Android TV enabled apps, a Simple search feature, and more.

You can organize apps by categories for quick access. You can try his launcher free for 14 days. After 14 days, it will automatically go into restricted mode. You can go to the Setting > Purchase option to buy a subscription.

So these were some best launcher apps that are available for Android TV. Feel free to mention your favorite launcher app in the comment section.

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