How to Make Exciting Collages for Social Media

A photo collage is an ideal way to share several photos at once and to make a bigger impact than just one image. They’re also fun, engaging, and different so that people will tend to remember your message more easily. Of course, it depends on why you want to make a photo collage in the first place. Nevertheless, check out this page for an easy-to-use free collage maker online with many opportunities and fun features.

Before you Get Started with your Collage Maker Online

When you make a photo collage, it’s usually best to start with a bit of a plan. The more you know what you want to get out of your college then the more likely it will be successful. Here are 3 key questions to get you started:
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What are you messaging?
  • How will you distribute your photo collage?

Who are you targeting?

Different age groups use social media in various ways usually according to how comfortable they are with the tools. They’ll also want to see different content and styles. The more you know about your viewers’ preferences and habits then the more you can answer their needs and produce photo collages that will engage them.

What are you messaging?

Images are a very powerful way to convey a message because they can share so much in an instant. Moreover, with your free collage maker online, you can easily add text, features, and things like stickers and GIFs to further enhance your message and overall brand. Simply make sure that it’s clear and easy to remember.

How will you distribute your photo collage?

Social media is the obvious answer when it comes to spreading the word about your brand online. Although, don’t forget that direct emails also work well. After all, you have a receptive customer contact list so why not use it? You can also of course add your photo collages onto your website to update people on what’s happening with your brand.

Using a Collage Maker Online for Awesome Outputs

Now that you know what you want to get from your photo collage, here’s how to make it even more exciting than just having a collection of images:
  • Tell a story;
  • Choose a template;
  • Add text and features;
  • Include editing effects;
  • Layouts and photo size.

Tell a Story

There’s a reason that Facebook and Instagram have stories featured on their pages. People love stories because it helps them see the real people behind brands. They’re also a great way to create engagement and trigger emotions. All you need to do is choose images that relate to each other and either show progression through time or across different places. Of course, don’t forget to link it to your overall message.

Choose a Template

When you make a photo collage, you’ll first need to think about your layouts. Do you want your photos to be arranged in a grid format? Alternatively, do you prefer to have them laid out haphazardly? Either way, it’s good to go through the vast library of online collage templates to give you some ideas. You can also easily search through them with your keywords. Overall, they’ll give you a good foundational structure for you to create your beautiful photo collage.

Add text and features

Once you’re happy with your photo collage template, you might want to include some fun text to highlight your call to action, for example. You’ll also have access to a photo editor with a range of features to choose from. These include anything from animations, GIFs, and stickers to fancy frames or funky colors.

Include editing effects

Any collage maker also usually has a photo editor. This means that you can cut your images into shapes or add borders around them. Many of you might also want to include color filters or blending effects between your photos. Whatever you choose, just make sure you don’t go overboard and overwhelm your viewers with too many editing effects.

Layouts and Photo Size

As mentioned, your collage templates will help you with pre-determined layouts. Another point to make though is that you can assemble your images in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Clearly, your templates determine this for you but some photo editor tools allow you to make photo collages from scratch. Whilst this isn’t for everyone because it takes time and effort, it’s still an option.

Parting Words on Making Exciting Photo Collages for Social Media

Making exciting photo collages is about getting the right blend of colors and effects to enhance your subject matter and to promote your brand's values and offerings. Knowing who your ideal viewer is will help you focus on the perfect collage templates with the style that’s going to appeal to them. From there, it’s easy to use your free collage maker online to customize and create beautiful photo collages perfect for your brand and image.

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