How to make pixel art?


Artistic analysis of a fashion trend with a list of materials and methods of implementation.

Pixel art (from the English "pixel art") - literally "pixel art", "pixel art". It is familiar to each of us from the old monitor interfaces and "ancient" computer games like Pacman and Prince of Persia. With the development of technology, obsolete icons and characters, consisting of large colored squares, not only did not disappear, but also acquired a special charisma, gained a lot of fans, and, as a result, turned into a cult trend in contemporary art.

How to make pixel art

The interior has become one of the most successful "platforms" for demonstrating pixel images. When you look at such a panel up close, you do not understand anything: only clusters of enlarged pixels of different colors are visible, that's all. But as soon as you move a few steps away from the wall ... and a magical transformation takes place. Pixels add up to a slender picture, and you can easily determine who or what is depicted on it. This can be compared to zoom in a bitmap graphics editor when the scale of the photograph is increased to such an extent that the points of which it consists are visible. See more information


It is mainly associated with video game graphics from the 80s and 90s. Back then, artists had to take into account the limitations of memory and low resolution. Even aside from nostalgia, creating cool work within such a tight framework is an enjoyable and rewarding challenge.

The threshold of entry into pixel art is relatively low compared to traditional art and 3D graphics at 2d game art design, which attracts indie developers. But this does not mean at all that it will be easy to finish the game in this style. I've seen a lot of indie developers with pixel art metroidvanias on crowdfunding platforms. They thought they would finish everything in a year, but in reality they needed another six years.

A high-level pixel art tutorial almost always takes a lot of effort to meticulously place pixels on each frame.

Key recommendations

I know you can't wait to get started, but don't rush. In any case, you will have enough time for a couple of recommendations for a more beautiful drawing. Most often, after applying them, the drawing becomes more beautiful and more pleasant. In the end, we'll walk through the creation process based on these guidelines.
  • Don't make connecting pixels
For clarity, I drew a dollar in the photo below. The same connecting pixels are highlighted in red. Intuitively, it seems that they make the art smoother and, accordingly, more beautiful. But this is often not the case.
  • Remove kinks
Let's continue with the same dollar. Kinks are pixels that are clearly out of order. In the photo, they are marked in red. The dollar did not become incredibly beautiful, but now it looks smoother and more accurate. To avoid kinks, make the exit from the straight line to the fillet smoothly.
  • Create a new layer
In the beginning, don't forget to create a new layer and work on it. No need to paint directly on the background. Also, learn to work with layers. This skill will greatly speed up and facilitate your work.


Dithering is an interesting color mixing technique for pixel art. It is often used in retro games or games that try to be retro. Sometimes he is able to significantly improve the art, but you also need to be able to apply it. I can't tell you more about Dithering, since I don't use it myself.

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