Top 9 Most Expensive Hublot Watches


Carlo Crocco founded a new watch business in 1976. He established MDM Geneve and began developing a timepiece, which he dubbed Hublot after the French term for "porthole" in Switzerland. Carlo Crocco and Jean-Claude Biver, two individuals with impeccable watchmaking credentials, collaborated to create timepieces in Hublot. This company specializes in fusion art. Hublot designed the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking history. This expensive watch entails combining materials, fusing traditional and modern design, and partnering with sports icons and institutions. The watch soon became a commercial success in terms of sales.

Crocco debuted the Hublot brand in Baselworld in 1980. The technology authenticates watches on Hublot's servers with the use of a smart card. Watch aficionados and collectors know Hublot for their exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled precision. Despite being a much newer Swiss watch company, Hublot is a fantastic watch brand that achieves and earned its stripes. If you're looking for a Hublot wristwatch, you've come to the right place. These 9 Hublot watches are the most expensive watches they have produced.

1. Classic Fusion Zirconium - Hublot most expensive watch

The Hublot Classic Fusion Zirconium is the first timepiece on our list. This Classic Fusion Zirconium is one of Hublot’s most beautifully made timepieces. Fusion Zirconium comprises zirconium, which is frequently used in nuclear reactors because it is very efficient and has corrosion resistance. This watch has a chronograph function, is water-resistant up to 50 meters, and is self-winding. It also comes in several materials, including carbon, titanium, ceramic, and gold. The watch features lateral inserts and bezel lugs to finish the design, giving this masterpiece a flair ambiance.

2. Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds - Hublot expensive watch

If you enjoy collecting jewels, the Hublot Classic Pink Gold and Diamond is the watch for you. Anyone looking for a bit more glitz in their life should add this watch to their must-have list. This watch is one of the most beautiful Hublot watches with magnificent jewels. Hublot created this watch with a stainless steel casing and a stunning combination of dazzling diamonds and pink gold. Its black rubber strap adds just the perfect amount of contrast while also ensuring durability.

3. The Tourbillon Big Date - Another great Hublot wristwatch

The Tourbillon Big Date Power Reserve Indicator, with its all-black look and distinctive Hublot design, is yet another excellent timepiece from the company. This watch is another great wristwatch from this company with the Hublot design trademark from the company. The watch features a big date indication under the 12 o’clock position, as well as a larger battery capable of lasting up to five days. This watch is remarkably unique from other watches that watch collectors hoard this incredible watch.

4. Black Caviar Bang - Hublot most expensive watch

The Black Caviar Bang is a true masterpiece, and it was a new member of the million-dollar watch club in 2009. The Caviar Bang has an 18k white gold case and clasp set with hundreds of finely cut black diamonds. With a dark and deep tone of the diamonds, gleaming in their perfect alignment, are the sole visible features of the one million dollar watch. This watch has a stunning display of 544 diamonds totaling up to 34.5 carats.

5. Big Bang King - Hublot most expensive watch

The Big Bang King is most likely the most well-known. It's well-made that features a manufacturing movement, and has high brand equity. This stunningly contemporary and elegant wristwatch has a ceramic case, a black dial with a sapphire crystal, and, of course, Hublot's signature rubber band. It has a water resistance of up to 100 meters and a battery life of 120 hours. When combined with its interesting assortment of features, this watch is incredibly one-of-a-kind.

6. Tourbillon Solo Bang - Hublot most expensive watch

One of Biver's most popular concepts, the Big Bang line, debuted in 2005. The Tourbillon Solo Bang is one of them. For a variety of reasons, it is one of the most admired of them all. This watch Tourbillon Solo has a one-of-a-kind manually driven tourbillon mechanism as well as ceramic bezels. It was available in a variety of metals combined with rubber, as well as stainless steel. That features not one but two settings on the dial, which is also waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

7. Masterpiece MP-02 - Hublot most expensive watch

The Masterpiece MP-02 watch has a futuristic appearance made of titanium and black rubber. Hublot created this watch, intending to highlight the complex tasks that a Hublot wristwatch can do. The watch face consists of mesh dials that display three different settings. These three settings are for telling time, speeding up time, and slowing downtime. Hublot only makes fifty pieces of the MP-02 model.

8. Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition - Hublot most expensive watch

The Big Bang is one of Hublot's most prestigious collections. Hublot created the Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition in a traditional and unique timepiece with a chronograph bezel that can push a button on the crown. Each is great with the company's modern style. There are just eighteen versions available. What’s the best thing about this watch is the case of the watch that features 212 diamonds engraved on it, as well as 48 baguette diamonds.

9. The Hublot - Hublot most expensive watch

Hublot is the final thing on our list. In addition, it is the world's most costly watch. Surpassing this masterpiece will be difficult because of its restricted availability and the nature of the watch's surface. Hublot designed this watch with 1,200 diamonds, which is 40 carats in total. They meticulously sought every diamond that would fit within the pattern. Having at least six stones weighing at least three carats, Hublot created this watch completely of diamonds. Making this watch took 14 months and 17 watchmakers to complete. Beyonce purchased it right away for her husband, Jay-Z, which gained more popularity and value.


These high-end watches from Hublot will leave you with some questions and curiosity. That brings the question, "Why did they buy such expensive wristwatches?" What's the backstory on those prices? To answer your questions, we already have the answers on our list. Those watches are well worth their value. The history, craftsmanship, materials, and originality of each watch on our list are all outstanding.

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