What Ticks on the Wrist of Famous Action Stars?


They do impossible stunts, survive through different world apocalyptic scenes, are experts in holding big guns and weapons, and show the different sides of a hero archetype. Only the finest actors and actresses could take the challenge of being action stars. But have you ever taken a look at how they succeed in completing their sturdy, gentlemanly, charming aura of actors? Well, in this article we’ll do just that. These are the finest Hollywood stars and what timepieces they proudly wear on their wrist. Whether they are swinging away from their life and death situations, attending special acting events, or portraying bad-ass roles, we would like to know what these actors favor to grace their wrists. So sit tight up as we figuratively jump off to see what makes each male action movie star tick and what wristwatch ticks on his wrist. Also, check out Hublot most expensive watch.

1. Paneria Luminor- The Rock

Dwane Douglas Johnson or more commonly known as the Rock had an unconventional rise to fame and is known for his transition from Pro-wrestling to Hollywood stardom. Dwayne is one the most highly paid actors to date and is known for his action-filled movies like Rampage, San Andreas, and Fast and Furious to mention a few. But he plunged into acting and took another career path from being a former world heavyweight champion wrestler; his first debut as a young actor was back then in Scorpion King. In his action movies, however, like that of G.I Joe where he plays the role of Roadblock, a weapon specialist, he is spotted wearing a Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph. This tactical timepiece is suited for Dwayne’s 6’ foot 5 frames but doesn’t have a tachymeter like most of its models, but it comes with a less busy bezel paired with a brown dial and lume aged lume and the watch shows a very military feel. If you’re a big fan of the Rock, then you can rock a Panerai Luminor yourself, just visit TheWatchCompany, to explore your options of the timepiece model.

2. Bremont- Tom Cruise

This man doesn’t need an introduction. However, we’ll still mention the most iconic movie he’s in because we want to. Tom Cruise is known for movies such as Jack Reacher, Top Gun, and Mission Impossible, to name some of his well-known action movies. With 36 acting awards, 3 of which are academy awards and 7 golden globes. Tom Cruise is known for his tour de force in acting, but only a few would know his love for aviation. The actor owns several aviator timepieces, one of which is Bremont. His relationship with Bremont watches however goes deeper than being a patron of the brand. He was in a casual relationship with Nick and Giles English, founders of the brand. The American actor sympathized with the brothers during the loss of their father due to a tragic aircraft accident that also injured Nick English. Tom was filming his first mission impossible movie, and quickly visited them, which the brothers greatly appreciated.

3. Jaeger-LeCoultre- Robert Downey Jr.

The only man fitted to ever play the role of Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr. His acting career took twists and turns, but his comeback can be likened to a rising of a phoenix from ashes, and his experience with drug addiction and overcoming it, made him a seasoned traveler in life that he utilizes in acting, and truly an Iron Man. Roberts' acting finesse and expertise reaped him a bank of acting awards, 5 golden globes, 2 Oscars, and 2 Baftas to boast a few. Known for his iconic roles in movies like Sherlock Holmes, Kirk Lazarus, and the Marvel Movies Franchise, Robert is a legend in acting. His “arbitrary” watch collection, as he calls it, is composed of luxurious watch brands, one of which is the Jaeger-LeCoultre, AMVOX3, Tourbillon GMT, and has an open case back. He wore the timepiece in Iron Man 2 and named it the best watch in the collection.

4. Patek Philippe- Brad Pitt

American actor and producer Brad Pitt is someone we could not leave behind in discussing this list. When you hear Brad Pitts’s name, a million-dollar smile would probably come up in your mind. Brad is known for a handful of brilliant movie roles in action movies like Seven, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, World War Z to name some of his masterpieces. His unbeatable acting in many genres in cinema, whether it be a young cop torn by duty and his grief, father trying his best to save his family and the world from Zombie invasion, or Death himself, trying to live a human experience, Brad’s acting caliber in unquestionable, making him a Hollywood sweetheart. He is spotted sporting a very classy choice of a timepiece which is a WIT40mm Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel with a blue dial. This timepiece is originally inspired by the shape of ship portholes and suits the style and finesse of an actor like Brad Pitt.

5. IWC- Jason Statham

Last on our list but not least, is the former member of Britain's National Swimming Squad who also competed in commonwealth games is Jason Statham. Jason Statham, not only a movie actor but a real-life experienced swimmer, was able to escape a near life and death experience when an accident happened in one of the Expendables movie scenes- which led to the sinking of the boat he was driving to up to 15 to 20 meters. Stalone, who was one of the cast, acknowledged the fact that if anyone else in the cast was there in the boat accident, they could not make it alive like Jason. It takes a real disciplined and experienced swimmer to know what to do. This is also a note on how dangerous action movie stunts could be, and the many ways it could go wrong, how it takes more than just a pretty face. To name a few of his movies, Mechanic, Hobbs, and Shaw, Homefront exhibits some of his best fight scenes that are sure to pump adrenaline into your veins. Jason as a swimmer would have a competent divers watch, and one of the timepieces he wears in his movie “Meg”, is an IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Edition La Cumbre Volcano IW3795-05. The timepiece has a mechanical internal/external bezel with a Safe Dive system, water-resistance of 30 meters, a practical tool for divers.

In Conclusion

It’s nice to know a little bit of background from the people we see convincingly portray different characters in many movies we know and love. But it's better to see how their wristwatches can communicate who they are, even behind the scenes. If you're interested in checking our luxury brands of wristwatches don’t forget to visit WatchShopping.

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