The New NOMOS Glashütte Watches That Won't Go Out of Style


NOMOS Glashütte is known to be one of the major producers of modern timepieces in the watchmaking industry. It garnered a lot of attention from watch lovers and collectors, through its peculiar designs that are truly eye-catching. NOMOS steals the hearts of basic and modern watch aficionados by combining modern design and technology. Some of its popular collections are the award-winning NOMOS Metro and NOMOS Tangente that are still recognized up to this day.

Presently, NOMOS watches promise to never let you go out of style from the modern setting of urban jungles to the changing lifestyle of a cosmopolitan man by providing watches of high-quality design and function.

Brief History on NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte opened in 1990 in a small town in Glashütte, Germany. It was founded by Roland Schwertner briefly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. At present time, the brand is known to be the major producer of mechanical watches in Germany. Since it carries the name of Glashütte, Schwertner made sure that the brand has its caliber in-house. It has a 95% vertical integration of in-house mechanisms in its calibers, which surpassed the 50% requirement by the government for the brand to carry the town’s name.

NOMOS currently has about 300 employees still based in Germany. In addition, most of the watch’s components are hand-made. Their experts focus on each phase of production---from milling the plates up to delicately regulating the calibers.

NOMOS Watches Price Guide

NOMOS watches are in the middle range category of watches. Despite its high quality, NOMOS remains to market watches at a reasonable price. You can get any NOMOS watches with great performance and style at nothing more than $25,000.

Some of the cheapest NOMOS watches, NOMOS Club and NOMOS Tetra, range from $1,000 to $5,000. However, some vintage pieces of NOMOS can be quite expensive than expected. That being said, here is a price guide on NOMOS Watches.

Prices for NOMOS Tangente

After almost three decades, Tangente remains as NOMOS’s best-selling watch. Tangente pieces come in a round case and clean dial. It has a small seconds dial and angular lugs, making it a perfect combination of old and new. It also comes with a comfortable cordovan leather strap, common to other NOMOS watches. This strap is from the horse’s hindquarters that gives its durable and hydrophobic feature.

The success of Tangente’s models paved the way for many replications. Firstly, the classic version NOMOS Tangente Ref. 101 measures about 35mm. It comes with an extremely flat in-house manual caliber Alpha, making this piece just 6.2mm thick. Pre-owned or new, this can cost from $1,000 to $1,400, respectively. In addition, having a Tangente men’s watch that has a date indicator and power reserve display can cost from $2,200 to $2,500.

Next, the Tangente Neomatik Update men’s watch, which measures 41mm and is released for those who want bigger frames, can be owned at $3,100. This is an eye-catcher with its date display placed at the edge of the dial with two red markers for easier reading. That also keeps the watch flat at 7.9mm. Besides, this watch is powered with a neomatik caliber DUW 6101 together with the company’s very own NOMOS Swing System.

In addition, a smaller Tangente Neomatik comes at 35mm without a date dial. A new model is priced at $2,500, but if you wish to purchase it pre-owned or vintage, you can have it for at least $2,200. As for the 39mm Tangente Neomatik it does not come with a date display and is priced at $2,900. Unlike the others, this model is new, so pre-owned pieces are rare to find.

Prices for NOMOS Club

This collection comes in a more youthful appearance. The NOMOS Club design revolves around a sporty pattern without being complicated. Similar to the Tangente, this also comes in a different sub-family that is perfect for every lifestyle.

First, the NOMOS Club Neomatik comes at a size of 42mm. This is perfect if you want a sporty function and design. You can score this at around $4,060. The second is the Campus series that measures either 38 or 39mm and comes in white, black, or midnight blue dial. The pieces for this series range from $1,500 to $2,980. The third is the Aqua series that come in outstanding looks. Aside from the usual colors of NOMOS Club, these also come in a siren blue or siren red dial. This has a water-resistant feature of 200m or 656ft. The price range of this series starts at $3,040 to $3,550. Lastly, if you want a more minimalist look, you can score the basic NOMOS Club models that come in manual, automatic, or date movements. These cost from $1,550 to $2,620, the automatic movement being the most expensive.

Prices for NOMOS Ahoi

NOMOS Ahoi is perfect for sports enthusiasts out there. It presents several outstanding features such as water resistance of 200m (656ft), luminous hands and hours markers for easy time reading, and a crown protector that keeps the screw-down crown safe from impact. It also possesses a water-resistant textile strap making it comfortable activewear for activities like diving.

Moreover, the NOMOS Ahoi comes in different sizes and movements to satisfy various preferences. You can choose between a siren blue or siren red dial for a more sporty vibe. But if you want a more classy look despite having a sports watch, you can have the NOMOS Ahoi Atlantic that comes in a dark blue dial. That is perfect for both sporty and corporate settings.

Finally, you can purchase a no-date NOMOS Ahoi with an automatic caliber DUW 5001 at $2,600. However, a vintage piece costs cheaper at $2,300. Then, if you prefer a watch with a date display and DUW 5101 caliber, you can cop one for about $2,800 to 3,200. However, the dark blue Ahoi Atlantic, with or without a date display, is more expensive. Lastly, the siren red Ahoi Neomatik that measures 36mm, costs about $3,200.

Prices for NOMOS Orion

This collection highlights the brand’s simplest designs, for it contains only the information necessary to the wearer. It has a dial with a thin minute and hour indexes protected by a dome-shaped sapphire glass. If viewed on the side, an amusing shape is seen that other flat NOMOS pieces lack. However, similar to the others, this also comes in manual or Neomatik movements. Hence, its sizes vary from 33mm to 41mm.

For the prices, first, a mint-condition watch with a steel case-back can cost about $1,400 and $1,300 if pre-owned. Though if you like a sapphire glass case-back, expect to spend a couple more hundred dollars. Second, a 35mm Orion can be bought at $1,600, but to save more, a pre-owned Orion costs $1,200. Then, a pre-owned or brand new NOMOS Orion in Neomatik movement costs about $2,300 to $2,700, respectively. In addition, the 41mm NOMOS Orion Neomatik Date costs $3,100. Finally, those brand new Orion with Alpha movement costs more reasonably at $2,100 compared to those with DUW 4101.

Prices for NOMOS Metro

NOMOS Metro is one of the most popular NOMOS collections like the Tangente. It was launched perfectly for the company’s very own NOMOS Swing System in 2014. It is also perfect for the modern jungle setting and takes a modern and industrial vibe to it. Its design made by Mark Braun, an independent Berlin-based designer, snatched many awards upon its launch.

The model is available in 12 versions to cater to various preferences. This collection’s distinct character is the 60-minute set of numbered markers along with the dial. It also comes in rose gold or stainless steel cases, and manual or automatic calibers.

The typical NOMOS Metro men’s watch comes with a manual DUW 4401 caliber, together with a date display at 6 o’clock and a power reserve indicator. A brand new version costs about $2,800, while pre-owned costs are only a hundred less. For a 38mm model without a date or power reserve feature, it’s priced at $2,000. But if you want a date display, it can range from $2,100 up to $$2,300.

However, for a Metro with Neomatik movement expect about a $2,900 price tag. A silver cut and midnight blue of it can cost about $3,000. On the other hand, the most expensive Metro watch comes in a rose gold case that costs about $9,700 if brand new and about $6,900 to $7,200 if second-hand.

Prices for NOMOS Minimatik

The NOMOS Minimatik, true to its name, comes in smaller sizes. Its 35mm model is a perfect fit for a more delicate and slim wrist. Together with this is the NOMOS high-end caliber DUW 3001. It measures only 3.2mm in height, giving the watch a slender look. Consequently, this watch is truly an elegant yet functional piece that’s even better than the others. The Minimatik costs depending on its color, for example, the white Minimatik costs $3,680, while the champagne and midnight blue ones cost about $3,800.

Prices for NOMOS Ludwig

The NOMOS Ludwig collection is perfect for classic watch lovers because it exudes class in the modern-day era. It has indexes that come in Roman numerals enclosed by a thin bezel and lugs. It is loved by many with its hand-wound and automatic movements. These movements include the Neomatik, hand-wound DUW 3001, and DUW 6101 with a date feature.

Furthermore, this collection has a wide price range that starts at $1,380 for a NOMOS Ludwig of manual movement. The ultra-thin model powered by Neomatik costs around $3,360 to $3,400. Then, a model with automatic movement ranges from $3,180 to $3,780.

Prices for NOMOS Tetra

The NOMOS Tetra was launched in 1992 and is as old as the Orion, Ludwig, and Tangente collections. Although this stands out with its square case, its dial is closely similar to that of Tangente. It comes in alternating Arabic numerals that surround the square dial. Unlike the other models, Tetra comes in smaller sizes and has a variety of colorful dials. The Petit Four series presents pink, beige, mint, and blue colors for the dials.

Subsequently, a NOMOS Tetra men’s watch costs as low as $1,600, whereas a NOMOS Tetra with a Neomatik movement costs as expensive as $2,980. However, you can score a pre-owned Tetra for about $2,400.

Prices for NOMOS Autobahn

For a more recent release, NOMOS Autobahn is here, launched at the 2018 Baselworld. It is the sportiest men’s watch released by NOMOS that possesses a 41mm case, and a dial inspired by a car’s speedometer. It also features eight SuperLuminova boxes that arch along with the dial, designed by Werner Aisslinger. Besides, it is the most readable NOMOS watch with its hour hand wrapped in lume.

This watch is powered by an automatic caliber DUW 6101, earning a thickness of 10.5mm. It is comfortable to wear with its water-resistant textile strap. It can last up to 100m (328ft), just right for a casual swim. Thus, you can have this watch for $3,800, but a pre-owned one is cheaper at $3,100.

Prices for NOMOS Lambda and NOMOS Lux

The Lambda collection highlights the use of gold with its sleek yet classy design, perfect for a dress or corporate watch. Its dial has thin lines, while the case is 18K gold with fine sunbeam polishing and hand-beveled edges. This collection is truly the most expensive collection NOMOS has. The DUW 1001 caliber that powers the NOMOS Atelier proves its reliability with its three and a half days power reserve. If paired with the Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, a gold Lambda costs $17,000 while a white gold costs $20,000. Though to accommodate more customers, a stainless steel model is available for $7,500.

On the other hand, the NOMOS Lux is truly the most luxurious, with a price tag above $18,000. It is powered by the DUW 2001 and comes only in white gold or rose gold rectangular cases that cost about $21,500 and $19,500, respectively.

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With NOMOS watches you can never really go out of style. From the most basic to most luxurious timepieces, NOMOS has a lot to offer. Aside from the in-house calibers it possesses, its designs are award-winning to let an opportunity pass of not coping your piece.

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