What Is SEO? Why is It Need of the Hour?


You may have heard the term “SEO” a lot, but do you know how useful it is in the realm of digital marketing? Well, SEO has been a powerful tool to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on different search engines. This guide consists of various aspects that are related to “Search Engine optimization” and can make a difference in your life. So, read till the end to furnish your knowledge about the most popular technique of the era “Search Engine Optimization”.

Definition of “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization”

We have given you a brief introduction to “SEO”, but let’s dive deep and understand this term thoroughly.

SEO is a process of improving your website’s rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines so that your website can drive more organic traffic resulting in higher lead generation. Not only quantity, but SEO also determines the quality of traffic that is landing on your website. With the right techniques, SEO helps you outrank your competitors and create a brand name on the web. In addition to that, SEO manages user experience to increase your trustworthiness among your potential customers. There is also a risk of plagiarism and you should know how to avoid it.

Functioning of SEO

Have you ever visited a library? You must have seen all books organized on shelves according to their genres so that you can pick out anything that you like to view or read, similarly, search engines are the libraries for websites. Be it Google, Bing, or Yahoo, every search engine holds a database of sites that are live anywhere on the web. Now the question here is, how the ranking of websites is decided? It is done by the crawlers of search engines, these are bots that crawl from one webpage to another and collect information, analyses the quality of information. Then they consider hundreds of factors before assigning ranks to the sites. And, this is how the order of the websites is decided.

Search engine optimization Brisbane team always considers User-experience to be the topmost priority of search engines when it comes to offering to rank to a website. The more you can please users, the more the search engine will be impressed. But it is one of the hundreds of factors.

SEO is not as easy as paid ads, but it lasts longer. In other words, you can pay a certain amount to be on the top of the page, rather it’s your efforts that make your website perform well and outrank others on a search engine. This is when SEO experts come in the act.

The Search engine optimization Brisbane experts aim to improve the overall performance of your website, instead of just focusing on the ranking. Because, when your website works well in the terms of content, crawl ability, and speed, you are halfway there.

Furthermore, various Toxic practices are now gaining popularity as they offer an instant boost in the ranking of a website. These shortcuts and tricks can cause more harm than good, and ban your website permanently on search engines, especially Google- the king of the digital realm.

Crucial SEO Factors for Better Ranking

Though there are uncountable factors that regulate the performance of your website on a search engine, some of them are most obvious and can’t be overlooked if getting on the first page is your aim. Some of the most important SEO factors are listed here underneath:

1. E-A-T

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. The medic update of August 2018 primarily focuses on E-A-T and uses this algorithm to affect the ranking of the website. So, the content should be written with all expertise, contain the higher authority, able to gain users’ trust so that the information provided can positively affect the lives of readers.

2. Perfect URL

The URL of your website should be easily readable and secure so that crawlers don’t find it difficult to understand. Also, the URL must signify the true meaning of the webpage.

3. Speed of Webpage

Page Speed is considered to be one of the most important SEO ranking factors for years. So, your website should be fast enough to load instantly.

4. Content

We all have heard the phrase: Content is King, this is because, content single-handedly manages various search ranking factors such as user experiment, in and out links, and visual appeal of the website.


The right SEO strategy is the need of the hour if you want your business to flourish through your website. And, following this guide will render surprising benefits in the long run.

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