How to make and use Stylish Text For FB Profile Name 2021

Facebook is known to be one of the hallmarks of social media platforms and almost anyone using the internet has used this website. People use a lot of different techniques and tricks to make their profiles stand out.

Facebook has a default font that everyone abides to follow for their profile name, bio, and other areas but there are hundreds of profiles we see every day using stylish and unique text on their eye-catching profiles.

However, Facebook doesn’t allow people to use such fonts but still, they are in use. So how they do it and you cannot? Well, do not worry, there is a trick that will help you do it in seconds. In this blog, we will share the procedure and ways to change your basic name into a more appealing one.

Here is how the trick works

The first thing to do is to write your name or any text that you want to add in some stylish font. And to do this, you can use a generator that converts normal text into small text, superscript, and subscript. If you still find problems in finding a website that offers such small text generators, you can visit and make your text look appealing and unique from others.

Note that some of the people have locked their profiles because they used fonts that aren’t even readable. You need to use a clear font. So, the best is to use small text, super, and subscript. They are not only acceptable by Facebook but also leave a lasting impression on someone seeing them.

Convert the text and copy it from the tool or website and after that paste it into the field provided in the settings. You can do this in both the mobile app and the website of Facebook. However, if you still do not understand how to change your name with stylish fonts, then here are some of the steps that you can follow when you want to do this procedure on PC:
  • The first thing is to change your name and change the text into some font that you prefer
  • On Pc, go to settings>General and tap on the edit button shown on the upper right corner of your name
  • Place the first and last name in the provided section 
  • After that simply touch on the review change button and you are done.

On Facebook App

However, some of the steps are similar to the above-mentioned and change your name into a stylish one but still, here we will show you the method of a mobile app as well for better understanding.

Easy Steps For Facebook Mobile App:

  • Open App
  • Tap on Menu then settings & privacy option 
  • Now tap on personal information>name
  • Open Chrome or any browser and search for 
  • Change your name or any other text and copy it
  • Now go back to the app again and paste your name and review it.
If the app shows no error, then your name will appear in some minutes automatically. This is the simplest way to make your profile name look stylish and unique.

Apart from just using such stylish text for your display name, you can use it for many other purposes as well. For instance, you can use it to make engaging posts to spread a message, get the attention of people for something you are selling, or even for marketing purposes. The uses are vast. It depends on how you use it.

However, now you know how people use different fonts for their profile names. You can use these tools or generators and change text multiple times as per your needs.

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