Top 3 tools to check Domain authority of your website


Domain Authority is a metric to know how well the website will perform in search engines. Domain authority is used as a reference and one of the most authentic sources for checking the SEO score of your website.

Although Google search engines have not listed this factor, many believe that websites having high domain authority scores have a higher chance to rank on the top pages of google.

Before jumping to the tools for increasing the domain authority, let's study the importance of domain authority and its critical role in acting as one of the major factors for aking on the top first pages of google.

Purpose of domain authority:

The domain authority checker checks the root domain and uses standards to measure the score of your website against top-ranking pages.

By analyzing and comparing different pages, the da checker comes up with the score based on these factors.

Why does a small business have a low domain authority score?

Small businesses and newly established websites usually struggle with low domain authority score and their pages fall at the lower rank on google.

If your website is not reaching the right people what's the point of making and later marketing the website. These websites are not ranking because they have poor website links, backlinking and poor loading speed, poor keyword research, etc.

How to improve the domain authority of the website?

There is one thing you should do if you are struggling with low website authority and domain authority score, improve the overall SEO score of your website.

The domain authority is not always the true and right metric for judging the score of your website. As it is machine-based and gives results, by comparison, it is not always necessary that the result is true.

Even if you improve the quality and SEO of your website, maybe in that time your competitor improves their strategies to remain at the top.

The result is comparison baed and download take this domain authority score website too seriously.

Let's say, the domain authority score of your website is 20 or below 3o0, then you need to worry about the website and it is an indication that your website needs improvement in terms of SEO, link building, website loading, on-page SEO,off-page SEO, etc.

Top 3 tools to check Domain authority of your website

Here are some of the quick domain authority checking tools to check the authority of your website.

1. Prepost SEO domain authority checker:

Prepostseo domain authority checker checks the SEO, URL, index, and also provides the spam score of the website.

This da checker will give a score to your website ranging from 1-100  to test the performance of your website compared to other websites.


Generally, the domain authority score of the website ranging from 50-60 is considered good. And if the DA PA score of your website falls below 20, then you should start working on your website.

You can improve the SEO and get quality backlinks from authoritative websites. This will improve the score of your website.

By using the free and unregistered version of the Prepostseo domain authority checker, you can check only 10  URLs at a time, and with a registered account, you can check the DA of 25 websites. If you are a premium user, you can check the domain authority of the 500 pages at once.


Are you finding it hard to rank your page and website on google? The website and pages rank due to some unknown factors. With the help of the Moz domain authority checker, you can check the website score to test its performance and SEI score.  is easy to use and you can check 20 URLs at a time. This domain authority checker tests and compares your website to give a domain authority score to your website.

This website is completely free to use and you can check the URL of as many websites as you can.


3. Rushax domain authority checker:

The Rushax domain authority checker is a good da checker and it can check 50  domain URLs at a time. This DA/PA checker checks the IP address, Moz Rank, Google Index. This domain authority checker gives a suitable score to your website and also excel report downloading option is enabled, which means that users can download the report.

The tool is easy to use, copy the URL and paste it into the inbox to get the domain authority score in a few seconds.


Domain Authority checker enables the users to check the content, link building, on-page optimization, no of quality backlinks to improve the score of your website. These tools use special artificial intelligence to read the data on your website to analyze the score of your website.

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