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There are many things that all the students know and use, but very often these things are unknown to freshmen. Some students don’t even know that it’s possible to order assignments online. I was lucky to find writers who could write my paper for me cheap online. Here are some other awesome tips.

Be social, and make connections

Join the team. Don't be selfish, don't provoke conflicts from the very first days at the university. Don't be afraid of your classmates – they're scared too.

Behave with dignity. Don't be afraid to be an outcast if you don't get along with the dominant group on the course. Look for like-minded people. Be yourself.

Do not intrigue, avoid warring micro-groups. This will avoid many troubles.

Exchange contacts with classmates. In which case you will know who to call, write, or Skype to clarify the schedule or assignment for the seminar.

Contacts with older students are really useful. Senior comrades will help with notes and materials, tell about the nature of teachers.

Make friends with those who live in the dorm. First of all, they have fun. Secondly, there are always notes in the dorm. From someone.

Make useful acquaintances. These can be freelancers who will help to write educational papers or employees of medical institutions who can write out the necessary certificate. It's not a fact that these acquaintances will be useful, but in a force majeure situation, you will know who to turn to.

Create a support community with fellow students. It's easier to prepare for seminars together (everyone prepares their part, then you exchange materials). When preparing for tests and exams, friends will check their knowledge (both sides receive an intellectual bonus when checking). And it's cheaper to order spurs or answers to tests, exercises in Latin or English from freelancers.

Weed out freeloaders and leeches. Mutually beneficial assistance is good, arrogance is bad. Help your friends, but not to the point of skipping the lectures. It is not smart to write essays to freeloaders for free, someone gets paid for it.

Try to get the contact information of the supervisor and other teachers. You may need to contact them. But don't flood the teachers with messages, don't bother people. These are contacts for an emergency. However, you can contact an adequate science teacher regularly during the course writing process. Many teachers switched to Skype consultations.

Get acquainted with the manager of the course, take the contacts of the dean's office. They may also come in handy.

Safety rules

In the first few days, form all the necessary documents. First of all – student and reader. Prepare the certificates that the dean's office requires.

Don't piss off the guard. Make sure you have the pass (student ID), do not try to sneak past, do not whine, and do not annoy the person.

Think over the route to the university. Take into account the transport schedule and traffic jams. Leave the house 10 - 15 minutes earlier to have enough time.

About money

Find out the rules for granting scholarships at your university. Find out in which cases you can lose it and try not to get into these situations.

Get the instructions on how to get a governor's, presidential scholarship (there are other types). Perhaps you can claim one of them. To receive the scholarship, you need to study well, actively participate in scientific and social activities.

Take a look at the trade union committee. Find out all about getting a social scholarship and financial assistance. If you fulfill all the requirements - collect certificates, do not delay.

The trade union committee distributes preferential vouchers and tickets to all kinds of events. Use it! Unfortunately, some students do not even know that they can get anything from the trade union committee. So, more will go to those who are not lazy to go on an exploration.

Don't be too lazy to find out about all the benefits that a student is entitled to. It concerns traveling, free visits to some museums, etc. Regularly monitor changes in legislation regarding student benefits.

Think about how you can earn. Loading wagons? Cleaning floors? Write essays for peers? During the holidays, you can enroll in a student team, work in catering. However, they say that this year, due to financial difficulties, students were paid less than they expected. In any case, work should not interfere with studies.

About health, schedule, dress code, and rest

Take care of your future. Forget about the stereotypical idea of a student as an eternally thumping creature. At least, if you're going to live to the second year, and even more so to the fifth. 

Make friends with physical education. Do not skip the class of physical education, sign up for an additional gym, pool, yoga, or fitness. Physical activity not only improves health and helps maintain a normal weight, but also improves brain activity.

Eat right. Don't choke on dry-boiled sandwiches. Choose foods that are good for your body and brain.

Find out where the cafes and canteens are, where the food is better and where it is cheaper. This is, of course, in case there are several of them in the building and nearby. In order not to be late for lectures and not to stand in a wild queue, find out not only the opening hours but also the time when the influx of hungry subsides.

Dress in business style or casual style. Do not shock teachers with dreadlocks, colored nails, and bare buttocks (this is advice to first-year students who adore mini-skirts). Individuality is held in high esteem but remembers about adequacy. Especially when choosing clothes for the exam.

Put the workplace in order. Don't justify the mess with a penchant for the creative disorder. Read the article "Creative disorder or ruin in the head?". Think about it, tidying up the place where you work clears your brain!

Get some rest! Immersed in your studies, regularly come to the surface. Rest helps the brain fight stress. Studying without rest is a way to breakdowns, exhaustion of the nervous system, and chronic fatigue. Working for good grades, do not earn yourself asthenia.

Remember that the student years are a great time!

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