Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Monitor Review


The Ultimate Portable Second Monitor

Regardless of whether you are a working professional, student, traveler, avid gamer, or tech enthusiast, the Duex Plus is a brilliant way for you to make the most of your electronics. The Duex Plus is a portable second monitor, and with its flawless engineering and sleek design, it is bound to bring your work and play to another dimension when it comes to convenience and efficiency. It provides a comprehensive and effective solution for a range of issues, whether you are struggling with limited space for your set-up, excessive amounts of clutter, or overall productivity and performance.

With its straightforward functionality, easy portability, high-quality panel, and USB-C and USB-A port connectivity, there’s no doubt that the Duex Plus is a winning choice as a portable monitor for business as well as commercial use. The myriad of benefits associated with the Duex Plus are endless, whether you want to include a second screen for presentation purposes, view two separate programs or webpages at once, or optimize your gaming system. What’s more, it has a width of only a quarter of an inch so it won’t be adding any bulk or weight to your laptop, ensuring that it is perfect for those with advanced requirements or who are always on the go.

Features of the Duex Plus

The Duex Plus has a number of integrated features and design considerations which makes sure that it is unrivaled in terms of its resolution, specifications, and of course its aesthetic appeal. Following is a brief overview of the main features of the Duex Plus.
  • Lightweight and portable for optimum convenience and ease of use.
  • Compatible with various devices and models, including all laptops as well as Nintendo Switch and Samsung DeX supported devices.
  • 13.3-inch diagonal screen and an 11.7×6.5 inch viewing area.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • An eye-care option that comforts and soothes the eyes by reducing blue light waves.
  • Auto-rotation enables you to easily transfer the Duex Plus to either the left or the right side of your main device.
  • The hybrid-signal input enables speedy connectivity, as long as you have a laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port.

Who can use the Duex Plus?

The Duex Plus is an incredibly versatile, functional, and efficient portable second monitor which can be applied to countless situations, circumstances, and requirements:

Remote Working – With more and more of us working from home, maintaining productiveness and performance in this environment can be challenging. Portable second monitors are an amazing solution, however, and users have noticed a dramatic increase in productivity and an equally impressive decrease in errors when using one.

Gaming – The Duex Plus enables you to enjoy the luxury of multiple monitors without compromising your set-up’s real estate. You can game with two screens, or use one screen for gaming and one for chatting, or even use it for Twitch streaming.

Learning – Whether you are studying in your home, accommodation, library, classroom, or even the park, this portable second monitor will enable productive and efficient studying. For example, you can read from one screen and type down notes with the other!


Why Should I buy the Duex Plus?

Ultimately, the Duex Plus is a sophisticated and advanced portable second monitor. This means that it provides a high-resolution and high-quality screen display without the larger footprint of traditional computer monitors and additional laptops.

If you have limited desk space, or you expect to be traveling and/or moving around with your laptop regularly, then the Duex Plus is probably the ideal way for you to work comfortably within a smaller space or whilst you’re out on the road.

Moreover, a portable second monitor requires far fewer cables than another computer or a laptop. If you struggle with cables that are always getting tangled together or adding to the clutter of your workspace, then the Duex Plus is the answer you’ve been looking for.

A second monitor or laptop will easily set you back by more than $1000, whilst also confining you to a single workspace. The truth is that this is simply not necessary, especially when the Duex Plus is available for not even half of that price. It also happens to offer an equal level of efficiency with the additional bonuses of being portable and compact.

In the midst of our hectic routines and packed schedules, it’s more important than ever that we make the most of our time whenever we can. The Duex Plus provides you with the flexibility and ease you need to do just that and work from any place and at any time.

The ergonomics of the Duex Plus are also amazing, and the sliding lid will protect the monitor as a protective cover when it is not in use, become a mount that can be magnetically attached to the back of your laptop, as well as function as a prop stand for portrait mode.

Installing the Duex Plus


Costs and Shipping

  • The total cost of the Duex Plus is $349.
  • Free shipping is available to the United States
  • Free shipping is available for orders exceeding $100 to Canada.
  • There is an Accident Protection option, but this has to be purchased separately.

A Worthwhile Investment

The Duex Plus will ensure that you can meet your productivity and performance targets, and achieve a truly seamless workflow wherever and whenever you may be. With a portable second monitor, you’ll be able to save valuable real estate in your workspace or personal setup, eliminating the clutter caused by additional laptops, monitors, and cables. Not only that but you’ll no longer be bound by your location or your capacity to carry bulky items because the sleek and compact design of the Duex Plus provides exceptional portability.

Whether you’ll be using the Duex Plus to perform everyday computing tasks, view photos and videos, or play games and do graphic design, you can be assured that it will provide an incredible viewing experience with user-oriented design and functionality, impressive color reproduction, and optimum convenience and portability.


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