How to break free from the captivity of social media


With the advent of social networking sites began to be catastrophically short of time. They take away all our free time that could be spent usefully. This is especially true for young people. After all, 70% of students can't do without a phone and laptop. Productivity of work decreases. In today's society, a teenager prefers to order on the Internet, and pay for paper, than to take time and do it himself. And this is bad because young people are becoming stupider thanks to gadgets. Is there anything we can do about it? Or will we forever remain captive to social media? Many people are looking for an answer to this question, and so far no one can say for sure. After all, every scientist has his own point of view on what is happening in the modern world.

Recently, there is an unusual calculator called Social Media Time Alternatives, which calculates the number of books that you could read while sitting on social networks.

It is a program that analyzes several indicators: the number of social media checks per hour, the average time spent on each session, the average number of pages, and the speed of reading. After processing the data, the calculator gives the result - the number of books the user could have read if not for social media.

Such a useful product lets people know that they are wasting their time. And if you have already figured this out, but out of habit continue to scroll through social networks, listen to the advice of the practicing psychologist from the USA Lillian Gibson.

Determine why you use social media

"For most people, social media is a tool to relax or stay connected. If for you too, then I recommend asking yourself: how long will I be online? For what purpose, with what intention? When you clearly define this, you will gradually reduce the time you spend online, and your communication there will be more meaningful because your presence will have some meaning," advises Gibson.

Act on the principle of "quality over quantity."

Limit your time. Just imagine: According to Facebook, the average user of this social network scrolls a length of 9,144 cm per day. And of course, I spend a lot of time doing it. The stats shows that Instagram followers use this platform for various reasons and stay online at least 2 hours daily.

"We know we can't be everywhere at once. The same goes for social media. If you only spend 30 minutes saying happy birthday to everyone you know, are you productively wasting your time? Now do you realize that's a waste?" - Lillian says.

Filter your contacts

Get rid of anything unnecessary. Over the years of being on social media, you've made hundreds (maybe thousands) of "friends" with whom you have nothing in common today, or don't know personally at all. It will be enough to simply go through the list and delete those contacts that you have never used.

"These are the 'extra' people you're wasting your time and emotions on. Concentrate on what's important to you, not on how to please everyone around you," the doctor advises.

Take a break from social media

If you can't turn off your smartphone at least for the weekend, accustom yourself to taking breaks.

"Facebook recently activated new features to give users a break. So, too, you can use the "Put off" or "Take a break" buttons," the psychologist summed up.

Likes and positive comments give you emotions, but it's important to learn to control yourself and not spend your life online.

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