How to Plan for a Perfect Winter Date


Planning a date can be both fun and daunting. This is especially true if you and your partner have been together for a long time and exhausted all the various dating options. There is no need to worry as a simple search on the right websites will open your mind to all new date plans that you perhaps never even thought about. With wintertime around the corner, we bring you one such simple but effective date night plan that will surely jazz up your chilly winter night. 

This plan works best outdoors, but you can utilize it at home as well. Just ensure you have a big space to sit and a bare wall or white screen available. Here are some things you will need to setup-

1. Projector

For the perfect immersive movie/TV show experience, you will require a projector. These are available in various shapes, sizes, and budgets, so you don't have to worry about it hurting your expenses. Projectors offer an HD screen viewing experience without having to spend as much as a TV of the same size! A projector is a perfect addition to your collection of gadgets as it can be used for all kinds of purposes. Add this Wemax projector to your collection it may be your one-stop solution to deliver a visual application for your theater experience at home. Just remember to conduct thorough research before you buy one so you can get maximum use out of it!

2. Speakers

Along with a big screen to watch movies/TV shows, you will need the perfect gadgets so that you have the optimum listening experience. Buy multiple speakers that can be installed to work in sync. You can also buy a soundbar, as they provide great sound quality that is dispensed to larger areas.

3. Home Theatre System

If you want the optimum experience of using your projector and speakers together, invest in a home theatre system. These are available in a range of prices and can be easily found at a pocket-friendly price. In fact, they can even eliminate the need to buy a projector and speakers separately as there are sets of home theatre systems available that have everything included!

4. Room Heater

The perfect addition to your date night on a cold winter's night is a room heater. You can choose to get a big one that heats up the entire room or two small ones, one for you and one for your partner. You can easily keep yourself warm at an affordable cost and without using too much electricity. Room heaters are available in varying sizes, heating capacities, and mechanisms. Depending on how you intend to use these, you can choose the best room heater to suit your needs.

5. Blankets

Load up on blankets! You will need multiple blankets and sheets to make the perfect setting for your cold movie night. If you would like to get fancier you can invest in some heated blankets. These heat up to a temperature of your choice almost instantly. Instead of having to wait for your blankets to get warm, you will have instantly heated blankets! Alternatively, you can simply use a hot water bottle to heat up your blankets. Just fill it with hot water and place it inside the blankets for at least 15 minutes before you need to snuggle in the blankets.

6. Lights

The right kind of lighting can jazz up any space. Invest in remote-controlled LED strips along with light projectors that project various shapes on any surface. Also, invest in fairy lights of your choosing. These are available in many colors and shapes and you can decide which kind you want in your home so it fits your aesthetic as you please.

7. Snacks and drinks

Of course for any date night, the right snacks and foods are necessary. For a chilly night, having warm drinks such as hot chocolate or warm toddy is a good idea. Ensure you have a variety of snacks and have a food order in mind to order for delivery later in the night.

8. A vast selection of movies

Whether you use an OTT platform online or prefer renting DVDs and BluRay old school style, ensure you have multiple options for you and your partner to choose from. This will eliminate any waste of time choosing what to watch.

9. Gaming setup

This is optional but if you and your partner are gamers you can choose to connect your gaming consoles to the home theatre system setup. 

Summing Up

Once you have collected all the necessities, you can begin setting up. First, choose an area where you will set it up. Next, begin by making a cozy area using chairs and bedsheets - your very own fort! Using fairy lights you can decorate it further and ensure you fill the fort with blankets and pillows.

Then comes the gadget setup. Begin by choosing the apt wall or screen to point your projector at. Also, ensure your blanket fort is pointed toward this wall or sheet. Using a table and an extension cord, set up the home theatre system. Make sure the speakers are placed such that there is a main speaker in the middle, two speakers on the side, and two behind you to get the optimum 5.1 surround sound. Warm your blankets using a hot water bottle or turn on the heated blankets to a comfortable temperature. Finally, keep the snacks and drinks within reach so that you or your partner don't have to leave your cozy winter-time date spot!

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