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Proxies are gaining increasing importance. This is because they can act as anything from intermediary tools helping to transfer communications back and forth to firewall devices helping to shield businesses and individuals from the ills of the internet.

And using one alone is no longer enough in some cases. Many brands now have to combine multiple proxies at the same time. This is usually to help guarantee robustness in routing, amongst other things.

However, even using multiple proxies brings challenges, especially when it comes to management. For all the combined proxies to work perfectly, they need to be properly managed, which is why you need the Oxylabs Proxy Manager tool. A tool that can easily fit as a Chrome extension, helping you control and manage all your proxies from one place.

Managing Your Proxies in One Chrome Proxy Extension

The best way to describe a proxy is to think of it as an intermediary gateway that stands between you and the internet. It takes your request to the web using its details and returns results using the same details. This is an important way to stay anonymous during the many internet activities that you may engage in daily as a brand.

And staying anonymous is a smart way to ensure your online information is not exposed to unscrupulous elements roaming the length and breadth of the web looking for information to steal. Once these people can lay their hands on your data, they can do you a lot of damage, including hacking your banks and social media accounts.

No one wants this, and that is why a proxy is needed. But one proxy does no longer suffice because an average business needs a better guarantee of not being exposed to the web, higher privacy and security, and even better internet connections. Companies then try to use multiple proxies at once. The aim is to route different connection types through different proxies that support them. For instance, regular web communications require an HTTP connection, while email communications require an SMTP connection.

In the same vein, different subnets require connecting via different proxies. Connecting to Russian and Chinese databases implies that you would need to use a Russian proxy and a Chinese proxy, respectively.

Having many proxies provides you with higher reliability and better performance. But how do you manage all these proxies at once and from the same place?

With Oxylabs Proxy Manager, using different proxies will no longer be a problem for you or your company. This free tool is a Chrome extension that you can easily download, add to your browser, and then proceed to perform all essential proxy sessions within the Chrome browser.

What is more interesting about this tool is that it allows you to use any proxy provider of your choice, synchronizing them all and giving you the best results without any interruptions. You can easily move from one proxy to the next without going through the troubles of running back to menu options and settings.

Personal Proxy Management: The Unnecessary Hurdle

It is tempting to assume that you can manage your multiple proxies with a sophisticated tool built specifically for this purpose. But let us assure you that that is an unnecessary hurdle. Multiple proxies supporting different kinds of connections are hard to chain together. Except you are using SOCKS proxies which can be less complicated to link together, however, even this still takes a lot, and we will consider the disadvantages of trying to manage your proxies by yourself:
  • It is a task that requires a dedicated team: handling one proxy alone requires technical know-how. You can then imagine how much technical knowledge you would need to handle multiple proxies at once. This means you would need to hire a team of experts – an unnecessary expenditure if you run a small or medium business.
  • It is a waste of time: while proxy management is important, doing it yourself is an absolute waste of time. In business, time is everything, and the time given to managing these proxies can be channeled into other important aspects of growing your company.

Why Should You Use Oxylabs Proxy Chrome Extension?

It is common knowledge that many proxy providers do not build extensions that effectively work with multiple proxy providers. Unlike these proxy providers, Oxylabs' Proxy Manager is designed to handle all kinds of proxies in one place. Choose a proxy provider, and this easy-to-use proxy extension will help you manage it with no strings attached.

Below are the benefits offered by the Oxylabs Proxy Manager:
  • It allows you to add multiple proxies and quickly switches between them;
  • It can easily work with any proxy of your choice;
  • It provides you with easy proxy management via a simple one-click connection;
  • You can also lock your IP address to maintain it during the same session in order to avoid getting blocked;
  • It grants you an unlimited number of proxies that you can easily switch to during certain online operations;
  • To provide you with better security, it hides your proxy information in the request header;
  • As a bonus advantage, this proxy manager comes with a feature that can smoothly integrate with Oxylabs Residential Proxies, and you can easily change proxy sessions without necessarily editing your user name.

Wrapping Up

The Oxylabs Proxy Manager has saved several companies time and other resources and added more value to their business. It is needless to say that you need to use tools like this if you combine multiple proxies in your daily business.

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