What Is Custom Essay Writing


Using a custom essay writing service is becoming a popular trend in academic and professional environments. Students and professionals alike are hiring professional writers to write various types of documents. This is due to short deadlines and heavy workloads that often leave individuals with minimal time to relax and rest.

However, some individuals may not understand the definition of custom essay writing. Students and professionals may wonder about the difference between a regular paper and a custom essay. Many are also curious as to where to find the best writing service. the last question is the easiest to answer, though. Just look up writepaper reviews by Essay-reviews.com or essay service review to find a perfect service for you.

As for the rest, this article will define the term and provide the reasons for the growing trend of custom essay writing.

Custom Essay Meaning

The term “custom essay” is a popular word that academic and writing assistance services use to categorize papers. A custom essay is simply an academic paper that a writer specifically writes for a client. The paper may contain specific instructions from a teacher or an instructor, hence, a writer must start the document from scratch.

Since a custom written essay utilizes specific instructions, this type of paper tends to be plagiarism-free. A writer cannot copy text from a different document nor can they submit a ready-made paper that they previously wrote. Writing service clients mostly choose this type of order as it ensures a plagiarism-free document that follows specific academic or professional requirements.

Why Should You Order a Custom Essay

Students and professionals have varying reasons for visiting online writing websites and ordering professionally written papers. Mostly, busy individuals utilize these services to free up extra time for themselves, however, there are more reasons to order online papers. If you hesitate to use these services, below are some valid reasons you should buy custom essays.

Heavy workload

Heavy workload is one of the more common reasons for using academic online services. High school and college students take multiple subjects every year, which then leads to a long list of assignments, discussions, and projects. A student may spend a whole day working on a project while still thinking about a written assignment that is due in two days.

Writing an academic document requires extensive research and a considerable amount of time that a student cannot do under the pressure of a heavy workload. It may be impossible for them to finish a well-written paper while also trying to accomplish projects from other classes. For this reason, hiring a professional to write the paper assignment is the best course of action for students looking to get good grades.

Subpar writing skills

Writing an academic or professional paper requires a certain level of writing skill that not all individuals possess. Writing is a creative process that also requires strict compliance to certain formats and standards. Argumentative, descriptive, and reflective custom essay papers require different approaches that an individual with subpar writing skills may find strenuous.

Academic styles like the APA, MLA, and Harvard styles require the writer to be knowledgeable about the different formats that an inexperienced individual may find confusing. To compensate for subpar writing skills, individuals should consider utilizing a custom essay writing service and let professionals write for them.

Low language proficiency

Language can be a barrier in academic writing when an instructor requires their students to use a non-native language. Most popular online services provide English papers, while others offer papers in the non-English language.

However, since academics and professionals universally use English, clients tend to utilize online services for English papers. Individuals with low English proficiency should consider buying custom essay papers to ensure that the quality of their work. Using online services can also help them improve their English proficiency since they can examine custom-written documents and learn from them.

Poor knowledge about the topic

Teachers often give written assignments about various topics to motivate students to engage in research. However, short deadlines and complicated topics can make the task difficult. A freshman finance student may find themselves with a psychology paper assignment since the subject is a requirement for their course. They may find psychology complicated and have no prior knowledge about any of the essay topics.

If this is the case, one can consider buying custom essay papers to avoid unnecessary time-consuming research for a minor subject. Alternatively, students can utilize online services to have professionals do the research and write a document based on the custom-written paper.

Plagiarism-Free Custom Essay Writing Services

One problem with online writing services is the risk of receiving a plagiarized paper that a website claim to be custom-written. It can be easy to fall for these types of scams since an individual may not have access to plagiarism checker programs.

To avoid these scams, here are a few tips when perusing online services:
  • Check for a reference list - Having a reference page ensures that the writer cites their sources and avoids plagiarism claims from other authors.
  • Provide specific instructions - Give writers specific instructions such as a minimum number of sources and academic formats. If the submitted documents contain the instructions, they may be plagiarism-free.
  • Use trusted online services - Some of the best and trusted websites are CustomEssayMeister, EssayPro, and EssayShark.
  • Run the document through a plagiarism checker - There are free plagiarism checkers available online that can detect the uniqueness of a document.

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