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Backlink tracking is very important in promoting the website. As the number of backlinks, as well as the number of projects promoted, expand, it's getting more difficult to track backlinks manually.

Linkbox completely solves this issue.

Basic features

This tool is intended to keep track of the external links for all projects collected in one place. SEO specialists can make it easier to automate their tasks using a user-friendly interface. Linkbox Pro has tools that allow you to:

Check the backlinks

SEO-related promotion and budget optimization need the monitoring of a large number of backlinks. Linkbox Pro allows you to track external links regularly and obtain information about:
  • The presence of backlinks on pages of donors
  • the anchors for all external links found on the pages.
  • data on do-follow and no-follow link attributes;
  • links are removed immediately after they have been made.
Links into Linkbox Pro are imported:
  • By using the Ahrefs or Google Console crawler module, and so on;
  • Into previously created campaigns.
You can find all the details regarding domains and backlinks in the graph and table. You can sort the table by category to study your backlinks.


Checking backlink indexing is a tool that can conduct massive checks of the Google index for external links. This module lets you:
  • You can track their presence in the index by setting up regular tracking.
  • You can easily check indexing
If the link falls out of the Google index when it does, the SEO specialist will be notified via a notification so that he/she can take timely measures to ensure that the page accepting the link hasn't lost its ranking on the search engine. Linkbox Pro allows you to control the backlink indexing of all your link campaigns and projects at the same time.

The table provides the results as well as dates for Google indexing checks. The results are highlighted in color.
  • gray - no checks were conducted.
  • Red - Not Indexed;
  • Green - Index;
You can apply a filter to filter links that aren't listed and then forward them to Google to add the URL to the index.


Indexing of backlinks

Don't wait around for Google to index your backlinks. You need to be proactive. With, you can send many pages that are not indexed for indexing by Google indexer at the press of a button. Googlebot will immediately browse your page once you've sent it to Link Box. It is based on the quality of the content to decide if it will index it.

It is possible to index links faster and receive results in a quicker time.

indexing-of-backlinks Modules

A variety of modules are integrated into the service:

Analyze of anchors

Linkbox Pro gives you the ability to confirm anchors in a backlink check. This allows you to check:
  • Attributes of links with anchors
  • Anchor text for Backlinks
  • indexing and presence of donor pages that have anchors in the Google Console;
All results are presented in a table of Anchors - the basis for the module. Below is information about each anchor.
  • donor and acceptor page URLs;
  • Backlink type and attribute.
  • Include the campaign's name with the donor page.
  • Information about crawlers crossing
  • indexing data (when the external links were added to the index and when they dropped out);
Filters allow you to select details based on:
  • Backlink type
  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. );
  • Campaign name
  • Matches on the bases of crawlers Make use of the Exclude filter to find anchors that are missing in crawlers. Select the crawler that you wish to use.
  • The status of indexing
Donor data could comprise:
  • sent for indexing.
  • For further analysis, export the data in Excel format.
It allows you to index a particular group of links to a webpage or an anchor set. On the graph, you'll be able to see how natural and consistent the profile of the links appears.


Crawler analysis tool

This module allows you to upload backlinks from various services (Google Console. Ahrefs. SEMRush. Majestic) to Link Box. An additional upload can be made from Ahrefs or Console. The remainder of the data will be uploaded to Temporary.

This module allows you to search using:
  • Every link campaign that connects with crawlers will have links;
  • link status (new active, inactive, historic).
  • You could match the search query to the URL of the links (e.g. you could select all YouTube links).
  • Different crawlers
At the bottom of the module is a list of links with information on:
  • crawlers where the link is located;
  • campaigns and the campaigns they are a part of;
  • addition date.
LinkBox's crawler module allows you to determine which links Google is aware of by crossing with GSC as well as those that are known about by your competitors (by crossing via Ahrefs).


Task planner allows you to automate the management of backlinks. It is possible to do this in the section for task planners.

In the beginning, you'll have the option to choose between tier1 campaign levels as well as the second level. This tab lists all projects, separated by campaigns. On the left is the auto-check for backlinks to indexing and on the right is the auto-check to check for indexing.

Any checkout can be easily started by choosing the desired start date ahead of time. For instance, perform checks every week.

When enabled, the service will run the specified tests at a set time. Additionally, it will send you an email notification of any issues that are detected.

Report module

Linkbox generates reports when links have been indexed and checked. The first report provides all the information regarding the parameters. Only the data that has changed during two check-outs are included in the follow-up reports.

Filtering reports is possible with:
  • link campaign
  • Backlink project;
  • establish goals of checking (links or index status).
  • URL for donor page
  • Link levels tier1 or tier2
The change tags are the fundamental block. They provide the significance of the page to which changes are to be applied. They are categorized by their importance and colored in:
  • Red - Significant changes that require particular attention and should be addressed promptly
  • orange - Critical mistakes that require your pay attention to
  • green, minor changes that provide useful information.
Click on the tags to highlight the pages the tag applies to. All links will show up in a table, with columns:
  • The right side includes the updates made to the backlink pages.
  • The link campaign, donor URL, project, and URL are shown in the left column.
Linkbox monitors the external links as well as indexing. It keeps track of any changes.

This service will allow you to keep all links in one database and track them. is a sophisticated instrument for managing backlinks. In the hands of an experienced specialist, will greatly accelerate the marketing of your website to the top rankings and also save your budget.

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