How to Make Money at Home as a Student (Girlish Edition!)


Both young and experienced students are often interested in how to earn at home. At first glance, there are a lot of variants to increase the income, but it is not easy to find one that will allow you to earn a significant amount, and at the same time was reliable and safe. Moreover, we shouldn't forget about the fraudsters, who take advantage of the student's inexperience and workload.

It is safe to say that worthy options do exist. In our article we'll tell you what options for earning money are worth considering, what criteria must meet such a job, and also talk about ways to get a new profession, if you do not like your basic one.

Job Requirements

Studying is a beautiful time when you're completely carefree, you can go to endless parties and meet people, but you also need to earn money. Therefore, the job must meet several requirements:
  • Proper distribution of time. Work should leave room for household chores and studies. If you’ll help with problems with university, you could use an essay helper or ask your groupmates for help. 
  • Unimpeded departure from work. In case of unforeseen circumstances to have an opportunity to suspend the work process.
  • Uniform load. Intellectual work is very demanding. But by no means should you give exorbitant physical strain.
  • Unlock your potential, improve existing skills and develop new ones.
  • See the prospects for professional and financial growth.
  • Do not have a ceiling in salary. Whether it's asking for small amounts to cover daily expenses or big goals like buying real estate or more serious plans.
  • Enjoying your job and seeing only the positives in it. By having a business that you are passionate about, you will happily take on the job and succeed with ease.
When considering regular occupations that involve full-time work outside the home, it is safe to say that they are not suitable. By choosing an office job, you cut yourself off from your studies for practically the whole day. And the fact is not the fact that someone will be able to replace you. The long separation will affect the study.

It is worth thinking about professions that will replace your office routine with a comfortable workplace at home. Affordable income, a fee schedule, and the opportunity to develop are so important for a student. About how to earn money at home, we will tell below.

Pros and cons of making money at home

When choosing a case, it is worth objectively considering all the pros and cons of working from home. Decisive in this case will be how comfortable it is to perform tasks and learn.

Working remotely allows you to:

  • Eliminate direct supervision over you;
  • Freely create a schedule of the day, taking into account the time to work;
  • avoid unnecessary social contacts and adaptation period;
  • forget about moving around the city;
  • move away from the dress code and choose comfortable clothes for you;
  • not be afraid of losing your job.
But do not forget that there are also disadvantages of how you can earn money sitting at home:
  • There is an additional burden on you. You will have to combine study, home life, work and carve out time for yourself. It is not so easy but you can buy case study online, in any kind of difficulties;
  • The schedule must be made in advance and be sure to comply. Otherwise, everything will slowly start to crumble in your hands;
  • The daily turmoil can affect mental health, which can lead to poor health.
  • There is a high risk of being cheated. The Internet is a place of endless opportunities, but there is also the possibility of running into scammers.
  • Finding a business is a way to exhale a little from time to time and distract yourself from unnecessary thoughts.

6 options for earning money as a student


If you easily find common ground with children, you can easily work as a part-time nanny. Many busy people resort to such services.

To develop a client base, popular sites with ads will help you, as well as specialized organizations. Start with one child, and then you can rely on word of mouth.

Master in the beauty industry

The beauty industry has recently been actively developing at home. Renting a room can be expensive. Much more profitable to work at home. Demand for manicures, makeup, or hairstyles will never disappear.

There are many courses both paid and free. The main thing - to have on hand a certificate. The amount of investment depends on the chosen direction. You can buy everything you need in specialty or online stores.

To attract the first customers, turn to social networks. Create an account on Instagram, spend a little money on advertising, and do not doubt, it is sure to pay off.

Do not forget to hone your skills. Satisfied customers - the key to constant earnings and its gradual increase.


If you are excellent in any subject, written exams for a high score, or receive a diploma in education, then take up tutoring. Knowledge is expensive.

Finding students can take some time. Various services can help you.

Effective training will give you a good reputation and help you expand your student base. You can not doubt a constant flow of those who want to.

Production of handmade goods

Mass-markets flooded the modern market, and now everyone has things that are similar to the neighbors. Stand out from the crowd wants everyone. Therefore, more and more in demand are products that are handmade and made to order. There is a huge space for you to develop. Items created by your own hands are very popular. You can make a variety of souvenirs. For example, crafts from felt and fabric, sewing toys or dolls, make soap.

Choose a hobby and turn it into an income. Make a couple of samples and post them on social networks.

The main platform for the development of such a business is Instagram. It's also easy to set up ads and communicate with potential customers!

The Art of Confectionery

Any good hostess is on a first-name basis with cooking. It's not a problem at all to bake a cake or cupcakes for your loved ones. But who says you can't make money at it?

If you have basic pastry skills, why not develop them further. You can start making cakes and other baked goods to order. How beautifully and unusually you decorate your cake or cupcakes will increase your average check.

Pastries are always in demand. For birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. The main thing is to make yourself known and start earning!


Sale is a vast area in which anyone can try his hand. You can start small. For example, resell things from Chinese sites. In online stores, the cost of goods is much lower than in boutiques. But not everyone trusts such purchases and not everyone wants to wait a month or two. You can order things that are in demand and resell them to acquaintances and gradually gain more and more customers.

If you are afraid to start from scratch, similar jobs are actively published on the Internet. Try to work for hire, to begin with.

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