3 Important Things to Check Before Buying Used Phones

Important Things to Check Before Buying Used Phones

Upgrading your phone is something you need to do once in a while. No matter what great care you take of your older phone, it eventually needs replacement because:
  • Wireless networks are faster than ever but you can't access them.
  • Your phone's hardware and software are just too out of date.
  • It's just gotten too worn down from being used a lot everywhere you go.
  • You're personally exasperated with it.
Buying a used phone can be a good idea when you decide on something new to you instead of just new. It can still mean upgrading your technology without spending an arm and a leg, provided you check three important things when looking at the best used phones.

1. Find Out How It Was Used

Used phones come in three different categories:
  • Used Phones: These are often sold by private sellers. The value might be tremendous, but you also might only be guaranteed that you're getting the phone in the listing photo in as-is condition. You assume all the risk after purchase.
  • Pre-Owned: This category of the phone is more likely to be found through select retailers that buy or collect trade-ins from customers. They make sure the phone still meets certain standards before putting it out for sale.
  • Refurbished: Refurbished phones are among the best-used phones because a technician analyzed them thoroughly and fixed them up the best they could back to factory condition. There might even be a few minor upgrades from how they started.

2. Decide Your Must-Haves

There are a lot of phones on the market. However, you can filter a lot of them out of your searching if you decide in advance what your must-have features and specifications are:
  • Operating System: Android or Apple? Figure out what you like here first of all.
  • Screen Size: Not all smartphones are the same size, and it can matter a lot.
  • Network: Do you need 5G? Or is 4G still okay?
  • Budget: A tight budget is okay. You can get an effective smartphone for $100 or less.

3. Don't Fret About the Exterior

If you're like a lot of smartphone shoppers, you care about functionality and price. However, you might look at some used phones and cringe at the thought of being seen with something scratched up. Used phones can still work great even with cosmetic damage, however, especially if they're refurbished or certified pre-owned.

The reason you shouldn't ever worry about the exterior is that you should be covering up the phone with a protective case anyway. That's not just your chance to protect your budget investment but also decorate and accessorize your phone to suit your personal style.

Key Takeaways

Upgrading your phone has to happen every several years, but spending a lot of money on a new one doesn't have to be your immediate move. Check out the best-used phones available by doing these three things:
  1. See how it was used.
  2. Know your must-haves.
  3. Protect it with a case.
These and other smart moves let you take advantage of the secondary market of used phones that are often but not always in good condition.

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