Top 5 Sites to Conduct A Background Check Online

It is possible to conduct a background check on others. There's nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about the people you're hanging out with. What you may not realize is that others are keeping an eye on you as well.

Unless you discover a faster way to verify, what they're learning should be your next concern. As you learn more about background check online and where you can locate your information, we're here to chat about it.

Top 5 Websites to Conduct a Self-Assessment

Take a peek at these five sites before you create your resume or go out to meet someone new. Choose one and enter your name to see what comes up. You'll know what people will find out about you as soon as you walk out that door. Let's talk about how to do a self-background check.

1. RealPeopleSearch  Background Search

RealPeopleSearch is a popular web-based platform for conducting background searches. Why? It has a nice UI that is simple to use, and the probes are quick. Furthermore, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use any device to access it.

You'll need your first and last names, as well as your city and state, to do a search on you. Because you have all of the inputs, this will be a quick process. Then you may use the search function to see what comes up.


RealPeopleSearch can reveal information about you, such as your relationships, educational history, criminal records, sexual offenses, social media profiles, and whatever else you have on the internet. The information is retrieved via public records and digital footprints.

After 24 hours, everything you've searched for is gone. As a result, there will be no evidence that you searched for your information. Another fantastic feature of the website is the ability to save the data you obtain for later use.

It's similar to looking for information on the internet. RealPeopleSearch, on the other hand, is focused on locating information on people. You can also look for information using your phone number, email address, or physical address.

As a result, you have multiple options for finding your information on a single page. You don't have to be a member to access the information, and doing research here is completely free.

Why Should You Run a Background Check on Yourself with RealPeopleSearch?

Data that is accurate

RealPeopleSearch will help you find what you're looking for. If you share your name with others, you may get other people, but your profile will be easy to find.

Quick Results

It will take you less than a minute to locate your information. Why? You're searching using inputs you're already familiar with, which speeds up the filtering process. That means you won't have to deal with any delays.

Although it may take some time if you've lived in several states, you'll always get a speedy response with each search.

Simple to Use

To use RealPeopleSearch, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. It's entirely web-based, so you can use it from anywhere. You don't have to download anything or sign up for anything to get your information.

There is no trail.

Anything you look up will vanish in 24 hours. As a result, if someone else wants to do some research on you, they won't be able to find it anywhere else if they use RealPeopleSearch.

Exceptional Customer Service

The RealPeopleSearch support team welcomes any questions or suggestions you may have. They also respond promptly. That means you can send a message and then sit back and wait for a response in the next few minutes.

2. Truth Seeker

You can also conduct your study using TruthFinder. It's another web-based platform that can be accessed from a variety of devices. All you need are your first and last names, as well as your city and state.

The results are swift, but you might have to pay a fee. You may also gather more information by using the dark web scan and individuals and people search. TruthFinder's background check will provide you with information such as criminal records, social media profiles, and more.

It's also fairly quick in terms of searching, and it's well-known for producing reliable results.

3. Checkmate in a flash

Instant Checkmate is a web-based game as well. Simply search for the website in your browser and enter your name, city, and state to gain access. You can also lookup your information by using your phone number or address.

Your education history, employment, social media accounts, email address, arrest warrants, and court case files will appear once you run the background check. You have an option to download the information too.

It will not take long to get the results, and it also depends on an extensive database of public records found on the internet for the 50 states in the US.

4. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a simple service that allows you to search the internet for information about yourself. Just like the ones above, all you need is the URL or search for it on the internet. That also implies it can get you the information you need regardless of where you are.

When you don’t get enough information, you can use your email address or phone number to see what else is there. The website also has a section to search about vehicles, and you can feed your details there to see what the internet says about it.

You need to be a member to get the results, and the flaw is that it may be hard to unsubscribe later.

5. Intelius

Do you want to know what your employer will find out once they research about you? Then use Intelius to see your employment and education history, among other details. It’s known to provide such information accurately.

You can also view the arrest warrants and convictions if you have ever gone down that road. It’s also web-based, and it also relies on public records to get the data. Employers love it since it can accurately filter what they need to enable hiring or choosing suitable candidates.


Now, it’s easy to find your information regardless of where you are. RealPeopleSearch and the rest are perfect examples of what you should consider when running a personal background check.

Once you are surprised with what you find out, you can search for other people and see what the internet says about them. These websites are small search engines specialized in getting personal information by feeding your name or further details about you or another person.

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