Why Do Crypto Exchanges Have Different Prices and How to Buy Crypto at a Good Price?


The Internet holds an overwhelming number of exchanges where you can buy crypto coins at different rates. But finding that one place where the price is acceptable and you don’t lose a lot of money paying the fee is quite a challenging task.

Since cryptocurrency is a relatively new thing in the world of finance, many people are wondering where to buy it safely and how to choose online exchanges that can be trusted. This article will dwell on the issue of different prices of cryptocurrencies at different exchanges and the ways to make profitable crypto purchases; some of the best ones are reviewed by Coincub.

Why Crypto Prices Vary from Exchange to Exchange: Main Reasons for Inaccuracy of Prices

If you google, for instance, the price of Ethereum, the first result you see will not be the fixed number. It will change depending on the platform you use because of Ethereum’s liquidity.

In simple language, the price of a crypto coin depends on the supply of this coin at a specific exchange. Larger and more famous exchange services usually have greater trading volumes and less popular exchanges, on the contrary, offer less volume.

Another small but game-changing factor is the fee. Every exchange is known to charge fees for transferring Bitcoin and Altcoins. While you can’t escape the reality of having to pay these fees, choosing between 0.1 and 0.2 percent may have a big impact on the trade’s outcome.

The reason number 3 is that there is no fixed pricing for any of the cryptocurrencies yet. The value of crypto isn’t linked to fiat currencies or anything stable. So, it tends to fluctuate all the time forming these ‘price swings’ that novice crypto buyers are so puzzled with.

Having no stability, the price fully depends on the trading level and supply at this moment.

However, you can’t wait forever to catch the right time to buy some cryptocurrency. So, where to find the best prices to make fiat to crypto conversion?

Read on to see our top of the most trusted crypto exchanges to help you make successful purchases and trades.

List of Crypto Exchanges With Top Prices for Autumn 2021 by Coincub

One thing that can save you a lot of time in the process of choosing the best converters is the list of top crypto exchanges which stood the test of time. We will have a look at the 4 best crypto exchanges to convert fiat to crypto or swap crypto for another crypto.

They are all carefully selected by the so-called ‘advising service’ and independent publisher Coincub focused on analyzing the markets, comparing them, and sharing effective tools for making lucrative crypto purchases.

1. Binance

This converter is perfect for anyone thinking ‘How do I convert with a low fee?’ With its KYC compliance and easy withdrawals, it is often the number one choice of exchange.

2. Luno

Very client-friendly service with even better cyber safety records than Binance’s plus the quick opening of an account.

3. Kraken

Another secure place among the top crypto exchanges, yet, with somehow longer verification and multiple-stage fund withdrawal.

4. Coinbase

Did you know that Coinbase has never been hacked, in contrast to Binance? Excellent interface, smooth start – this and more you can find out when reading Coinbase review by Coincub.

Every review reveals the pluses and minuses, available deposits, ratings, and much more to make you come to the right decision.

Using Coincub’s calculator, you will get the best offers to buy target crypto based on the fiat currency, amount of crypto to send, bank transfer, and your location. Find this chart at the Coincub homepage and start your best conversions right away!

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