Battlefield 2042: 5 Tips And Tricks For Beginners

battlefield 2042

The many players you will be up against in Battlefield 2024 will require all the tricks you know. This can be a daunting task for more experienced players -you can predict your fate as a beginner. This is so because you are up against 63 other players (127 for some consoles).

This article specifically prepares you for all you will be facing in Battlefield 2024. In addition to the 5 tips here, avail yourself of the best battlefield 2042 cheats available now.

5 Battlefield 2024 Tips And Tricks For Beginners

1. Choose Your Characters smartly

Battlefield 2042 has a variety of characters, also known as specialists, one can choose from, each of them with their unique abilities. But we advise that you don't just rush into the battlefield with just about any character. Instead, try experimenting with each of them to find which of their abilities suits you best.

Luckily, there is the solo or co-op mode where you can experiment with them against bots. Some of the available specialists you can start with include Boris, Angel, and Irish. These characters don't require you to unlock them before using them, so get familiar with them.

2. Customize Your Settings

Some of the default settings in the game may not be favorable for you as a beginner. So it is good to experiment with them and adjust them to suit your preferences. Your sensitivity, for example, needs to be low for now; you can increase it gradually as you advance in the game.

In the display setting, your Motion blur should be set to 0, while your Field of View (FOV) should fall between 80-100. To help you see clearly, you should also set your brightness level to about 65. Finally, your Camera Shake should be minimal to let you still have a good view.

3. Your Weapon Choice Matters

For some strange reasons, some of the guns in Battlefield are inconsistent with their specifications. A good pick to make your beginner experience a lot easier is the SMG. SMG class weapons are a good pick since they have low recoil and require less expertise for usage.

A good weapon in the SMG class is the PP-29. It has a very low (almost non-existent) recoil and a high time-to-kill. Also, it has a high ammo count when rated among other weapons. It is a great weapon eve without attachments. But if you want to get the best out of it, get suitable attachments like the High-power ammo and Champion Muzzle Brake.

4. Don't Be an Easy Target

Things can spin out of control within the shortest possible time in the fast-moving activities in Battlefield 2042. So you always have to be on alert at all times in the game, considering the faintest indicators. An excellent way to stay alive is to always be on the move, whether or not the location seems safe.

A sniper may have you on target in his scope- which will be indicated by a glint in the horizon. In some cases, you may not see these glints, so the best bet is being on the move. And when sprinting across the map, do so in a snaky motion. This way, your chances of getting a headshot are narrowed.

5. Target the Game Objective

Objectives in Battlefield are crucial to winning the game. The objectives vary from defending your territory to launching an attack on enemy territory. Additionally, these objectives vary with the map you are playing on- Hourglass, Orbital, or Kaleidoscope.

Another benefit of fulfilling the game objective is the XP you make at the end of your game. These XPS help you to level up, resulting in the rewards you get from each level you complete. The rewards you get from completing these objectives include gadgets, weapons, cosmetics, etc.


With Battlefield 2042 survival tips above,  your first experience with the game will be easier. You can make all the difference if you take your time to apply the above tips in your next session carefully. Finally, make sure you master these tips because even your good luck will need them.

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