How to Save NFT?


If you have recently surfed the Internet, you couldn’t but notice the very keen interest in what is called non-fungible tokens or NFT for short. They are units of data that are stored in digital ledgers. The primary peculiar trait of NFTs is that they can’t be interchanged. Every token exists in the only exemplar. Its price may vary from a couple of dollars to millions of dollars.  However, any Internet user from all over the globe can download a copy absolutely for free.

The market cap of NFTs is about USD 13 billion now. At the beginning of the year, a monthly sales volume was about $400 million. The number of new NFT collections is increasing day after day. More and more people are interested in buying and selling NFT art. If you are an artist or designer and want to make money from your works, you should know how to create non-fungible tokens, on what platforms you can sell them, or how you can make your tokens popular. And, of course, it’s of prime importance to discover how to save NFT using blockchains.

The first thing you have to realize is the type of NFT you will deal with. The top NFT collections, such as CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club, are image collectibles. Yet, NFT is not only about pictures created by trending artists. You can make non-fungible tokens from memes, songs, gaming items - whatever you want. After you decide what type of popular art you will deal with, it’s high time to select the best NFT platform. The most extensive NFT collections are on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. Thus, you should also create a digital wallet to buy tokens or mint your ones.

OpenSea is perhaps the most popular marketplace for both beginners and pros. This already famous website is free to sign up for. It allows you to mint tokens of any type. You have to connect your wallet to the project. Minting is not free. You have to check whether you possess enough assets to complete the process.

After you download your artwork on the website, you should start minting by pressing “create.” Then, the service makes everything for you. To start listing your NFT, you have to pay the upfront payment. After that, you may define the price of your artwork - from one coin to millions of dollars. But don’t overdo it - the chart of available collections is relatively large, and there are lots of affordable variants.

It’s up to you to choose the best place for saving and storing your NFTs. Many users store NFT collections on the platforms where there were created. The bad news is that this type of storage is not very secure, and you risk losing your assets. You may experience the following ways to store tokens:

  • Software wallets.

There are both web and mobile applications. Therefore, it’s good to invest in your security and choose the most reliable solutions.

  • InterPlanetary File System

In this case, you store tokens out of the chain.

  • Cold storage. 

The hardware wallet provides users with extra security. Two-factor authentication is always a must. Ledger is a great example of such software.

So, suppose you are ready to become a successful NFT creator or investor. In that case, you should get acquainted and secure reliable storage solutions for your tokens. While NFTs are digital assets, the risks of cyberattacks are rather high. Therefore, you are to save and store tokens in the securest way possible to get maximum profit from them. It’s also a good idea to get acquainted with the biggest TopNFTCollections to discover what people are interested in and what the best ideas for NFT creation are.

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