Best Zombie Games for Android

The Best Zombie Games for Android – The role of smartphones is definite, mainly for those who have a busy routine. But for some people, smartphones do have a position to support the gaming sector.

Playing games on an Android smartphone can be thrilling if your device can run heavy games. One of the best smartphone recommendations for playing games is the Poco X3 Pro. It has a low price tag and comes with a good processor and RAM to run heavy Zombie games for Android.

Zombie Games is one of the best genres to play on Android devices. Such types of games are engaging to play and also help you to release tension. Often games with the zombie genre will provide an exciting experience with many items that come complete with existing weapons.

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Best Zombie Games for Android

So many Zombie games on the play store might confuse us. All the games under the zombie genre are not fun to play. Therefore, I created a list of the Best Zombie game for Android. The list contains the best zombie survival games for Android and more.

1. DEAD TRIGGER 2: Zombie Games

As the name of this game indicates, this zombie game tells about an island made for holidays, but the island becomes scary because the island turns into an attack by zombies. In this zombie game, you will act as a person who survives zombies attacks and kills zombies with existing weapons, and you have to kill zombies to win this game.

The graphics in this game are also good, with dark effects that will make this game feel tense when playing it. Download this zombie game and feel the excitement of playing this Dead Island zombie game.

2. Zombie Roadkill 3D

Zombie Roadkill 3D

This zombie game is different from zombie games with the theme of shooting zombies, but this zombie game will take you into a game that combines car racing and killing zombies. Your task is to clear the zombies that will knock your car down by crashing it into the blockades along the track, which makes the journey difficult and full of challenges.

You will need additional weapons to clear the zombies that won't let go of your car even though they've been hit multiple times on roadblocks. Download this zombie game and feel the thrill of fighting zombies that will knock you down.

3. Dead Effect 2

This Best Zombie Game has a story about a virus made by humans, and the virus infects humans who turn into zombies, this virus infected the game hero as well, which makes this game immensely tense. This game uses good quality graphics that will make the game look realistic and have excellent sound effects that make this zombie game very interesting to play.

In this game, there is an RPG layer with deep character development that allows you to upgrade character training, weapons, and unique systems with more than 100 body implants and gear sets that you can use in this zombie game. Its immersive gameplay and customized control will make it easier for you to play the Dead Effect 2 game.

4. UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooter

The developer of this Zombie game is Mad Fingers which offers a way to play in a multiplayer shooter, and you can invite friends to play this zombie game together. The gameplay in this game is quite exciting and challenging, with good graphics that will make this zombie game look realistic and fun to play.

In this game, many missions are exciting and make you curious to complete each level. In addition, this zombie game provides dozens of weapons that you can upgrade to strengthen your weapons to defeat the zombies and complete the game until the last mission.

5. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead 2 is the best zombie game on Android. The game is full of strategies to survive the zombies that will attack you. In this game, you will get through hunger by looking for food ingredients, making weapons to kill zombies, and many others that make this game even more fun to play.

This game uses a click and point control system with many options that you can use to play this game. Download this game and feel the excitement of playing this game made by PikPok.

6. SAS: Zombie Assault 4

This zombie game tells about a rapidly growing zombie population. The zombie population will threaten humanity, and those who have high skills can defeat these zombies. In this game, you will fight nearly 17 types of zombies with different strengths.

In addition, you can also choose characters with different strengths. There are three characters that you can choose. The characters are equipped with weapons to kill zombies. High graphics make this game even more exciting You can keep playing until you meet a strong zombie boss and defeat the zombie boss with your best skills.

7. Left to Survive

It is the best zombie survival game for Android, released a few years ago. It is fun to play the game. In this game, you can play and work together in teams by commenting on each other in this zombie game. In this game, you can choose between 4 characters you like and create a team with your friends to defeat the zombies and escape from the zombie attacks.

The characters of the zombies also vary, and for sure, all of them are scary, which makes this game feel exciting to play. Are you interested in this zombie game? Download the application on your Android from Google Play Store.

8. Zombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

This zombie game offers games that involve elements of action, tower defense, and others that make this game fun to play. In this game, you have to build protection to protect from zombie attacks, and you can also upgrade troops and battleships to defeat and destroy the zombies that will attack you.

You can also unlock new missions by shooting zombies in sniper shooting games to increase your rank and get more gold. You can use collected gold to unlock new missions. Curious about this zombie game? Download the application on your Android Play Store.

9. Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

This game is quite an entertaining game to play because this game is no less exciting than the previous zombie game application. If you die in this zombie game, you will lose your winnings then you have to start over from scratch.

The graphics in this game look better with excellent sound effects, which makes this game enjoyable when playing it. Curious about the gameplay? Download and feel the excitement of playing this Dayz zombie game.

10. Zombie Tsunami

Mobigame SARL developed this zombie game. The gameplay of this game is fun, and you can bite your friends and challenge them to destroy everything in front of them.

In this game, you got more than 300 missions for you to conquer. There are also 11 sets of backgrounds for you to explore. Download this game and join the 100 million people who have played this Tsunami zombie game and feel the excitement.

So these are the best zombie survival games for your Android devices to try in 2021. What is your best zombie game? let us know in the comment section.

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