6 Qualities To Look For While Hiring An Ethical Hacker


As cyber-attacks become more common than ever in the organizational landscape, security becomes the top concern for businesses. Organizations of all sizes, scales, and domains are vulnerable because hackers have sophisticated ways to get through. Malicious attackers can exploit software, networks, and devices to reach confidential data and steal it. Such attacks are dangerous as they can compromise customer privacy, cause compliance issues, and hurt your reputation in the long run.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with these threats and risks, provided you are conscious enough. You can implement a stringent cybersecurity policy to safeguard your networks and applications. But if you want to go the extra mile, hiring an ethical hacker is a great option. These non-malicious hackers can identify potential threats and suggest measures to cover them and prevent attacks. Everything boils down to finding a professional you can trust. Here are the qualities to look for while hiring an ethical hacker.

They think like a hacker

An ethical hacker is a professional who steps into the shoes of a malicious one. The mindset enables them to understand the techniques that cyber attackers may leverage to access a business network. It also lets them anticipate their moves and stay one step ahead. These professionals deliberately compromise computer systems and networks to assess vulnerabilities and improve security. Look for someone who works for you but thinks like a criminal trying to discover holes in your systems. Not everyone can think this way, so make sure that the professional you hire does.

They have exceptional programming skills 

This one is a no-brainer because an ethical hacker has to be great with programming skills to match your security requirements and expectations. You cannot expect them to break into your systems without a strong understanding of software and networking. Sound knowledge of hardware is a plus because it gives them a holistic view of the IT ecosystem of your business. Check the credentials of the professional before hiring them to cover your business.

They have high moral standards

Although these professionals excel at hacking, they do it with the right intentions for the client's benefit. When you look for an ethical hacker for hire, ensure that they have high moral standards. Since they access your confidential information and data, you cannot let just anyone do it.

They have immense patience

Hacking is a demanding job that requires immense patience. Typically, a business has numerous applications and tools in its IT ecosystem. An ethical hacker has to go through each of them, digging deep to find the slightest vulnerabilities that may exist. It is easy to imagine the kind of work that goes into checking every single line of code and going through complex computer networks. Persistence is also an essential trait as these professionals need to be ahead of hackers who keep devising new methods to compromise systems.

They can think outside the box

Another quality that sets reliable ethical hackers apart is the ability to think outside the box. They break into systems by thinking differently and experimenting tirelessly. Malicious attackers always go against conventional wisdom to get through the tightest security layers. The same quality keeps ethical ones on top of real hackers. Prioritize this trait because it can single-handedly empower a professional to win the race against the hacking community. Besides assessing the ability to think differently, ensure that they have an eye for detail because it enables them to find flaws that no one else can see.

They have a thirst for knowledge

A thirst for knowledge often brings ethical hackers to the industry in the first place, and it keeps them evolving. Forward-thinking professionals keep pace with the latest cybersecurity threats, trends, and practices at all times. Moreover, they never stop learning and growing as they understand that the field is ever-evolving. Malicious players always have a new way to compromise organizational security. But ethical hackers have ways to get ahead and close the gap before anything goes amiss. This love for challenge makes them a winner in the race.

An ethical hacker can protect your business from unforeseen and unexpected cyberattacks because they are always a step ahead of attackers. But everything boils down to finding a specialist who does the job like a pro. Look for these traits to have someone you can rely on for safeguarding your business and reputation from the daunting threats in the cyber world.

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This article is written by Emma Baker. She loves to read and write. After working with several companies now she is sharing her experience with Outreach Monks as a freelancer. Her expertise includes IoT and internet devices along with industrial technologies.

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