Online Security: How Not To Become A Victim of Tinder Swindlers

Online Security

In the digital age, one of the types of communication is communication via dating communities. People are often looking for their partners online. The main advantage of such communication is an opportunity to find your match from different countries. But the reality is such that instead of love, you can find significant problems and great debts. That is why it is crucial to understand all the pitfalls and how to prevent the existing threats because it comprises your security not only online but in real life as well.

How Does It Occur?

Usually, as a rule, you receive a message on the messenger from a stranger that he fell in love with you. And if you answer, then Mr. "businessman" or "top manager," who are usually "widowers," begin to prove his "love" to you, telling all sorts of fables about "I can not live without you and I am always thinking about you." There are curiosities when such grooms write to the same person, changing only the name and not taking care of changing photos which are in their profiles. Bit not all of them are disclosed. So, as a result of such psychological treatment (often long-term), you are eventually asked for money for a plane ticket to your country or for the treatment of mothers, children, etc. In the worst scenario, a phone number tracker can be planted on your phone. A similar strategy was described in a famous documentary titled Tinder Swidler. This film attracted the attention of people to this issue. But you should also care about your security by knowing how to behave in similar situations and how not to give chances to such scammers.

So How To Resists?

The primary piece of advice here would be, "don't be naive and stop believing in fairy tales." Talk to your friends: often, such scammers deal with several potential victims at the same time. And your acquaintances may also be on their list. If you already want a foreign bride/groom, contact a marriage agency.

To avoid such fraud, you should be vigilant and follow a few rules of online security.
  • First of all, remember about privacy.
  • Trust only reliable and proven dating services.
  • If you have suspicions about the intentions of the interlocutor, it is better to stop communicating.
  • If you are arranging a date, choose a crowded and safe place.
  • Just in case, tell your friends and family about your plans.
  • If you need help, contact relatives, specialists, or the police.

What You Should Not Do?

  • Do not send contact and other personal information to a stranger.
  • Do not jump to conclusions about a person based only on the information in the profile.
  • Don't follow questionable links.
  • Do not transfer money to strangers. Scammers usually make up different stories to get money.
  • Don't feel compelled to agree to something or communicate if you don't want to.

What Are The Threats?

The mentioned above documentary demonstrates the possible consequences of such blind love. Girls now have about nine credits, which they will have to pay for a long time. Not a pleasant perspective, isn't it? That is why it is necessary to approach all such datings with a cold mind and critically evaluate the situation.

What Does Law Enforcement Say?

The police department which investigates such issues is cyber police. Cyberpolice representatives give some advice on how not to fall victim to scams from dating sites. First of all, you need to go to the site of the "black list" of marriage scammers and check the potential groom. You can use the services of special detective agencies, but this service is not affordable for everyone. When a new acquaintance from the Internet reports that he urgently needs money, don't send it in any case. If the gentleman continues to persistently "spin" you for money, such a person should be blocked and reposted to the police.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, we do not live in a fairy tale. Our life is full of deceit, scams, and other harmful things, for which we should be ready. That is why when you decide to find your potential partner online, follow all of the security prescriptions and do not believe everybody because your potential fairy tale can be transformed into a real nightmare.

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