How can modern technology help to improve your sales?


All sales managers and their teams should adopt technology into their everyday sales and management operations in today's sales market. Managers must embrace new technology and teach their workers how to use them to increase productivity, profitability, and competitive edge in the sales process. For example, technology in sales enablement allows businesses to get more leads.

Let us take a glance at some samples of basic technology tools and the ways sales managers use them to boost sales performance.

 1: Square:

You may not have upgraded your checkout technology or possibly be operating on a cash-only basis if you run a small business. Simple technology like Square (a card reader that plugs straight into a smartphone or tablet) may eliminate some of the manual procedures, allowing you to focus on other vital areas of your business, and attract more consumers (many people don't carry cash anymore), and reduce the risk of errors.

2: Automated Marketing

While the goal of sales is to build one-on-one relationships with prospects and convert them to customers, the sales process involves numerous phases and discussions, so not every email a salesperson sends needs to be customized. Certain information may be given to leads and prospects via an automated procedure rather than by each salesperson individually.

 3: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing accustomed needs huge, bulky and costly instrumentation. Today, anyone will move to a video conferencing decision. Do not overlook or underestimate the worth of video technology. Visual communication, facial features, and the energy state of a person all are promptly apparent on a video conferencing decision and might be covert on normal telephony if desired.

4: Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is more than a fad that has piqued our interest for years. It is the germ of a transformation that will influence the landscape of every field. The sales and marketing departments are among those that are affected by and profit from this technology.

 5: Mobile Devices

All salespeople nowadays make their sales mostly on mobile devices, not simply phones. They use iPads, laptops, and alternative devices that facilitate them habitually throughout a given day of sales.

For example, the sales acceleration code from QStream will channel inquiries to the salesperson's mobile device within the type of real-world sales situation. Salespeople will then submit responses, and managers will read how well their sales team is mastering the talents and ideas. It reinforces sales skills a lot in a tangible manner; as a result, sales managers will consequently determine skill gaps and tailor work efforts.

6: Social Media:

The world of sales has been taken over by social media in recent years. Businesses use different bootstrapping techniques for their sales through influencers and celebrities. Improving the quality of sales through the platform of social media is not an old way. However, in today's technology-revolutionized era, improving the quality of sales through different social media platforms is one of the best ways.

Not only is a salesperson engaged over social media; in fact, different social media managers and sales teams collectively work to formulate new ways and devise different ideas to improve the quality of their sales.

Also, social media platforms have a plus point: you can advertise your business not only to a specific region or arbitrary but also to advertise your product across the globe. It guarantees a spike in the sales of your product for sure.

Virtual learning:

To deliver a key presentation, today's salesmen don't need to wait for an in-person encounter. Salespeople may build a brief presentation for clients to watch at their convenience using cloud-based applications like Loom and Vidyard.


It's time to take action if your organization wants to speed up the sales process and boost productivity. This article lists the most important technological ways to bring a spike in your sales. Above all, remember that sales are based on developing relationships, which today's technology tools are offering to reinforce how we give worth to our customers and sales groups. So, get the latest tech tools, such as Sales Flipbook and Content Camel for your business and see it grow and prosper.

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