7 Best App Hider for Android

App hider for Android

This review gives an overview of the best app hider for android and compares the top app hider to help you select the best app hider for Android.

Blocking mobile applications and functions is a way to enhance the security of your device in cases of theft and robbery. Blocking phone apps is also a way to prevent children from accessing applications that are not age-appropriate, But do you know the best app hider for Android?

When we talk about an Android device, most of the time, we can believe that since it is something so personal, we could think that we are talking about something very private, thanks to its password protection, no one but the user can access it. However, it is not the same in all cases. There are thousands of possibilities that someone enters our device and observes things that are personal to us.

Whether you lend your cell phone to a friend or colleague to make a call, allow someone in your family to use your smartphone, or show someone a photo, we are always at risk of someone seeing our private stuff. That is why the app hider app is created with this purpose, to provide you with security when lending or showing your phone to others.

Although Android systems have a feature that allows you to hide and lock some apps, these factory features are limited. Therefore, Some app developers have developed several app hider apps for Android that offer several other features.

One effective way to protect our privacy is to hide android apps from the main menu. Lots of app hider are available in the Google play store that we can use for free. With such an app hider, you can easily hide almost any app on your Android device.

10 Best App Hider for Android

Are you looking for more privacy for your cell phone? You are at the right place. Here we have curated a list of the best app hider for Android. App hider apps in this list are free and can protect all information on your Android. If you want to hide the applications on your Android phone, here are some best apps to hide Android applications.

1. App Hider: Hide Apps

Protect your apps with a calculator. Yes, you read correctly. This platform consists of a calculator in which you can enter a code of your choice and thus hide any application you want. To hide apps, choose the app you want to hide, Clone it, enter the security code, and you are good to go.

This app creates copies of your apps and hides those app copies to save them from any nosy. It is a better way to protect hidden apps. After making an app copy, you can delete the app from your system and only use the clones from the hidden calculator.

Features of App hider: Hide Apps:

  • Hide apps by cloning
  • Hide applications in hidden space with calculator password protection
  • No-root needed
  • Use two accounts at the same time.

2. App Hider-Hide Apps and Photos

App hider is an application specifically designed to lock apps inside the device using a password. With it, you choose the lock pin and the apps you want to hide with a password. It also has an app cloner feature that allows you to clone several android apps to access multiple accounts from one device. 

It can hide photos, videos, and apps. This app hider app hides by turning itself into a Calculator. To hide an app, Import the app into App Hider which you want to hide, and then uninstall that app from your Home system.

Features of App Hider:

  • Hide Photos, Videos, and Apps
  • Hide app hider itself by turning itself into a calculator
  • 64bit support library
  • It is extremely optimized for social apps.

3. App Locker - Lock App

Protect your privacy from gossip. This platform will work for you to hide your private apps in the best way. You can hide almost every app like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. To hide your files, it also works as an app to easily hide photos. You can set a fingerprint or a password of your choice so that no one else can enter to view your files or app.

This app returns privacy and security to your cell phone so that you never fear again when lending it to someone else. This app hider is available for free on your Android device. You will not only be able to hide your apps but also enjoy the other options this platform offers like hiding photos, videos, files, and more for your security and privacy.

Features of App locker:

  • Quick and easy access to hidden apps
  • Lock app using fingerprint, and pin
  • Close settings in case you lend your phone to a child
  • Block google play so that the little ones do not buy games, and much more.

4. Dialer Lock - AppHider

Here is another application that has an excellent option to hide your private apps. You only need to add your files into the app hider, create a password to lock your files, and enter the app by using a created password to see all your hidden files.

This app is valuable if we are referring to security and privacy. To use this app, you only have to click the button inside the app that says "hide application". After that, you will be able to see the screen containing apps to hide. Choose the app you want to hide. If you want to remove the app from the app hider, drag it to where it says "delete". This app is available for free on the Google play store.

Features of Dialer Lock:

  • You can hide any installed app
  • Hide notifications in 3 ways
  • Support almost all versions of Android including the latest version
  • The name of the app is “calculator” and not app hider

5. AppBlock

It is another useful app, especially for parents who want to block apps during study time. With the help of this app, you can block/hide certain apps and notifications at periods and dates in advance. For example, games and social networks are locked with a password from 7:00 to 13:00 during school hours and from 14:00 to 16:00 during study time.

You can start using this app to protect your kids from playing games, and. Blocking apps is always a great way to control the content that children and teens access at home or at school.

Features of AppBlock:

  • Block Websites & Apps in an easy step
  • mobile tracker manager
  • Set a precise timer to block apps and websites
  • It is excellent for parents to control their kids.

6. Private Photo Vault - Keepsafe

This application is suitable for hiding your memorable moments that no one else can know. Hide your favorite photos by applying a password-protected lock on them. This application has a fairly average file size of around 16 MB.

The features offered are also excellent. It can preserve special memories on your android, being able to protect copies of SIM, ID, and Credit Cards, being able to organize important documents, and more. This application has been downloaded by more than 50 million+ Android users in the world.

Features of Private Photo Vault:

  • Secures personal photos and videos 
  • Best app trusted by 50 million users
  • Easy to use
  • The lightweight app even runs on low-end devices.

7. KYMS – Keep Your Media Safe

The icon of this app hider looks like a calculator, but it hides an untouchable vault to hide and encrypt all types of multimedia and documents with military-grade encryption. It allows you to lock your file with a 4-digits Pin or Alphanumeric password.

It can decrypt your encrypted files in real-time without any waiting.  With a single click, the app will start the decryption so that you can access your locked file without waiting. The app also has an integrated browser feature that allows you to browse the internet faster. You can also download any video file through it. To download a video file, play the video, and a download button will pop up. You can press that download button to start the download in real-time.

Features of KYMS:

  •  Hide, encrypt and protect photos, videos, and files
  • Integrated Browser features
  • In-built video downloader
  • Excellent security features.


Now that you have seen the best app hider for Android, you can start using them to protect your apps, photos, videos, and files from theft. Blocking apps is also a great way to control the content that children and teens access at home. Now there is no longer a need to worry if your friends borrow your smartphone and access your private messages. Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below. Hopefully, this article is informative for all readers.

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