Free apps for students to help with studies


If you're still asking why we need apps in English, math, or physics, we're ready to tell you: they help students who haven't mastered the course material and can't afford a tutor to pull their knowledge up to the appropriate level.

Math apps

  • MalMath

Let's start with a mobile math app.

MalMath is a useful free app that does not require an internet connection. But we want to note right away that this app is not suitable for beginners in mathematics. It is designed for those who are already familiar with the subject and want to deepen their knowledge. The principle of operation is as simple as possible: you enter the desired problem and get the answer with a detailed explanation. With MalMath you can handle such scary words as integrals, differentials, limits, and trigonometry.

  • PhotoMath

PhotoMath is an easy-to-use phone app for math. All you have to do is point your camera at the math problem you want to solve, and the app will give you the answer with a step-by-step solution. The best part is the app will not only read printed text, but it will also even read scribbles because it's designed to recognize every type of handwriting. This is a great alternative to the essay writing service because, with such an app, any difficult task will no longer cause panic.

  • MyScript Calculator

This calculator is suitable for quick solutions when you don't have time to type. You can just draw an example and the app will recognize it by handwriting, replace it with classical mathematical signs and give you the solution.

Physics apps

  • "Physics"

The Physics mobile app is very useful, accessible, and does not require an Internet connection.  It is a collection of more than 200 formulas, which are logically organized into sections. To find the formula you need, just enter its name. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for a nominal fee. There are analogs for Android, but they are all paid.

  • Snapshots of the universe

Here are interactive experiments that will tell and explain the laws of astrophysics in a fun way. Why the planet revolves around the Sun, how to understand the theory of relativity, and much more you will learn in a visual form, not from a textbook.

Chemistry apps

  • Chemistry and Chemistry X10

These free apps are very similar to each other and perform identical functions. With their help, you can solve a problem of any complexity by simply entering it into the app and getting the answer with a detailed description of the solution. There are also such necessary and indispensable features as a molar mass calculator, a huge number of cheat sheets for all sections of chemistry, a converter of values, a table of solubility of substances, and, of course, the Mendeleev table with reference information on each element.

  • Toolbox

 The first helper for school and college students with everything they need: the periodic table, information about the physical and electronic properties of each element. Free access to solubility table, physical constants, NMR wavelength data, solvent characteristics (viscosity, light refraction, etc.). In the paid version it is also possible to solve reaction equations and perform calculations.

  • Chemistry Allie

Through this colorful chemistry quiz, you will love it. You can test your knowledge on completely different topics: element names, the definition of the atomic nucleus, formulas, finding the coefficient of an equation, and much more. The answer is given only 10 seconds. If the player makes 5 mistakes, he has to start over.

  • Flashcards

At the heart of the application is one of the most effective systems for memorization - the card methodology. It is designed very colorfully. With its help, you can effectively memorize symbols and names, pictures and groups related to the element.  An unlimited amount of time is given for reflection. You get the answer when you click on the screen.  Download and enjoy the high-quality HD graphics.

  • Chemikat

A smart assistant for calculating molar masses, chemical reaction equations, solving chains of equations, and other utilities.  Tasks are presented in the form of tests and problems.

Universal mobile apps for learning

  • Knowledge

Android users can ask a question in the app and get a complete answer or hint. Completely free and most often of high quality, although the answers are given by other users of the network. Everyone here shares their knowledge with everyone, completely unselfishly.

  • Smart alarm clock

Ideal for those who can not get up from the first call of the alarm clock. Are you familiar with the situation when you turn off the alarm clock after the bell and rollover on the other side to sleep for another 3 minutes and then wake up an hour and a half later? If this happens to you more than once a month, download this app to your iOS. Now just pressing a button won't be enough. You'll have to wake up and solve the problem to get it to stop. The problems are simple enough to wake up your brain.

  • Recordium

There are a lot of voice recorders today. What this application attracts its users is the possibility to highlight the main moments in the recording. Now you do not have to listen to the whole lecture for hours - just click on the highlighted fragment. The app is available to users on iOS.

The Final Takeaway

While all the apps mentioned in the article are going to help students with some subject or another, sometimes they might feel the need to use textbooks and PDF resources. In this regard, using the pirate bay platform can help students download the latest eBooks and other study materials which can help them ace their studies and academic performance. Using the internet proactively is one of the best ways to improve your performance and grades, not only in school but also in higher educational institutions.

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