5 Reasons Why Drafting a Cover Letter Is Not a Waste of Time

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To stand out among the sea of digital resumes, applicants need to up their game. You may have come across tips on how to improve your resume and make it stand out.

So, what happens if you and half of the aspirants have already done so?

What is it about you that makes you stand out as the winner? Your cover letter. Yes!

Your cover letter has the potential to make the finest first impression on a recruiting manager. It is not a waste of effort or time to make your cover letter an integral element of your application.

Aside from that, employers prefer resumes with cover letters, and some will need one as a minimum requirement to apply for a job.

Benefits of Creating an Impressive Cover Letter

Here are the reasons explained to you with the benefits of drafting a cover letter and not assuming it is a waste of time. 

        1. Cover letters are not always included with resumes. This should be enough to persuade you to write one because it adds a personal touch to your application that will help you stand out. Take the time to write one since not a lot of people will.

They are helpful because cover letters greatly help to bridge the gaps in your resume, and give a better insight into your candidacy.

        2. Try to give a brief of your achievements in a contextual manner. Showcase your skills and try to express that those skills will come to the company’s aid. Try to match your skills with company requirements or roles.

Your resume is only a summary of your previous employment and experience, with no specifics. You can elaborate on your experience in the cover letter.

        3. You may be creative in expressing your individuality depending on how you create the cover letter or your ability level. It won't matter if you're merely skilled. It's critical to keep your cover letter brief and to the point.

Nonetheless, keep your writing style professional. You can, for example, utilize simple and short cover letter examples or borrow content from the company's description itself.

Doing so will help you hit the nail on the head. Recruiters will be impressed and be more likely to consider your application.

        4. Conduct research on the company to truly understand what they stand for. Include your research in the cover letter to appeal better to them. You will be able to create a great first impression and recruiters will understand that you are dedicated to getting the position.

        5. You may demonstrate your passion by writing a cover letter. You can discuss your motivation and personality traits that are relevant to the available position, something you can't accomplish all by just writing a resume.

Key Takeaways

Writing a cover letter is a challenging task. If your job history has mistakes, intentional omissions, or unexplainable gaps, you may lose in the end right there.

Here are some takeaways from weighing a few strong reasons why writing a cover letter isn't a waste of time for you:
  • Cover letters are the finishing touch, that extra effort that helps the recruiter notice your application.
  • Using company-specific examples in the cover letter will make you appear truly interested in them.
  • The recruiter can get a sense of who you are by reading your cover letter.

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