The Advantages of Fiber Optic Broadband In Your Home

Fiber optic broadband

When you have moved into a new home, you will undoubtedly be looking for a new internet provider, especially if your previous service annoyed you with their lack of care or quality.

When it comes to looking for an internet type that is suitable for a busy family, or even someone that likes movies and video gaming, you may have considered getting fiber optic broadband, as it is reliable and quick.

However, you may have reservations that it is not worth the money that internet providers charge for it. It’s usually more expensive, after all – but it’s definitely worth the investment if you have the cash to spare. To prove this fact, this article will introduce five benefits of having fiber optic broadband installed in your home.

It’s Fast

When you enter the typical internet search ‘fiber internet in my area’ into your preferred search engine, you will probably see a number of providers – and that number is only set to increase, given just how popular fiber internet is becoming. Its popularity comes down to many advantages, one of the main ones being its fast speed.

In fact, if you currently have a DSL line, fiber optic broadband is estimated to be around 10-20 times faster. For example, with a fiber optic cable, it will take about 40 seconds to download a 90-minute movie to your computer, whereas with a DSL line, it will take around seven minutes. That’s a big save on time!

It’s Reliable

If you have suffered from a power outage in the past, chances are that your internet was impacted.
If you opt for fiber optic internet, this cable is more reliable than a DSL, as it will continue to deliver the internet to your home at the same speed, even if you suffer from a blackout, as it will still be sending signals. Also, fiber optics are generally less prone to cutting out than DSL lines.

It Doesn’t Throttle

This was a common issue in years gone by. You would go online at around 7 pm and notice that the internet connection was slower than earlier in the day. This is because more people are using the internet, and your standard DSL provider cannot keep up with demand.

Fiber optic connections do not experience this throttle, and as a result, they are almost never overloaded. Even during peak periods, the internet speed remains consistent for all users.

The Speed Doesn’t Change

Going back to the idea of throttling, if you are a YouTuber or you like making and uploading videos to the internet, a DSL line may prove to be a bit slower than you were anticipating.

This is because a DSL line does not offer the same speed when downloading and uploading videos and images. With fiber optic broadband, there will be no disparity between the download and uploading time.

The best part about using a fiber optic connection is that the download speeds are awesome. This means that all those new 10GB 1080P movies that have just come out on the pirate bay will take you no more than a few minutes at best to download! Even if you are a working professional that depends on video conferencing apps, you will not have even the slightest bit to worry about.

Better Video Quality

If you want to watch HD videos online or play games with images that require speeds of more than 100mps, cable internet provided by a DSL line is unlikely to achieve this. That means that the images may jump or appear blocky.

Fiber internet, however, can consistently deliver speeds of over 500mps, meaning less lagging, blocky images, and an overall faster speed.

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