How to Figure Out How Fast Your Internet Needs to Be


Nobody wants a slow internet connection but getting faster speeds can quickly become quite pricey. The good news is that chances are you do not need the fastest, most expensive speed for your home or business. It’s important to weigh up all the different factors to help you determine what kind of internet speed is going to be the best option and the most cost-effective choice for you.

Understanding Bandwidth

If you are looking into different internet packages from, then the first thing to get to grips with is understanding bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the maximum rate at which you can download data from the internet to your device. The more bandwidth you have, the more data you can download, at a faster speed. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, and the more bits there are per second, the faster the download speed will be. Bear in mind that this is shared between all users, so the more users there are at your home or business, the slower it will be compared to if you were the solo user of the connection.

Determining How Much Bandwidth You Need

The bandwidth that you get with your internet package will be shared among all the devices on your connection. How much you will need will depend on several factors including how you use the internet and how many devices will be connected. You’re probably going to need a lot of bandwidth if the people in your home are going to be doing a lot of data-heavy things online like streaming movies, playing online games and downloading files. Video streaming is something that tends to use up a lot of bandwidth, so a faster speed might be worth investing in if you watch a lot of Netflix or use other streaming sites and apps.

Finding a Suitable Speed

Another factor to consider when choosing the right internet speed for you is whether or not it is going to be available in your area. Some areas have had faster internet such as fiber-optic rolled out to them sooner, while on the other hand, in other areas there may only be a select couple of internet options available. For example, if you live in a rural area, satellite internet might be the fastest internet connection available to you, so it’s worth bearing this in mind.

Considering Future Need Changes

While determining your needs in terms of internet speed, it’s also important to keep in mind that what you need right now might not always stay the same. Many people find that over time, their internet needs change a lot with their households. For example, you might stop working from home in the future and return to the office, or get a new remote-based job that might change your internet needs. Further additions to your family in the future might also have an impact, as might new online hobbies that you might take up.

When choosing the right internet service provider and package, getting the right speed is one of the most crucial elements to consider.

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