Super Mario Bros APK Download for Android

Super Mario Bros APK for Android

This post gives you a detailed review of the Super Mario Bros APK. It is an excellent game that you can download on your Android devices.

Super Mario Bros apk is the most famous game in the gaming industry. The game was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo gaming consoles. As the technology increases, you can play this game on your Android device. To get it, you can download Super Mario Bros APK via a link in this article.

Now, you can play this Original Super Mario Bros game using only a smartphone, especially an Android. You can play whenever and wherever you want. This game is perfect for filling your spare time or feeling bored to provide a fun atmosphere.

Super Mario Bros APK

Super Mario Bros APK

Super Mario Bros is an official game released by Nintendo which initially only played on consoles. Now you can play on Android also by downloading Super Mario Bros APK. There is no difference between the Android version and the console version of the game. However, in the Android version, Mario runs automatically.

So players only focus on controlling Mario's movements, such as jumping, turning right and left, braking, attacking, and avoiding enemies. However, it still has the same objectivity by collecting coins and defeating all enemies until it reaches the flag that marks the end of a level.

Gameplay & Mode of the Super Mario Bros game

Super Mario Bros apk offers three game modes, story mode, competition mode, and a mode to create your level. In story mode, you will explore more than six worlds and 24 levels having their challenges. You must overcome all odds to save Princess Peach by crossing caves, hills, haunted houses, castles in the clouds, or deep in the fortress.

There is also a racing mode you will see in this game. In this mode, you can play with friends or against other players widely playing from different parts of the earth. You have to beat your enemy's score, collect as many coins as possible, perform stunts with many styles, and get more approvals with Toad. The Toad will want to move into your kingdom if you are good at playing this game.

In addition, in the Original Super Mario Bros apk, you also have the option to create your obstacles by placing buildings and other barriers provided by Toad. You can even put hurdles in over 100 different kinds of elements.

Super Mario Bros Features

Here are some features I have seen in the Super Mario Bros game.
  • It has various modes that you can play. You can even create your obstacles with several elements.
  • You can change characters by buying them with coins.
  • Have unlimited money.
  • No ads are available.
  • Easy controls in playing it.
  • You can play with friends or online against other players from all over the world.

Free Download Super Mario Bros Apk mod unlimited money and coins

Super Mario Bros APK Download For Android

If you wish to download this application, you can download the Super Mario Bros Apk via the link below. This version of Super Mario Bros offers unlimited coins and money. This version contains extra features than the game that comes on Nintendo consoles.

Super Mario Bros Mod Apk Details

Apk Name Original Super Mario Bros
Version v1.2.5
Apk Size 12.7 MB
Requirements Android 4.0 and up
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Download Super Mario Bros APK

How to Install Super Mario Bros APK

  • Make sure you've downloaded the latest Original Super Mario Bros apk file via the link above.
  • Enable Installation from unknown sources by going to the settings section > select privacy/security > turn it on.
  • Install the file that you downloaded earlier and wait for it to finish.
  • If the installation process for the Mario Bros mod game for Android is complete, then you can play it.


It is one of the old games has a slightly different style of gameplay compared to the console version of the game. Until now, this legendary game already has more than 100 million active members around the globe. You can experience this game by downloading the Super Mario Bros Apk for free via a link provided in this article.

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