App Store Alternative for iOS

App Store Alternative for iOS

This post gives you a detailed review of the App Store Alternative for iOS. These are great App Store that you can download on your iOS devices.

For iOS iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad users who want to download applications, games, and so on, the App Store is the first place you will visit. But did you know that you can download and install applications outside the App Store even without the help of a computer through the App Store alternative for iOS.

The ecosystem of iOS makes it difficult for many developers to add their applications to the App Store. For example, the GBA Emulator application. However, there are several Tweaked App Store for iOS from where you can install applications, emulators, and games you won't find on the official app store.

How does App Store Alternative for iOS Work?

The alternative app store for iOS looks almost like the App Store but contains applications unavailable in the official App Store. Some developers outside of Apple control these alternative stores.

Then how can these App Store alternatives for iOS be installed on iPhones? Is it also downloaded through the App Store? The answer is no. These third app stores can only be installed outside the App Store using a Profile or Mobile Device Management (MDM). There are forms of third-party application stores that resemble applications installed on your device, but some are web-based only. Meanwhile, MDM is a profile certificate obtained from Apple and purchased by a third-party app store developer so that users can install several applications on their iOS devices.

How to Download and Install App Store Alternative for iOS

To download and install the Third-party app store for iOS, you need a profile from the third-party application store. You can get your profile by signing up on the alternative app store website. Currently, there are various third-party app stores that you can use, some famous ones:
  • AltStore
  • Tutu App
  • BuildStore
  • Cydia
  • Tweakbox
  • Xabsi
  • EonHub
  • CokerNutX
  • AppValley
  • TuTuBox
You can install these App Store depending on what application or game you want to find because some store provides apps, games, emulators, and jailbreak applications, and some contain modified applications.

Remember, not all app stores are in the form of apps. Some app stores are only web-based and provide applications in a web app interface. You can install apps directly via the browser. To do this, follow the tutorial below:
  • To install third-party applications, open the iPhone's default Safari browser.
  • Select the app store from the below list you want to install.
  • Find and tap the Download button on the Alternative App Store site.
  • Then tap Allow (if prompted), then tap again.
  • Now exit and open Settings app > General > Profile, tap on the Profile of the alternative app store, then tap again Install until finished.
  • Return to the Home screen and run the app store alternative.
  • Now select the application or game you want to install.

The best App Store Alternative for iOS

Here is the list of the best iOS app store Alternatives:

1. AltStore

AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS devices. AltStore helps its users install unofficial apps without having to jailbreak. The best thing about this store is Apple cannot revoke it. The application is self-signed on the user's device. It does not use a company certificate which has a chance of getting removed.

There is no need to jailbreak your device to use AltStore. It is an app that signs and installs unofficial apps onto iOS devices. In AltStore, you will get secure applications because developers test applications for malware and other unwanted programs. You need a computer to install AltStore on the device. AltStore also contains some best alarm clock apps for iPhone.

Features of AltStore:

  • No jailbreak is required
  • You can download it for free
  • Apple cannot revoke App certificates
  • Activate three applications simultaneously
  • It has several modded games and apps
  • All the apps are free of cost on the AltStore.

2. Tutu App

Tutu App is one of the most popular alternative app stores for iOS available for iOS devices. This app store is one of the best alternatives to the official app store. This app has many unique and advanced features you will not get in any other app store. It contains the best apps available in the app market.

Features of Tutu App:

  • It gives you free access to all premium apps and games from the official app store.
  • This app has a collection of apps and games to install on your devices.
  • It comes in two versions, regular and premium.
  • The simple version of TutuApp is free to download and use, while the premium version comes with fees.

3. BuildStore

BuildStore is an app store alternative for iOS. It allows you to get 300 apps and games unavailable on the official app store. BuildStore is a safe place to download your apps. You can download apps and games from the official BuildStore website.

There is no need to Jailbreak your device to install apps from the BuildStore. It has nearly 20k daily active users. It is a web-based app store you can access with your safari browser.

Features of BuildStore:

  • Direct install apps from the site through your Safari browser
  • No need to Jailbreak
  • It has a smooth and intuitive UX/UI rendering
  • Excellent apps and products available on the app store
  • It has good Help and support
  • You can download unlimited apps.

4. Cydia

Cydia is a popular alternative app store for iOS available for jailbroken devices. It has several apps that you cannot find on the App Store. Most of the software packages available on Cydia are free of charge, although some require purchasing. Cydia also allows users to find various themes and other features to download for their iPhones.

You might want to Jailbreak your iOS device and use Cydia. Users have more options to customize the jailbroken device. However, if you jailbreak your device, the warranty is voided.

Features of Cydia:

  • Several tweaks for your device
  • No computer required
  • One-click installer
  • Get basic features and services for free.

5. Tweakbox

TweakBox app is a third-party app store for iOS that offers apps and tweaks for iPhones and iPad. All the apps that are available on the TweakBox are safe to use. Developers test the apps for malware before uploading them to the TweakBox.

You can use TweakBox without Jailbreaking your device. TweakBox has millions of active users, and its user base is still growing. This store has a good customer support and offers quick fixes to app issues.

Features of TweakBox:

  • It allows you to install paid apps for free
  • It gets updated regularly
  • TweakBox is free to use
  • TweakBox is lightweight. It doesn't take up more space in your iOS device.

6. Xabsi

Xabsi is the app store alternative for iOS that allows you to install tweaked games and apps for the latest iOS versions. iOS 15.7, iOS 16 - iOS 16.1 beta is also supported.

It works as an alternative App store for both the Apple app store and the Cydia app store. iOS users can use Xabsi to install Cydia and many Jailbreak app tweaks. You might need to jailbreak your device to use Xabsi.

Features of Xabsi:

  • Download Third party paid apps and games for free.
  • It contains system apps that allow users to edit the iOS file system.
  • It has the most popular apps and games.
  • It is an alternative to the Apple app store and Cydia app store.

7. EonHub

EonHub is the unofficial app store that allows iOS users free access to several games and apps. It is an alternative to Cydia. Now it is used by millions of iOS users who want to download paid apps for free. It is a free app store, No need to create an account. Open it in your Safari browser and download the app/game you need. The jailbreak is not required to use this app store.

Features of EonHub:

  • It gets new updates regularly.
  • Download thousands of apps and games for free.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.
  • Thousands of apps and games are available for free.
  • No installation is needed. Open your browser and download your apps and games.

8. CokerNutX

CokernutX is another app installer and the best Cydia alternative for non-jailbroken iOS devices, where you can get some of the emulators, apps, and games. It is the best unofficial app store released in recent times.

Use CokerNutX without jailbreaking your device. This app store provides modified versions of several apps and games. This app store can install even paid apps for free.

Features of CokerNutX:

  • It has premium and paid apps you can download for free.
  • There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases associated with CokernutX.
  • No Apple ID is required to download the apps.
  • SSL encryption ensures safe downloads.

9. AppValley

AppValley is an alternative app store for the iOS mobile operating system, which allows users to download applications that are not available on the App Store. It offers one of the largest selections of unofficial apps and tweaks for iOS. You can get Games, social media apps, and other paid services for free from it. Appvalley allows you to tweak the apps you download from it.

Appvalley is not something you download from the App Store. You have to search for it on your Safari browser. You can download AppValley apps without jailbreaking your phone. It is supported on the latest iOS firmware with no interference with the security features introduced by Apple.

Features of AppValley:

  • It has many apps and tweaks for iOS.
  • You can use it as an alternative to Cydia.
  • It has apps and games that don’t get accepted on the official Apple AppStore.
  • AppValley is safe to use.

10. TuTuBox

TuTuBox is an app store for your iOS devices that allow users to download and install 3rd party apps and premium apps for free. You can find thousands of apps and games on the TuTuBox app. It has almost all applications, from apps and games to movie apps.

It has a clean user interface, making it easier for iOS users to browse through the app store. TutuBox is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Features of TutuBox:

  • Vast Collection Of Apps and Games.
  • TuTu Box is safe to use.
  • It is the most reliable App Store for iOS.
  • Everything is available for free.

So these are the best app store alternatives for iOS you would love to try. If you have suggestions regarding an alternative app store, Let us know in the comment section.

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