Autodesk Civil 3D: What is it, and its importance in modern business?

Autodesk Civil 3D

Autodesk Civil 3D is a specialized program for automated modeling and creating public buildings. In modern conditions, the speed of work is crucial, and such projects require a lot of time. Autodesk Civil 3D helps to solve this problem. Architects and engineers can now use their best practices and quickly make changes that customers require.

At the same time, the program provides not only the possibility of creating drawings, but also allows you to plan a budget and generate technical documentation. Therefore, the application is also used by the administrative sector of the enterprises.

How can Autodesk Civil 3D help businesses?

The current version of the product is widely used in the industry, in which the principles of BIM are leading, as well as the use of automated systems in the design of civil infrastructure.

It has become faster to work in the program, all components are now coordinated, and you can quickly make the changes. Having once provided the relevant data, all the information remains in the system. So, you can use the same solutions in different projects. As a result, you can establish flex process between all participants (engineers, designers, architects, managers, etc.). The software is used in modeling:
  • railway tracks;
  • bridges;
  • sewers;
  • residential spaces, etc.
Full-fledged functionality gives many opportunities to bring to life even the most incredible ideas. Despite the fact that the program is mainly used in the construction and design of industrial facilities, you can use it for any purpose.

Remember that the application is mostly intended for professional use, as the option includes a wide range of tools for working with large-scale projects. Keep in mind that this program may seem quite complicated to beginners.

Critical updates

  • Updated Grading Optimization Help Center. Now you can find out more details that allow you to optimize workflows.
  • Search by Keyword. The new feature allows you to quickly find pressure elements using keyword queries. All editing options are displayed in your profile.
  • Targeting and corridor solid property set. You will get an extended set of properties for solid corridors, which are built on the principle of BIM (Built Environment Model). The feature set also includes a variety of layers, different types of surfaces and optimized filtering. 
  • Improved rail switch and crossing enhancements. In the Autodesk Civil 3D application, you can create critical points of railway tracks. This is facilitated by the Turnout Catalog with dialog box.
  • Project Explorer table. You can compare structural elements and various objects, as well as analyze reporting for certain periods using tables. You also have the option to expand the rows and enter quantitative values. This component is the most important in the updated product, as you can quickly view, analyze your projects and make adjustments or significantly modify the initial idea right in the Autodesk Civil 3D environment. No commercially significant project can do without such a tool as Project Explorer table.

How can I save money on buying an Autodesk Civil 3D license?

In addition to the discount provided by our company, making a purchase of a pre-owned Autodesk Civil 3D license on, you can save a decent amount of money. When adding an item to the shopping cart, you will be asked to choose the optimal subscription. If you do the calculations, you will realize that a longer subscription (for a year or three years) is much more profitable. This is due to the fact that we are committed to long-term cooperation. So, we offer more profitable solutions to regular customers.

Why is the price of the program so high?

The cost of the software is based on many options available for use in socially significant and construction of strategic facilities. This program is used by the state and global companies.

The program is widely used in the construction of large facilities, which means that it took a lot of time for developers to create it, considering all the nuances of design. Full-scale business projects that don’t tolerate flaws and errors depend on the functionality of the software.

Remember that you are purchasing a lifetime product license, which means that you will always receive relevant information about updating the basic components. Devs follow modern trends, so periodically new features are added to new versions of Autodesk Civil 3D, expanding the capabilities of engineers and builders.

How does cooperation with providers work?

Suppliers provide the program with a license valid for a certain period of time. This is often an annual subscription. Access to the program is valid for the entire subscription period. Keep in mind that regular updates are a great opportunity to constantly replenish your working tools.

If you use reliable designs that you frequently include in your projects, it may make sense to purchase a product with a lifetime license. Then you will pay once and get eternal access to the software. However, this feature is available only in the Autodesk Civil 3D 2017 version.

A special offer from Autodesk Civil 3D for ProCADIs customers

The application for visual modeling has a fairly high cost, but you have the opportunity to save your money. This is especially important when your project has a limited budget.

To get a 70% discount on our product, you need to place an order after reviewing the subscription terms and then select the option that offers a lower price. Just be attentive when placing an order.

Are there any violations of publishers' rights?

We don’t break the law, as we coordinate the pricing policy with publishers. All prices are set jointly with the seller.

How to work with the Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 program?

Currently, you can download the program only for Windows-based devices. This feature is not yet available for Mac and other Apple products. But we are working on it. The program implies professional use, so it will take time to master it. With a subscription, you get access to various training materials, including webinars and other content. The training is conducted both online and in person.

At the same time, you can communicate with our clients around the world, as the number of our subscribers is constantly growing. Therefore, you can always contact experts on thematic forums.

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